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20 September 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

The original CP did have a sense of humor.

I hope he is well, wherever he might have gone.


re "You are definitely not the original CP"

I definitely am the original CP, and have declared that and my silence for 2 years in a post before.

And I am not anti-American. It would be more accurate to say that I am pro-German (in the politicaly centre way) and also not particularly fond of Trump and Grenell. It's a style thing.

So we have agreed to pay 2% under NATO agreements. Ok. Now why has Grendell that disturbing habit of sometimes speaking of 4, 6, 8, 10%? Is he just saying what the whitehouse says? Is it a ... "friendly kind maximum pressure policy"?

As for as military spending goes, the German budged has been increased and it will continue to increase, in terms defined by Germany, independent from Grendell's or Trump's demands. Our parliament has a say in that too.

The arms that will be bought likely will include many not US arms but stuff made in Europe, likely in cooperation between Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and France (not so much with the UK, thanks to Brexit).

Germany has just put in service the first of four (already built) F-125 frigates. We'll also get more K-130 corvettes. Our submarines U-212 are optimised for the same waters and we will get some more of those too. Frigates and smaller K-130 corvettes are what we need in the baltic and north sea, the atlantic and the mediterranean and can afford.

We have built our first SAR-Lupe radar reconaissance satellites and also military communication satellites.

We're replacing our old C.160 Transall with more capable Airbus A-400 transporters. We're likely going to replace the old CH-53 G helicoper with a (US built) CH-53 K or a CH-46 variant rather soon. Germany has just introduced the 7,62mm minigun as MG-6 in the german arsenal.

So, despite Trump's and Grenell's talk Germany has in fact raised its military budget and will continue to - but for them it is simply is not rising fast enough.



Lang, not Land. The original CP would know that.


Of course the Saudis know full well that the Houthis were responsible for the attack.

However if the Saudis were to admit this, that would be a de facto admission that the War on Yemen is not quite going as planned, nor would it get American help. What is the United States going to do? Invade Yemen on the Saudis behalf because the Yemenis had the temerity to fight back?

But blaming Iran for the attack not only deflects attention from the failed war in Yemen, it can be used to get the United States to go to war with Iran on behalf of the Saudi tyrants.

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