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24 August 2019


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It would take a comprehensive plan of some sort as you described. The problem is Trump is it and once he is gone the Washington Consensus of Global "Free Trade"(Jack correctly states never existed) will resume.

And the continue slide into Third World poverty will continue for a large portion of the population. Populism resurgence is part culture but a bigger part economic in my opinion. The Yellow Vest came out due to a Carbon tax.

You can't lose 1/3 of your manufacturing capacity and retain the "American Dream". Which is dead. The dream referred to a large and growing middle class. That is no longer the case.

And with 7 billion plus people "American" companies will always find lower cost abroad.

China is mercantilist to their core and this model will prevail in the 21st Century if the Nation State is to survive. I wouldn't bet against the Globalist they have the Prince of this World on their side. At least for a time.

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