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29 August 2019


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Ghost Ship

Where is Iran overextended? Syria? All the recent fighting was done by the Syrians, and very successful it was too, the SAA decided to move someplace and they moved there. Iraq? The PMU and Shi'ite militias are all Iraqis. Lebanon? Hezbollah are pure Lebanese, probably with their own missile factories. So no, except in the addled minds of Mossad, the CIA, James Jeffrey, Michael Rubin and all, Iran is not extended anywhere that I can see. Perhaps you have evidence that proves otherwise.

different clue

France, Germany and UK want more Muslim immigrants? Are we sure about that?


Elijah Magnier posted an article on this subject today. He has lived in the area for many years and has many contacts. I am reluctant to endorse/disparage Magnier. I will attempt to restate his view.
Hezbollah will retaliate against Israel for breaking the standing unwritten rules. It will certainly take some uniformed Israeli lives, otherwise it will be humiliated. It will attempt to retaliate without escalating. It will happen within the next 3 days.
Obviously, Hezbollah is not looking to push Israeli too far outside its comfort zone, with an “acceptable” number of casualties: a hit in exchange for another hit. It will depend on Netanyahu to take it further into war if he wishes to, or to nurse his wounds. Although the Israeli Prime Minister holds the initiative and was respecting to the “rules of the game” as long as he honoured the undeclared agreement, it is time now for him to understand that Lebanon, despite its small size, is not Yemen or Syria or Iraq.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s disposition to attack Israel was boosted by the Lebanese President Michel Aoun who described the Israeli aggression as “an act of war”. Prime Minister Saad Hariri considered the aggression “a threat to regional stability”. Hezbollah has enough domestic support to stand against Israel and retaliate even if the situation goes out of control. Sayyed Nasrallah is no longer constrained by the Lebanese officials who asked him months ago to take into consideration the tourist season, and to share their positive view of the highly tense situation in the Middle East. Indeed, the Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese fronts are all on the verge of explosion, depending on how Israel and the US are willing to be “guided.”
During the last Israeli elections, Hezbollah decided to keep at a distance. This time it seems the situation is different. There is an opportunity for Hezbollah to damage Netanyahu who is facing elections during the third week of September. In this case, Hezbollah’s reply to Israel must be before the 19thof September



Concur. As an engineer, I worked in these types of system for many years. All anti-missile systems can be overwhelmed with sufficient fire (i.e. salvos, decoys, etc). No exception yet.

Ghost Ship

Don't equate physical damage with victory - the Israelis failed to achieve their political objective in 2015 in Gaza, the eradication of Hamas, and lost.


Well, the UK Brexiters certainly want more indentured servants from the Commonwealth.


If one judges by their actions, then yes.

English Outsider

All the politicians want that in their various ways. The Democrats, President Trump seemingly with H-1B, Mrs Merkel ("Wir schaffen das"), Mr Varadkar calling for a million migrants for Ireland, and Salvini, swimming against the tide, now sidelined.

The new UK administration is continuing the policy of previous UK administrations and the policy of Western countries generally.

Mark Logan


Hard to blame them, but there's no doubt about Israel's ability to place Lebanon in the Stone Age with the US's help. "Whoa! Easy there, Nassy. Think it through. Don't do John Bolton's job for him."



The US admits 1.2 million legal permanent immigrants a year.

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