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02 September 2019


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Year of the Woman finally finds the right woman. I'm with her.


What were Flynn’s previous attorneys doing? They got him to cop the plea deal.

Larry Johnson

They were incompetents. They should be sued for malpractice and disbarred. They helped serve up General Flynn and he trusted them. That's now water under the bridge. Sidney Powell is a force to be reckoned with.

ex PFC Chuck

On another front of the Russiagate affair, per a Monsieur America Twitter thread, Loretta Lynch in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee has absolved herself of any involvement in the FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Don Schmeling

They might have been too scared of what Mueller would do to them if they put up a good case for Flynn.

I think the same thing happened to George Popadopoulos who had his lawyers roll over and play dead before Meuller.
You need to find Lawyers who are not afraid of the system, or are in bed with the system.


Now the rats are throwing their subordinates under the sinking ship. Good to know the grandma AG had time to meet Hillary's husband on the tarmac but no time to be briefed about "foreign interference" in our election. I can't wait to hear Obama's excuse.

Ghost Ship
did yield any classified or sensitive information
Logically just doesn't make sense - it's almost as if the person editing the NCIS report decided he didn't like doing what he asked to do and produced a piece of text that only really made sense with a "not" in it. Either that, or he was actually an idiot.

The "confession" they got Papadopolus to sign made no sense and almost looked like it had been altered after Papadopolus had already signed his name. There were a series of very disjointed and irrelevant statements of facts, to which Papadopolus agreed they were factual.

Then pow at the very end was basically a confession he had violated the Logan Act.

None of the prior statements supported this conclusion, but as the cherry on top of his "confession" was the claim he engaged in policy level discussions with the very highest Russian higher ups while Obama was still President. (Was he ever in this role - hard to remember?).

That always struck me as a very weird "confession - but there is was with Papadolopus's signature on it, and accepted by the deep state investigating authorities.

This "confession" deserves a re-read in light of what we are learning now about the set-up and ambush mentality of the deep state "investigators.


Flynn may have been set up and lied to right and left, BUT...
how did he get three stars?
He comes across in this as a victim and a dummy.
He should have known that the FBI NEVER interviews people honestly.
The agents told him that he didn't need a lawyer so he didn't call one.
That's just massive stupid.
Cops I know have told me to NEVER talk to police without a lawyer present.
How come the former head of the DIA didn't know that?


Or the mangled language was used to let them claim it was accidental ... "gosh, we just made an honest mistake".

jd hawkins

I'm in your 'Amen' corner on this.

Keith Harbaugh

Sidney Powell has some competition, from Devin Nunes, in taking the gloves off:

"HPSCI Member Devin Nunes Files Lawsuit Against Fusion-GPS Claiming Racketeering and Conspiracy…"

The Nunes lawsuit alleges Fusion GPS participated in racketeering and conspiracy smear campaign [of] Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee;
in an attempt to impede the committee investigation of coordination between the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and the FBI.

Keith Harbaugh

The 2019-08-30 brief filed by Sydney Powell is available freely from Scribd in a link provided in:
"Judge Sullivan Will First Rule on Brady Allegations in Flynn Case…" (by sundance 2019-09-05)
To see the brief directly, click on

Larry Kart

A contrary view of the situation:




Marcy is really upset Flynn's lawyers say they are not available on the 10th and seems to have forgotten that talking to foreign ambassadors is not illegal.

Larry Johnson

Marcy is not a smart person. Passionate, but not bright. Instead of objective analysis she opts for partisan screeds.

Larry Johnson

Thanks for the link Larry. Finally read Marcy's post. She is a moron. She apparently did not read Sydney Powell's brief and Sundance, over at The Conservative Treehouse, provided an excellent analysis of the Judge's decision. Marcy apparently does not know (or forgot) the role Sullivan played in sanctioning Weismann in the Enron case. She also failed to remember or mention the sanctions imposed on DOJ prosecutors for Brady violations in the Ted Stevens case. Powell will meet with the Judge en camera. She could not be more wrong.

Larry Kart

Before we characterize Ms. Wheeler as a "moron," perhaps we should wait and see how Judge Sullivan responds to Sidney Powell's brief and how he rules in the Flynn case in general.

Larry Johnson

You don't have to wait for Judge Sullivan to know that Marcy is a moron. Did you even read the Sidney Powell brief? I don't think so. If you had, you would quickly appreciate that Marcy's so-called critique had nothing to do with the damn brief. Neither you nor Marcy appear to have the intellectual integrity to take on the substance of the Powell memo. That both angers and frustrates me.

Larry Kart

A preceding post from Wheeler that goes into much more detail about what she sees as the flaws in Sidney Powell's brief.


Have I read Powell's brief? I haven't pored over it -- after a certain point I decided that my ability to do so would be compromised because I'm not a lawyer at all, nor one who is versed in constitutional law, nor have I been following Flynn's case in detail, though I believe that Wheeler has. But even though my ability to critique the substance of Powell's brief is admittedly quite limited, based on Wheeler's long track record, going back to the days of the Scooter Libby trial, I believe that Wheeler has that ability.

In any event, again, I await Judge Sullivan's response to Powell's brief and his eventual rulings in the Flynn case. If Wheeler (and by implication I) then end up with egg on your faces, so be it.

Larry Kart

Sorry -- I meant to say "with egg on OUR faces."

Larry Johnson

I've known Marcy for many years. She does not have that ability. Nothing in her article reflects what is in the Powell brief. Please, I challenge you, show me just one point in the Powell brief that Marcy refutes. I'll save you time--you won't find it. The brief filed in public was accompanied by material that is sealed. I've read two of those submissions. They are based totally on fact, not opinion. As I pointed out in my piece above, the Powell brief delved heavily into previous prosecutorial misconduct and then showed how the prosecutors in the Flynn case are engaged in the same kind of wrong conduct. I've always referred to Marcy as Empty Head. She plays a lawyer but has not been involved in any significant litigation. This is not about trying to show who has egg on their face. Take my arguments and show me a counter argument. Marcy's contribution is entirely based on her "feelings" about how Judge Sullivan "feels". How is that a legal argument?

Larry Kart

I cannot meet your challenge, for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. Again, I await Judge Sullivan's response to Powell's brief and his further eventual rulings in the Flynn case. It seems to me that neither Powell, nor you, nor I, nor Marcy but Judge Sullivan is the ultimate legal authority/expert here -- barring possible appeals to a higher court of course.

P.S. regarding Marcy's bona fides or lack of same, I judge them in much the same way I have responded to those of Col. Lang over the years. In the latter case, I myself lack military expertise and an insider's knowledge of the workings of the D.C. bureaucracy, nor do I have more than a cursory background in the civilizations and politics of the Middle East. However, the Colonel over the years, drawing upon his knowledge of all those things and more, consistently analyzes what has happened, what is happening right now, and above all predicts what is likely to happen down the road. His track record in the final category is, if not the only test, one of the best tests imaginable, and it is one that he consistently passes with flying colors. I have applied the same standard to Marcy over many years now and have seldom been disappointed.

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