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21 September 2019


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Babak Makkinejad

I will have to get back to you on that. It was from a book by a former marine who was visiting Japan decades after the war and reminscing about the past as well as commenting about the present. I do not own that book and do not recall the author or title.



the marines are not stupid but they are very stubborn fighters.

Babak Makkinejad

I want to say Goodbye, Darkness by William Manchester. But I cannot be certain as I might be mixing his memoirs with observations of Paul Fussell in Wartime.


Nope, I'm quite aware you have maintained the Yemenis did what they claimed. And I quite agree. I don't see at as a certainty but highly likely. My post was directed at other commenters including US PR that wants to blame everything on Iran. The Saudis, in particular, seem to have underestimated the Yemenis which you have frequently noted.

Babak Makkinejad

No. And I was not implying that.

The English could not credit Japanese with the ability to defeat them.



You should be more specific about whom you are addressing.

JP Billen

Manchester knew better. However, didn't he mention a Krupp design for an artillery piece that was produced in Japan under license?

Must have been a pre-WW1 design but perhaps still in use during WW2?

different clue

That was my first impression of this WSJ report. After the Houthis themselves taking credit for the attack, why would they reverse themselves and say " Iran diddit and Iran gonna doit again if you don't watch out."

My first suspicion is that that whole report is a false-flag fake report fake-disattributed to the "Houthis".

different clue

I am just a layman here, but this is how I understand "false flag".

If I want to commit a crime, but I want to make it look like you did it, and IF I am able to get or make special gloves with your fingerprints on the fingertips; then I can commit the crime while wearing the "your-fingerprints" glove and leave "your" fingerprints all over the crime scene.

When the police come and take fingerprints, they will find the fingerprints to be "yours" and will arrest you for my crime.

If I have misunderstood the basic concept, I think someone will correct me here.


DC They want credit for the attack that they did. That does not mean that they want credit for attacks that they don't do.


Look up how the Germans started WWII.
German soldiers dressed up as Polish soldiers and attacked a german radio station. Then the german government said "Poland attacked us, we need to strike back!".
The german soldiers were wearing a "false flag", in this case the polish one.

blue peacock

"...democratization of technology has long been the case in the cyber world."


That is a spot on observation.

Excel democratized data analysis. There's more compute power in an iPhone than what was used for the Apollo mission. GIS + image processing + analysis is also being democratized. With GPU capability on an exponential growth curve currently we are seeing the ability to drop in a trained neural net in a small footprint to recognize images accurately. Google's Waymo, GM's Cruise and others are spending $billions on perfecting image based perception of roadways. It is very conceivable that in a few years, kids in a garage somewhere could have NN software trained to recognize images from a small camera of specific critical infrastructure in say Saudi Arabia. Drones could be brought to the general vicinity and then self-guided using image recognition with just a small GPU board. No need for GPS and connectivity.

That's why I am skeptical that air defense systems can keep up. They may be good for aircraft and possibly even missiles of a certain size but against self-guided, low cost aerial drones that could be manufactured in scale I'm not sure how effective they could be.

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