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29 September 2019


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Diana C

First time in a long time, I am home on a Sunday morning and not getting ready to go to church. I am just "under the weather," as they say.

But, I have my Bible and some devotionals. And, yes, I do believe and have for a long time.


Good on you Diana..well spent time indeed.

The Twisted Genius

You're a strange man, Fred. Strange and very interesting. You must be a crazy conversationalist after you get a few beers in you. I wouldn't mind being there for that, at all. Your tale reminded me of that old PBS show "Connections" where James Burke told fascinating and thought provoking stories about the history of various modern technologies. I liked it, both "Connections and your current tale. Keep it up, my friend.



Well this started out as a plain ole fish'n tale, but then like Diana I got a bit under the weather, then watched the news, then, well, it just turned into a trinity of fishn' tales, so to speak. When I next get back into the Old Dominion I'll drop you a line. A cold beer and conversation would be just the thing. BTW didn't James Burke do "The Day the Universe Changed"? That was a good series. I think some of them are available online. PBS should rebroadcast a number of those old shows. They'ld pick up some viewship that way.

The Twisted Genius

Speaking of fish'n tales, The lead article in my local paper today was about a therapeutic fly fishing program for vets in the Fredericksburg area. It's not a VA program, but it's VA approved. When not fishing, fly tying is taught. It sounds fantastic. I fly fished a lot when I was younger and even invested in a Fenwick ferrulelss pack rod. It's a beauty. My favorite cast was holding the fly and using the rod as a slingshot to get to the desired spot through thick brush overhanging a stream. An elegant solution to a common problem.


I remember seeing a few of those "The Day the Universe Changed" episodes. Excellent. I'm going to look for them on the net. I took a history course at RPI called "The Century of Darwin" which examined the changes in scientific, religious and cultural thought 50 years before and 50 years after Darwin's "Origin of the Species." The professor's approach was much like James Burke's. It proved to be my favorate college course.

Jim Ticehurst

Funny Fred...The Fish is in the Friar..Pass The Bread..and now I am Exhausted...But Well Fed..Amen Brother


That fishing program sounds like a good one. It reminds me of the guy I bought my first crab traps from down in Coles Point on the Northern Neck when I was about 10. I've still got some notes on the story I want to write about that.


well spent time indeed

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