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14 August 2019


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A fascinating explanation of operational maneuverings being conducted by the SAA and allied forces. I came across a piece by Aymen al-Tamimi and wondered if you thought the sentiments expressed by the interviewee were accurate, in the main ; http://www.aymennjawad.org/2019/08/some-guy-in-the-special-force-interview
What struck me was the belief that the Russians were not to be trusted.......
"A: The situation generally: if you follow the statements of the Russians in the past two days, they have affirmed that the raids they have carried out do not conform with the advance on the ground and the cost has become exorbitant. And it has been necessary for the Syrian government to pay the costs. And two days ago they struck the Iranian positions and said it was by mistake. And I see [/think] that the Iranians will not leave Syria in this state with the Russians, and they will assume responsibility for the entire Idlib operation with weapons, equipment and ammunition, and even the soldiers on the ground. And in this state of affairs the Hezb [Hezbollah] will come down to the Idlib battle."
Also, if I may be so presumptuous to ask you to cast your considerable expertise on the burgeoning security crisis in the Azawad region which is increasingly destabilizing Mali, Niger and Northern Nigeria. There has been a lot of talk of jihadis migrating from the Syrian front to this conflict zone and the FUKUS alliance has been strengthening personnel numbers in the region. Keep up the good work !

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