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08 August 2019


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Mr. Armstrong

"....French reporter reveals that there are still many parts aircraft parts and human remains at the site. Also shows photo of what look a lot like bullet holes......"

Do you think after four years that the MH17 crash site might have been compromised? Even Russia doesn't believe another plane shot down MH17 - although they went with the SU-25 theory until it was "widely discredited". I lost count of the amount of Russian lies on MH17. It most certainly exceeds the amount of lies on even the Skripal assassination attempt.

Between the JIT, Bellingcat and Boris Nemtsov ("Putin. War"), it's one of the more clear-cut cases to solve. Of course Russia isn't going to admit the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade traveled with the missile into Eastern Ukraine. Russia doesn't admit they invaded Eastern Ukraine (twice) or they supply weapons to the separatists or that Wagner works on behalf of the Russian government in Ukraine. Hell, the entire war is run from Moscow.


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