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18 August 2019


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Just want to recommend an excellent article on an important topic:
"Yes, Google is disrupting our democracy. But not in the way Trump thinks.",
by Ramesh Srinivasan, WaPo Op-Ed, 2019-08-21

Online companies wield powerful technology that shapes our beliefs, how we work and how we live. Their technologies act on all of us, regardless of our gender, race, age or political persuasion.
In truth, the pernicious effect of private, corporate technology platforms on our political lives is complex.
It’s time to demand transparency and accountability on our tech platforms, specifically on what data they collect, why we see the content we see and how we can navigate through the morass of information they claim to make available to us. We think we are searching when we go onto Google, but in fact, the company is searching us. It is surveilling our interests for its own purposes, and we have no control over how these technologies influence our behavior or thinking.
The real issue is that its mysterious workings — as well as those of its fellow tech companies — are hidden far from sight and controlled by a few.
Article is written, IMO, from a neutral point of view, presents some quite important issues, and is well worth reading. As to the answers, that's a good question.

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