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23 September 2019


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A great failing of Palestinian Arabs is that they let their detestation of israel blind them to "half a loaf" possibilities.

Barbara Ann

A failing, but understandable, given their experience is of having their half of the loaf halved again on a regular basis.


Barbara Ann,

But the individual politicians are probably well off, so they've got that going for them.


some musical accompaniment from the late great Mr. Marley:



Based on the 60+% voting turnout by the Arabs in Israel, the Joint list shouldd have come in with 15 seats rather than 12. A sizeable portion of the Arab vote went to Ghanz and the Blue & White party just to make sure than Netanyahu would no longer be PM. This shows some pragmatism by the Arabs who realized that whether they got 12 seats or 15 seats was irrlevant, making sure the Likud fell short was more important.


I doubt they would actually get that ''half a loaf.'' It would be like the agreement they went along with to have Israel collect the taxes on their im/exports and then Israel withholds it and deducts amounts for anything they can think up.

The problem of the Palestines is they have no power.
And their Arab brethren will do no more for them than send not enough money and pay only lip service to a Palestine state.

The Palestines have lived under occupation for 70 years nearly a child's life time....and watched their land stolen piece by piece. The Jews were only fish in a barrel for 5 years.

The best way I have found to explain the Palestine Israel conflict to the less knowledgeable Americans is to ask them to imagine that in 1948 their state was the Jews Promised Land". And the Zionist from around the world moved in and did the same things to the native inhabitants they did in Palestine, terrorizing them off their land, out of their homes, destroying their crops, and they had to flee to neighboring states to live as refugees, etc..
Then I ask them what they would have done.
Guess what they say.

And after the Zionist ran off hundfreds of thousands they made up a law in 1949 to take everything they had with no compensation.

ABSENTEES' PROPERTY LAW, 5710-1950* Inter-
pretation. 1. In this Law - (a) "property" includes immovable arid movable property, moneys, a vested or contingent right in property, goodwill and any right in a body of persons or in its management;

Anyone who thinks the Palestines will get anything livable or tolerable from Israel doesnt understand the nature of the beast.


commonplace? As everywhere in the wild West?

Is Hadash, the Israeli Arab party still on the "Arab" election list? Or have they been successfully cleaned out? ...

But the individual politicians are probably well off

Which politicians, those representing "Arab Israelis" or the "Arabs without country" in their terra incognita state? Ok, true those are non-entitities. Meaning, for developpers and investors, since no country, up for grasp to be developped? ...


You would think the Palestinian MP's would jump on a chance to put the nail into Netanyahu's political coffin.

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