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27 September 2019


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re: "Having observed MbS since he has risen to Crown Prince, it is clear to me that this man is a psychopath"

Psychopath? I don't know. It may be much simpler:

It's IMO likely 'just' a serious family (mis)education thing.

MbS had a life where could do what he wanted without any consequences. Having the poor Kashoggi murdered was just the fitting cream on that special pie.

That said, MbS iirc elder sister Hassa bint Salman (HbS) had an instance in Paris when a tradesman at the hotel iirc was dumb enough to photograph her with his smartphone.

Hassa bint Salman noticed and freaked out. She had her bodyguard whack him and tie his hands. The tradesman was, with a gun at his head, made to kiss her feet and thank her for whatever.

Very understandably, the lady woman got a trial with charges of armed violence and complicity to hold someone against his will because of that.

Probably luck for the craftsman that the princess didn't have another Mr. Bonesaw for ... interrogation ... at the hand at the time.


MbS is rotten, HbS is rotten ... so I assume it's a family (mis)education thing. Naturally HbS's lawyers in the case immediately demanded a complete exoneration (i.e. justice, saudi style).


North korea would be better holiday destination.

Babak Makkinejad

Fantasy. The already are importing whores from abroad.


Wow I did not realize she was the ambassador now. Yes that is her Reema Al Saud. What a lovely lady....


Yeah when you worked for guys like our current president who we’re known to stiff their contractors, we always made sure to charge our actual cost plus at least 10-20% in expectation of Getting the last payment. Routine with the many powerful types in NY who used their power like that.


James T,

Try East Cleveland or East Saint Louis for some real fun.



I am not as well travelled as you, and I am certainly not as educated and cultured as you, but I think I could handle KSA.



Good! You should do that! Try it on. I lived a couple of years each in SA and Yemen and spent a lot of time in the back country, Nefud and Rub-al Khali deserts, etc. If you like it you could stay on as a hanger on, someone like St. John Philby.

Andrei Martyanov (aka SmoothieX12)

And I still remember peaceful Libya, bustling Tripoli and wonderful Sabratha and its magnificent ruins. Seems so long ago. We still were instructed not to take photos of women (Libyan women that is), European ones were OK;)) Different world, different time.

JP Billen

Years ago I read Philby's description of Asir and Jizan, from when he was mapping the area for Abdul Aziz in the 1930s. He said 'The Garden of Eden must be very like this' or words to that effect. Shepherds piping tunes that reminded him of Grecian music. Unveiled women tilling the terraced hillsides in the misty highlands.

The Ikhwan known as the 'white terror of Arabia', probably turned that paradise into hell on earth.

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