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23 August 2019


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different clue

The lunatic marxist's bitterest enemies are the members of the Catfood Democrat Establishment. They have engineered the whole primary and convention process to make absolutely surest that a Catfood Democrat ticket ends up being nominated. Probably the Dynamic Duo of Biden(P)/Harris(VP).

Which will then go on to lose bigly to Trump. But that's okay with the Catfood Democrats, because at least it will mean the lunatic marxist was denied leadership of the party, and the malignant metastatic clintonoma infestation and the Yersiniobama pestis infection will remain in command of the Catfood Democrat Party for a few more happy years.

Mark Logan


I suspect there are some people thinking about the deficits though. The old starve-the-beasters are probably looking at those deficits as the achieving of their long hoped for and likely Pyrrhic victory of starving SS and Medicare out of existence. They may have Trump's ear, but they wouldn't be telling him that, they would be telling him the deficits will be corrected by an expanding economy, that deficits don't matter. I can't account for the silence on the matter in another way.

Trump's present apparent madness seems predictable. He is self-absorbed and poorly educated. Seems likely this sort of person is most likely to exhibit a lack of grace under pressure. The more he believes he may lose the election the crazier he will act.

David Solomon


There may be another reason that he is very worried about losing the election. I believe that the statute of limitations for the other offenses that the New York state District Attorney is investigating him for will run out before the end of his second term. If he is not returned to office, he may be in very serious trouble.


It's a safe bet that no one at the Fed (Governors or staff) voted for Trump.
Thus expect the Fed to do everything it can to depose this "awful alien" presence.
Throwing gas on a recession fire would probably do it.


Pete Buttigieg neither senile nor a socialist lunatic.
Biden is no more senile than Trump but that isn't saying much. Both seem to have trouble with their facts.


IMO, Trump’s attack on Powell is inoculation. He now has a scapegoat if the economy or stock market weakens. It is too early to speculate on the next election. Trump was 1% in the polls this time in 2015 and Jeb was certain to win the GOP nomination.

Many forget that we’ve had a 30+ year bull market in bonds. And most market analysts don’t get bonds.


The original central banks like the Bank of England were designed to be lenders of last resort during a crisis of confidence to prevent a bank run. Walter Bagehot wrote the classic - lend to solvent institutions at a high rate of interest with good collateral at a discount. The notion of solvency and what is good collateral has changed with time to a much more looser definition.

Our history shows the debates between those for and against central banking. And the rationale for the opening of the Bank of North America in 1782. What has changed now is the belief in the omnipotence of central banks. I suppose the pendulum will swing again as skepticism and even outrage at an intractable financial crisis gets laid at the feet of the Ph.Ds.

different clue

Biden is no more senile than Trump?

First, here is a video of a tiny bit of a Trump press conference. Observe the verbal and awareness level that Trump appears to function at to the viewer. ( And by the way, it becomes very clear that " I am the Chosen One" is sarcastic humor and not the megalomaniacal declaration of Sentness-by-God which the Fake Stream Mediazoids lyingly pretend to believe it to be). Anyway, here is the link.

Now here is a compilation video of some low points of Biden's recent performances. It is called " Joe Biden struggling on the campaign trail."

Biden is no more senile that Trump? Well, if anyone other than me cares to view both entire videos, anyone who watches them both can then decide for themselves whether Biden is "no more senile than Trump."



So, what are the "wokes" going to do if Trump wins again? Flee? Hopefully.


Non businessmen have given us a 20 trillion dollar deficit. I am not sure on how a private businessman could do any worse. Call me a fool but I’d for him for trump ahead of the Democrat nut jobs

John Minehan

I think another Trump victory is fairly unlikely. Trump's tariff war has had a disproportionately dire effect on exactly those states he needs to win and the Mid-terms indicated weakening support there in any event.

It is way to early to know for sure, but I don't think he has a decent shot. Of course, much turns on who the Dems nominate. Sen. Warren, I suspect, would lose, where Harris or maybe Klobuchar could probably win.

different clue

It may depend on whom or what the Democratic Party nominates. If the SanderBackers can beat and torture the Catfood Democrat Establishment into such utter surrender as to force it to nominate Sanders, then the Democrats "may" have a chance. If a "Nominee Sanders" announces that his pick for VP running mate WILL be Tulsi Gabbard, he will have a slightly bigger chance. If the Catfood Democrats conspire to defeat Candidate Sanders the way they conspired against Candidate McGovern, people will see this and some of them will vote for Sanders to express their hatred for the Catfood Clintobamacrat Elite and their intensed desire to see the Catfood Clintobamacrats "exterminated" from political existence and "wiped off the face of the political earth".

But if the Catfood Democrats can forcibly nominate one of their own, as their entire primary season and Convention is engineered to do, then Trump will win bigly. Several million SanderBackers will
write Sanders in, while other millions will vote Third Party or leave blank the President line on the ballot.

The Catfood Democrats understand this and they want it. They consider electing Trump an acceptable price to pay for defeating Sanders. They relish the thought of getting to agitate "against" Four! More! Years! of whatever it is they decide to accuse Trump of causing and standing for.

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