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18 August 2019


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ex PFC Chuck

According to a report at Press TV, Gibralter was able to wish it a bon voyage because of a gigantic screw-up on the part of someone in the US Department of Injustice.



Yves always has nice stuff to read. Lambert should have read up on Bodansky, the author of that piece. According to him Qatar is the most important country in the region to America because they are funding Hamas and bailed out Jared. Now I wonder whatever happened to the Russia bailed him out rumor? Further on, to quote the article, "there is growing trepidation in Saudi Arabia about the viability of the Pakistani guarantees to the Kingdom, particularly concerning nuclear deterrence." Pakistan guaranteed SA nuclear protection? That the the stuff further on is even better than what Christopher Steele dreamed up. It's a great read. Of course when looking at ISSA's website I noticed this disclaimer at the bottom.

"ISSA does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed."

Who pays these people?


Wow! I hope this is tongue in cheek otherwise what alternate universe do you live in Ism quite white and don’t suffer from any of these afflictions



I don't know. You always looked a little dusky around the cheekbones. Maybe the blondness was a disguise.



IMO the Clinton apparat which includes Obama and money from Soros.



The idiot computer wrote the wrong thing. The exercise was Brass Tacks. India and Pakistan very nearly went to war. I played some small apart in stopping that by releasing to the two countries' attache's (with DoD approval) the evidence for how close they were to war.
My God. How great I was! pl

JP Billen

My God. How I hate the 'auto-correct' function. How do I turn it off?

It's even on my cellphone when I text the grandkids - they text back "ROFL Grampa", at my goofs.

JP Billen

Prince Andrew



You mean Moscow is out? My the narrative sure has changed since Mueller got finished.


Damn-skippy, sir, that's USA getting it right! I hadn't realized how dangerous the eighties were till long after. Able-Archer etc. and this.

What gets me: Many, many years ago we were taught in college that it was all about Kashmir and the UN had to do something. And now, half a century later, lurking behind everything, it is STILL Kashmir! So now we are told that if the Taliban come out of negotiations in Afghanistan in a much stronger or dominant position, and US forces leave, then the Taliban could become the core group of a violent new movement to claim Kashmir for Pakistan. And Kashmir is majority Muslim. Further, Pakistan gets most of its water from Kashmir, and India is now doing what Turkey has done to Mesopotamian rivers such as Tigris/Euphrates with its Anatolian water projects. As of August, the Ilisu dam is being filled, which means that the Tigris river flow, already degraded as is, could be cut by, can it actually be, forty per cent? In Kashmir then, as in Africa, there is beginning to be a significant diminution of diplomatically, treaty guaranteed, expected, and historically predictable water volume/flow to very thirsty downstream regional locations. It is scary as hell. And the right wing Hindu nationalist part BJP does in fact sound like Nazis, as the new Pakistani PM Imran Khan (the great cricket star), has said. Like Likud, they simply plan to create a Hindu majority by any means necessary, however brutal, that will alter the religion and DNA of the people on the roof of the world. You'd think Presbyterianism would do well up there, actually better than Hinduism, which seems to me to be rather moist and rain-jungle tropical, but who am I to say.


Yes, I found it interesting ..




Someone needs to remind Bernie that Bolshevism came first.


Pleasantly surprised to see the Iranian tanker released. Boris Johnson's last bid to be PM was torpedoed by neocon Michael Gove as they didn't think he was on message.

Apparently Bolton's recent visit to London was to pressure the British government to move the embassy to Jerusalem, currently we are bound by EU policy not to do so. Bolton also discussed the possibility of British support for Israeli annexation of areas of the West Bank to “solve” the illegality of Israeli settlements on occupied territory, which is highly unlikely to happen, despite the large number of useless idiots currently inhabiting Westminster. Whether Bolton actually discussed anything that might further the interests of the US is an open question.

different clue

Thought for food . . .

I haven't made and tried another batch of "feta blue" cheese yet, but I will.

Separately, another idea occurred to me which I have not tried, which is to blend hummus and miso together. In theory, it would be called "hummiso". I gave-away the idea to a maker-seller of Mediterranean street-food staple-delicacies at our Farmers' Market. She said it was a good idea but she may have just been being polite. If she really does think it is a good idea, and she does some experiments in making "hummiso" and decides it is good enough to tell others about, perhaps it
will spread from there.

Also, some time ago I offered an interesting article I stumbled upon about a distiller in Missouri making small craft-batches of bourbon with particular heirloom variety corns. Recently I stumbled upon a restaurateur's review of some heirloom-corn-based bourbons made by a distillery in Brooklyn, New York. It seemed interesting and maybe promising to me so I offer it in case others may agree.

And here is a little article featuring some of Widow Jane's Distillery's own mission-statement and short description of why it does what it does with specifically non-GMO heirloom-variety corn.


If turkey blocks Russian air support of the syrian army then us policy in syria might still pay dividends especially now that the shite militias will not be coming to there rescue as they did at aleppo


How is Turkey going to do that.

Jim Ticehurst

Well Fred The Narrative has not changed..about Russia..Its all over Various Media and Social Network Sites..The FOCUS has changed to Trump bashing..and trying to Influence the Outcome of the Next Election through difference Forms of Media Collusion.....Sure I could have gone from Greenland to to Artic...and what Russias doing there..Even Blocking Passage and Docking of a Norwegian Cruise ship with 600 passengers..in The Artic.. Russia got Paranoid..Why..So Many Issues..So many decisions...Right Fred..

Mathias Alexander

Here's another estimate of the HK crowd size.


Keith Harbaugh

Just want to recommend an excellent article on an important topic:
"Yes, Google is disrupting our democracy. But not in the way Trump thinks.",
by Ramesh Srinivasan, WaPo Op-Ed, 2019-08-21

Online companies wield powerful technology that shapes our beliefs, how we work and how we live. Their technologies act on all of us, regardless of our gender, race, age or political persuasion.
In truth, the pernicious effect of private, corporate technology platforms on our political lives is complex.
It’s time to demand transparency and accountability on our tech platforms, specifically on what data they collect, why we see the content we see and how we can navigate through the morass of information they claim to make available to us. We think we are searching when we go onto Google, but in fact, the company is searching us. It is surveilling our interests for its own purposes, and we have no control over how these technologies influence our behavior or thinking.
The real issue is that its mysterious workings — as well as those of its fellow tech companies — are hidden far from sight and controlled by a few.
Article is written, IMO, from a neutral point of view, presents some quite important issues, and is well worth reading. As to the answers, that's a good question.

different clue

Fall is slowly approaching. The last few Falls have had fair-to-poor Fall colors. But I think this Fall will offer colors so much better than the last few years that it will be remembered for some years to come.

Why do I think that? Because we have had so much rain so well spaced that trees are growing more than they have in the last few years. The trees around here are looking "June-green" well into August. They will be so well-fed and metabolically healthy that they will be able to produce large amounts of the leaf pigments which chlorophyll masks and which the dying of the chlorophyll reveals.

Now, if we get a severely early polar-vortex style deep killfreeze while the leaves are still green, a killfreeze that turns the green leaves into gray crispy brown husks still on the trees, then we won't have any Fall colors at all.

So its a conditional type of if-then prediction. IF we don't get a leaf-lethal killfreeze in September, THEN we will get wonderful Fall colors.

different clue

Here is a men's singing group, interesting song, impressive lead singer.


Jim S

Col., my apologies if I try to post this twice, but I'm not sure I submitted it correctly the first time.

Some scribbling on US-China relations to develop thoughts.

My underlying assumptions are: the world is run as much or more by backroom deals and dirty tricks as good governance and public diplomacy; appearances (and tweets) can be deceiving; "Nothing happens in politics by accident".

An appreciation of a situation must accurately identify the actors to be useful, and here we have three major players: the globalists, President Trump, and China.

The globalists. This label is new but the power is better identified with CFR/Trans-Atlanticists/Round Tables/&etc and may be traced further back. At this point it is more European than American, and as with US-Israel it is valid to question who is wagging whom. It is led by old money and while its true aims bear examination, in general it seeks preeminence in world affairs and its stated aims of increased global economic prosperity have been shown to be false (it's fair to point out that prosperity has increased and poverty diminished, but it's equally fair to say that much of this would have occurred without globalism due to scientific and technical advances).

President Trump. DJT is neither an insubstantial grifter nor a Lone Ranger (I concur with Ted Richard), else the globalists would have got rid of him by now (as per Johnson, Binney, et al). As smoothiex12 aptly puts it, what remains is that he is either MAGA or MIGA. If he is MAGA his aims are stated; if he is MIGA it must be investigated how Israel benefits from conflict with China and considered if it's at least equal in status with Russia in the matter. Whether DJT represents an independent entity or a globalist splinter faction the civil war within the US is real and its consequences will be lasting.

China. The globalists have not controlled China for nearly a century now; the CCP is the sole governing entity. China aims at regional hegemony and then to replace the US as the world's superpower. The CCP is comprised of two major factions. The current Chinese President's faction decisively defeated its rival prior to 2013 but has not finished it off (I believe either Jack or rho mentioned this).

With a rough estimate of the actors and their aims, what follows considers recent history from this arrangement of power.

As per Jack China entered into alliance with globalism when the US granted it Most Favored Nation status under President Clinton. Did China understand it was making an agreement with the globalists and not merely the US? At this point the US was the exclusive fief of globalism politically if not socially. Again per Jack the new US-China relationship transferred much of US manufacturing capability to China and greatly tilted the balance of trade in China's favor. In return China used the balance of payments to lend money to the US Treasury; if the siren song of endless growth was true, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad deal for the US, at least until China caught up in terms of ingenuity.

This arrangement lasted until 2008. During this period China's economy flourished while Americans shifted from blue collar jobs to selling lattes to each other and working at McDonald's after retirement. Globalism shrugged and told Americans to get used to it, while looking the other way from China's human rights abuses and pollution. Anyway nobody was too concerned when the stock market was going up. Then Lehman collapsed.

The US Treasury and the Federal Reserve's response--and globalism's response generally--was to throw money at the banks in hopes of returning to status quo ante. Status quo ante was unsustainable and had inevitably brought on the crisis, but the globalists do not appear to have had a better plan.

At this point the CCP must have realized that the emperor had no clothes. Did China realize with whom it had been dealing? Most Americans still perceived globalism as a positive force. Unfortunately for China it had widely emulated the West's financial system and it does not seem to be able to disentangle itself from it. 2008-2009 most likely initiated a shift in CCP strategy away from general cooperation with the West and into direct competition. In 2010 it banned Google from China, most likely suspecting Google was more than just a Trans-Atlanticist-controlled CIA affiliate. Also in 2010 the current ruling faction began purging members of the rival faction. In 2013 the CCP announced the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2014 China began occupying the Spratlys and also began implementing its social credit system. By 2016 facial recognition was widely deployed. And now in 2019 the CCP is pushing to end Hong Kong's special status ahead of schedule.

It's possible these actions are unrelated, but they are all consistent with a state seeking to secure itself and seize territory as a rival power lapses into weakness.

The globalists responded by 2011 when President Obama announced his puzzling pivot to Asia. In 2015 the Obama Administration advanced the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which excluded China, and by 2016 it was set to be ratified. The globalists came to realize they had been trying to hold a tiger by the tail and that China could not be controlled, but it was far too late. Then Donald Trump won the US Presidential election in November of that year.

His administration undid the TPP, undid NAFTA, and has been highly active internationally in 2018-2019, though most Americans are only dimly aware of it, and now appears to be on course for a head-on collision with China. Internationally the Administration's actions and statements appear contradictory. Does it have a strategy? Well, what are its aims--MAGA or MIGA? These are the only two plausible alternatives. It's not plausible that DJT is working for mainline globalism as he's done too much to damage its interests. Their hatred of him is real.

What is the globalist strategy? It appears that they are reduced to throwing random objects in Trump's path and hoping he'll trip before 2020--as in HRC's recent tweets re: HK--but it doesn't do to underestimate them. They've been resourceful and clever in the past. One question sticks out: why is globalist-aligned Google helping the CCP build the Chinese Panopticon on one hand and inciting against China on Hong Kong on the other? Something deeper is going on.

This is a three-way fight. Globalism is competing against DJT first and China second. DJT is competing against globalism (mainline if you will) first and China second. China is certainly competing against DJT--does the CCP realize it is also competing against globalism?

One thing is certain: the US and China cannot return to status quo ante. Pre-2019 relations were not sustainable by either country; to a certain extent the globalist system both economies are based on exists only in a make-believe world. On the US side a return to status quo ante is against the commonweal. Naked competition with the US would seem to bring only greater instability to China. Given that, such a return might be a victory of sorts to the globalists.

Trump is correct: it's in the interests of both China and the US to come to a new accord.

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