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05 August 2019


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Let's not talk about why they are radical Islamists. And let's not talk about why they are White Supremacists either. Hell, 3 years have gone by and people don't even want to talk about why Trump won.

Trump is sitting in the White House because he tapped into the vein of discontent and pain so many in this country bear. Some of that discontent is manifested via drugs, others via mass shootings.

The hate comes from some place. If you think its from 4Chan, 8Chan, or the next incarnation thereof, then I think you need to continue digging until you hit bedrock. It might sound crazy, but giving people an outlet that can be tracked will probably lead to even more random attacks which will be even more difficult to detect.

The only thing that is going to happen from here on out is the same thing that happened in Yemen; the sophistication level of the attacks is going to increase, and a lot of innocent people are going to die.

Forcing globalization on an accelerated timetable is the root cause of this. It would have happened regardless with all the advances and cost reductions in technology, communications, and travel, but unfortunately greed can't wait.

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