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29 August 2019


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Rogue FBI Director, Comey in the mold of J. Edgar Hoover. Drain the swamp. Going above, around and behind the law.

Two systems of justice does not work in this country - that is an undercurrent message from both sides of the political spectrum and we both need to own up to it.


Memo's 2 and 7 contained classified (at Confidential) info and were taken home and stored in Comey's safe.

Keith Harbaugh

Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discuss with Lou Dobbs (the evening before the release of the IG report) their views on its (leaked) contents:
eight minute video of Fox News interview, 2019-08-28

Larry Johnson

Determined to be classified only after the fact and, as you note, at the Confidential level. No one would ever get a successful prosecution on that.

blue peacock


I hope your instinct is correct about Barr.

I reman skeptical that a true accounting of Russia Collusion and Epstein and Hillary's breach of classified information and other instances of the shredding of the rule of law will take place as it will shatter these institutions. The institutional pressure to circle the wagons will be too strong not just within the FBI, CIA, DOJ bureaucracy but also among the establishment politicians.

IMO, the only force that can open the can of worms is Trump. But it seems his fear of survival preclude that.


I agree. It would be difficult. Not the sort of thing the DOJ should prosecute. And it wasn't stuff he had on a home computer used on the web unlike a former CIA chief.

John Minehan

GEN (R) Petraeus (and his lawyers) might disagree . . . .

John Minehan

On HRC's e-mails. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/thought-those-damn-e-mails-john-minehan?trk=portfolio_article-card_title

Hard to prove gross negligence where the error was likely made by a third party on whom the defendant could reasonably rely.

Diana C

I hope your assessment that the DOJ (Barr) will likely handle the sniveling Comey is correct. If something doesn't happen to that man, I will finally have to pay only for old Andy Griffith episodes in order to keep some sort of faith in American justice.

The sad thing is that the half of American society that watch conservative news will already know the truth, but the other half that watch what Trump has labeled "fake news" will never be informed.

I blame public education in many large modern high schools where social studies/history/geography teachers are most often coaches who "teach" by showing movies so they can plan their strategies for the next game. Their fawning student helpers get the privilege of scoring the T/F, fill-in-the-blank worksheets the students fill out as they watch a fictionalized movie of some event in history. (I'm telling you this based on years of teaching experience. Administrators don't care since it is the sports program that is of most concern for the most vocal and wealthy parents.)


I hope your right but the handling of the Pan Am 103 hardly inspires confidence. There’s been numerous critiques of that investigation and to me it’s still an open matter.


Don't blame schools - blame the voters who allowed loss of control of their local school boards to the leftist teacher unions.

How many actually still know who sits on their own local school boards ....and why? Used to be civic minded folks who invested public service in their local communities. Now they are hard core teacher union advocates.

Until we change the direction of local school boards at the bottom of the food chain, we can never expect change to reach the top. The past generation of K-12 indoctrinated America haters now simply have to move through the system, like any other major generational shift.


They'll all walk....and make money from writing books about it.
The swamp will ALWAYS protect their fellow swamp creatures.
Since LBJ kick-started all government all the time and the Republicrats have expanded and expanded the swamp we have become 2 nations - the rulers and the ruled.
We are not governed, we are ruled.


JFK is the one who unionized government workers - that is when the great divide started - us against them.

John Minehan

If you want to make a difference at a local level, sit on a school board. However, local political parties tend not to see that.

Keith Harbaugh

Analysis of the IG report from

Keith Harbaugh

Another very useful (nine minute) video that has appeared:
“Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz and Mollie Hemmingway react to the DOJ IG report, with Laura Ingraham”
Listen to how impassioned Jim Jordan is about this issue, that Comey et al were “out to get the President”, that they were out to "trap the President", and it all is the responsibility of Jim Comey!

Diana C

I just had an email exchange with the person in charge of keeping records for the "retired" members of the local NEA chaper. She, as I am, is sick of the NEA. But most keep membership because we have long-term insurance policies through the NEA.

The district I retired from had an uprising during a recent election of school board member. People in favor of homeschooling, private schools, charter schools, etc. We elected. They were making changes, and I was very happy.

Soon, however, a person couldn't drive up either of the two major streets in the district without seeing teachers, parents, and students carrying signs about a recall effort. They eventually won and now the district has another NEA backed board.

It should be illegal for the teachers to get parents and students involved. I saw the brainwashing all the time. Most parents are hoodwinked by the teachers, not realizing how little real education is going on in public schools.

When I first began teaching in the early 70's the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) tried to get in while the NEA was also trying--and lying by saying they were definitely NOT a union. They gained control.

Most teachers (like me) joined because joining got us free legal representation if we needed it over a school-related issue.

I never needed it, but I worked in the district where Columbine High School is located.

The ONE teacher who tried hard to warn about those boys was the one sued by the family of the Black student victim because lawyers convinced them that she didn't try hard enough and telling the boy's parents it didn't matter because she could depend on her home owners's insurance (something along those lines). She was in court for years after and eventually won.

Many teachers don't want to join (as I didn't), but I always Knew that as an English teacher I would get the whole spectrum of students. There is always the threat that a parent will sue for some reason. I was always very careful and never had a problem, but I did know some teachers who ended up having to use those NEA lawyers to defend themselves from students who lied to their parents, who brought legal action against them.

Believe me, I know more and more teachers who are not in accord with the NEA and parents also. It exists to a large extent because they have parents hoodwinked about how noble their members are.

The organization is a great thing to belong to if you are a teacher who is not there to teach.

I could go on.but don't have the time.

robt willmann

This article by Larry, "Keep Your Powder Dry, Comey Is Not Out of the Woods", has been picked up by Zerohedge.com, a website with a very large number of viewers. It links back to SST--


One web traffic analyzer says that zerohedge.com had 44.36 million website visits for last month alone, in July--


Good news!

ex PFC Chuck

It seems the FBI is still trying to cover its tracks. The Conservative Treehouse post linked below they're trying to dodge passing on to General Flynn's legal team all the info they're entitled to in preparation to the pre-sentencing arguments:


Robert Willman

I don't care. I only want the truth and The Republic.


From Flynn's new lawyer's brief is the following legal conjecture, among others: merits?

"Mr Flynn was (i) a subject of pretextual counter-intelligence investigation apparently resulting from an FBI/CIA operation routed through the Office of Net Assessment in the Department of Defense using Stephen Halper to smear him (Flynn) as an agent of Russia......."

DOD is now implicated with the FBI/CIA Russiagate caper?


Wish the AG would grow a set of balls and prosecute Comey and company for their criminal behavior, and not just talk about it.


Additional insights and a new book about the deep state entrapment of President -Elect Donald Trump from the National Review: https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/08/trump-was-always-the-target-of-the-russia-investigation/


It is worse if they are prosecuted and walk. Biding ones time and striking them when you have overwhelming superiority is much preferred to charging in half cocked and foolish. I don't want to see them prosecuted, I prefer convicted, jailed and where appropriate executed.

Keith Harbaugh

Rudy says: "Brennan is the brains, Clapper is the idiot."
Also, RG definitely thinks Comey should be prosecuted, just on the basis of the current IG report on Comey's leaks.
Further, with regard to the 2017-01-06 briefing of Trump, RG says
"Number 1, it was a clear entrapment ...
He [Comey] was trying to trap him, like he trapped Flynn"
(2m32s and later in the video).

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