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05 August 2019


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Let's not talk about why they are radical Islamists. And let's not talk about why they are White Supremacists either. Hell, 3 years have gone by and people don't even want to talk about why Trump won.

Trump is sitting in the White House because he tapped into the vein of discontent and pain so many in this country bear. Some of that discontent is manifested via drugs, others via mass shootings.

The hate comes from some place. If you think its from 4Chan, 8Chan, or the next incarnation thereof, then I think you need to continue digging until you hit bedrock. It might sound crazy, but giving people an outlet that can be tracked will probably lead to even more random attacks which will be even more difficult to detect.

The only thing that is going to happen from here on out is the same thing that happened in Yemen; the sophistication level of the attacks is going to increase, and a lot of innocent people are going to die.

Forcing globalization on an accelerated timetable is the root cause of this. It would have happened regardless with all the advances and cost reductions in technology, communications, and travel, but unfortunately greed can't wait.




So, in my opinion, you believe in criminalizing young white males? The LGBTQQ and feminist tribes will love that. Give the FBI yet another excuse for mass surveillance? I’m waiting for the SJW crazies to start pronouncing “All white males are terrorists!”

For example, could you please explain the fine difference between a potential Army or Marine uber patriotic recruit who is motivated by a desire to defend his countrymen against foreign hordes and a domestic terrorist?

To put that another way, the LGTB/feminist/SJW crazies are going to use these incidents to criminalize the entire spectrum of young white male behaviour. At one end, you are an introverted incel loner - therefore a risk and at the other end you are a loud mouthed racist hyper patriot equally suspect.

To borrow the sentiment from “Interview with a Lemming”, I’m surprised there aren’t more incidents. There probably will be plenty if you keep marginalizing young white males.


Fine! Glad to say it and condemn "white supremacy" advocating groups/individuals. You write the manifesto condemning it. I'll most likely sign it. And were it within my power I would aggressively employ the State's Law Enforcement powers behind stopping the violence (not speech) that emanates from it. As I would against any armed group or individual who would challenge the State monopoly on violence.

However, I would respond; when will YOU say the Nation can't, and won't, continue to face unlimited immigration? You cannot change demographics, and the body politic, at this pace without understanding there will be a reaction to it.


The Dayton shooter was an Antifa supporter. Should people who make oblique common cause references to Antifa be put in an FBI database? I don’t support that.


8chan is not to blame.The site just hosts,that's it.Ban chan my man and soon you will be told where to think.

Freedom my friend is sold
In ounces and inches of chain
Just enough to keep you sane


Roman virtues. St Paul was a citizen. As was the Syrian who was first into a breached wall during ng the seige of jerusalem

David Solomon

Very Fine Piece. Thank You.


I think we can all agree that any shooting is a terrible event, but what is the difference if someone hates and kills another because he hates the skin or just hates? And yes, it would be nice if we could sing "kumbaya" up on a mountain top wearing our cammies, but I also remember in boot camp when was going to talk to a boot camp friend, who happened to be black, and I was told by the blacks he was with to "go away, white boy." Did that bother me? No. It is what it is.

Yes, it is stupid to dislike someone because of their skin color. Remember "Gunga Din". However, we cannot simply believe that this is the sole reason for this type of attack. What brings it on? What is the background? What causes this to grow? Besides, the most serious fact that we live in an immoral and godless society, there is a constant drumbeat from all sources that whites are bad, white history is bad, white culture is bad. Politicians say it for votes, corporations say it for money, colleges say it to raise generations of hate, and other ethnic groups say and believe it to rake in the benefits of the government and entrance into the U.S.

This type of hate justifies the "Antifa" and other ethnic groups attacking whites and whites in the U.S. have become like the Germans of today who have to apologize for their very existence because of something that happened 80 years ago. What is one to expect? That nothing will happen? That there will not be explosions? It is bound to happen. This is no justification for what has happened, but it is not something as simple as closing down websites and holding candles.

We have a lot of animals out there. Animals dressed up like humans and fueled with narcissistic rage and amoral. It is going to take more than just a few laws to pile on the ones we already have. It is going to take something more profound and internal to change human beings but that type of reflection and change will only come by some apocalyptic event.


I join you in condemning these murders. Did you hear about the shootings in Baltimore last night? No? Well, they were seperate shootings and not "mass shootings". Baltimore had been in the news only days ago. I believe Donald J. Trump said something about the rate of crime. What was it his poliical oposition called him, oh, yeah: White Nationalist.
Did you hear about the shootings in Chicago? No?
Chicago, 277 shot dead year to date.
Baltimore, 177 shot dead year to date.
Chicago stats: https://heyjackass.com

"There is no tribe out there with a monopoly on virtue, creativity, cruelty or stupidity." I agree, but I sure don't hear many politicians saying that, especially on the left. I wrote something about shootings in Chicago two years ago, not much has changed, not even the political party running the city.

The Twisted Genius

Walrus, surely you don't think so little of young white males that you consider them all murdering terrorists just waiting for their opportunity to strike. And you can't see the difference between a young soldier and a domestic terrorist? I know you're better than that.

The Twisted Genius

Fred, even most of the mass shootings were of the type you describe. I don't have a solution for that. I'd like to hear yours if you have one.



Your reply to Walrus borders on ad mominem attack and an attempt at "shaming." Your opinions are yours, but I caution you against attempting to silence others through verbal bullying.

The Twisted Genius

Jonst, El Paso seems to be able to cope just fine as an American city with a large Hispanic population. That is until some white supremacist terrorist comes in from the outside. I think the current rate of immigration, including asylum seekers and illegals, is well within the capacity of this nation to absorb. Now if we experienced a catastrophic increase of 10 million a year for a few years, we could face serious problems. That could be precipitated by an environmental collapse in Central America (partially occurring now) or a new ice age in Canada (pretty damned unlikely). Either one would cause serious disruption here.

JP Billen

I'm with TTG on this and had the same experience when I served. Our 1st Amendment would not let us outlaw hate-speech as is done in Canada and most of Europe. However doxing these wannabee murderers is not illegal. They should be hounded and disrupted.

And perhaps we should beef up civil laws so that individual or group victims of hate speech can seek $$$ redress under civil law like what Japan has done in the past. Sue not just the speaker-of-hate, but also the site host. Don't shut them down though, as they could be monitored to ID potential shooters to go on a watch list, or to face lawsuits maybe.


“In 1960, the total population of Texas was 9.5 million, of which fewer than a million were Hispanic. In 2017, there were 11.1 million Hispanics in Texas—more than the total number of people in Texas in 1960 and nearly 40% of the state’s overall current population." This is called by some 'Replacement Theory' . I am not there. Yet. However, if it keeps going in this direction it will be 'Replacement', de facto, on the ground. I am not as optimistic as so called Progressives are that this will AUTOMATICALLY imply the State will go Blue, politically. But the California/NY model dazzles the so called Progressives. The GOP is no long a viable state wide political party in those states. In fact, what political battles there are now in those states are between Hispanic v Afro-Americans. At least in California. These kinds of changes WILL provoke a reaction. THe first signs of this reaction, in its milder forms, was Brexit, Trump, and Merkel's increasing irrelevance. This resulted with Neo Nazis in the German Parliament for the first time since the War. None of these events seem to lessen the so called Progressives' plans. They double down and called whoever opposed them, racists. However, I will reiterate, climate change disasters or not, this kind of invasion will not go without a response. While we must continue to welcome the people here in the us, the legal ones, anyway, and not be consumed with hateful rhetoric and actions, immigration is going to have to slow down. Or there will be trouble.


Am I the only person who reads this blog who is skeptical of the coverage of the shooting incident?

No, I am not saying that it was a CIA operation aimed at tarnishing Trump while trying to disarm the American people. But I am saying that every one of these mass shootings have produced conflicting details as more information leaks onto the Internet.

Did the FBI already have a file on the shooter? Did they know he was unstable and connected to sketchy groups? Was the shooter on depression meds? Is the "white nationalist" moniker credible or part of a political agenda aimed at people who question the governments version of events? Is the shooting going to be used to silence critics of the 'liberal order'??

I can't answer these questions, but after 3 years of nonstop lies about the alleged "Russia-Trump" connection,(none of which was true) I am more skeptical than ever.
I would go so far as to say, that any headline appearing at the New York Times, Washington Post or CNN, has been shaped to achieve the political objectives of ownership.

It all has to be taken with a grain of salt.


JP Billen

The level of self-congratulatory virtue signalling is incredible. Do you think you and TTG are the only former lieutenants who ever served with diverse human material made into soldiers. I served with tribals who boiled up the enemy's liver in order to share in their courage. Is that diverse enough for you? Would you have joined in this sacramental moment? Just how diverse do you want to be?


No matter what excuses, theories or sentiments you express, nothing will solve this problem until you have to be licensed to own and use a firearm. If you want a single shot 22, or a small bore shotgun, it can be a simple and inexpensive affair. As you move on up to more dangerous weapons, the requirements should increase. Should you get caught with a weapon and have no license for it, it should be very costly.

This has social, legal and cultural aspects to it, but only the government can do something about it. There is probably a tipping point out there and it may be very close and when it is reached, the gun owners who do not like regulations will not like what will be imposed on them. They only have themselves to blame for not supporting reasonable regulations in the past.


This is a great idea. I had training both at home and some at school. It is also closer to the original idea of gun ownership for trained state militias. You could also have additional programs for CRP training, emergency response for licensed citizens, etc.

Add in this training at the high school level + a heavy dose of civics as well. This would have been possible in 1960's America but probably not today. More likely this would have to start post high school and paid by the individual.

Seamus Padraig

Of course there isn’t an al Qaeda-like hierarchical group to target, but there is a white supremacist internet presence just like there is a jihadist internet presence. 8chan is the go to place for these shitheads.
Gosh, those white millenial gamers are so 'supreme' that they're forced to have their political discussions on the internet.
The FBI is monitoring it just like it monitors jihadist sites.
Sure, just like the Fibis monitor everything now. But does living in a police state make youfeel safer? Not me!
The goal is to treat these extreme white nationalists with the same disgust as we treat jihadists, child predators and rapists.
"Child predators and rapists," sadly, are the very people who run our society! It turns that Epstein is nothing new:




Well said! Haters of all colors are unAmerican.

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, ..."


>His rhetoric has encouraged and heartened white nationalists for three years

You have no idea what you are talking about.

The Neocons had better SA with regard to Iraq than you do about the situation in your own country. And so most of your proposals sound like something from the desk of Paul Bremer.

How many of these white thought criminals do you think there are?

White nationalists began breaking with Trump after the Shayrat missile strike in early 2017. His ultra-Zionist stance and refusal to support the free speech rights of his supporters (such as the multi-ethnic Proud Boys group), coupled with his apparent willingness to tolerate increasing internet censorship (which you appear to endorse) furthered this alienation. By the time of this year's State of the Union, when he called for an increase in legal immigration, the break was nearly complete.

At this point, white nationalist sentiment regarding Trump is typically expressed in the bitter language of betrayal and outright mockery, some of which is actually hysterical.

This isn't classified information, it's all over the internet. Haven't heard a peep about this from wherever you get your news? Maybe you ought to check your assumptions.

See, you've got this backwards: the violence is not the result of Trump's rhetoric, but his failure to act on his rhetoric, specifically his failure to secure the border and deport the 30+ million latinos who have illegally entered the US.

Confusing "white supremacy" with "white nationalism" and conflating both with the inevitable rise of self-interested white identity politics in an increasingly multi-racial is, at best, simple ignorance and at worst a deliberate attempt to smear by association.

This is the worst sort of reactive boomer posting. Next time put it all in capital letters as a warning.

Andrei Martyanov (aka SmoothieX12)

Trump is sitting in the White House because he tapped into the vein of discontent and pain so many in this country bear. Some of that discontent is manifested via drugs, others via mass shootings.

You nailed it. Your whole post, in general.

Eric Newhill

With open borders - which the Left/democrats are calling for, we will pass 10 million immigrants in short order. Then it will be 20 million and then...? Why wouldn't it be?

You are missing a critical piece of the mosaic here - a piece that that was included in the shooter's manifesto.

That is that it isn't just a huge demographic shift that's being called for, it's the left promising the new arrivals, illegal and legal, lots of free stuff that will be paid for by those already here. It's promising them free stuff that current citizens aren't getting.

The shooter recognizes much that you ignore. That in addition to all of the free stuff his generation will have to pay for, the increased labor pool will drive down wages for Americans who have already been hit hard by offshoring. The shooter says that people like him in his generation are facing a bleak future - maybe no future. I can see how he arrives at that notion.

The leftist mainstream news outlets (basically all of them other than Fox and Wall Street Journal) are championing the new arrivals as *better than the existing population*. Open racism against whites is SOP for the democrat party. They openly applaud the replacement of whites.

There's plenty of racism going around on all sides.

I think the shooter is a bad guy. I think his methods are wrong. In a civil society we must rely on established methods under the rule of law to accomplish political ends.

However, having read his manifesto, I understand where he is coming from and, to be honest, agree with much of what he wrote.

The liberals have openly declared war on whites and American culture. They openly state their intention to replace us. They plan to use our money to do it.

Liberals should expect that when you daily scream your war cry, that the weakest links on your target's side are going to break and there's going to be violence. Actually, I think that is the left's passive aggressive intention. Existentially threaten whites until a few crack and "prove their case" that whites are evil racists that need to go. And that Trump is evil and needs to go.

I place ultimately blame for the El Paso shooting on the guy who pulled the trigger, but he was goaded into it. The left/Democrats are attacking our way of life to an existential level. IMO, if they keep it up, the El Paso shooting is going to look like a good day compared to what's coming.

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