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30 August 2019


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This Youtube channel by Ram_Z is very good at finding videos of fighting between Saudis and Houthis & Co.


The video mentioned by Jane's show not only the LAV 90 crashing into a armoured ambulance but also the Saudi watch position being eliminated in close combat.

It's remarkable that the Saudis keep positioning a handful of men or less with little support which are then picked off by a larger group of Houthis


Babak Makkinejad

no - "gandom goon".

Linda Lau

I couldn't agree more with those who commented on the lack of smart, savvy hardworking (male) Saudis. Yes, it is because the rulers have not wanted to have them. The irony is that they have just such Saudis right under their noses - the women, but of course their talents will not be used. There are rare cases - I know two of them but they are certainly exceptions since they are Idrisis.


Linda Lau

I do not share your optimism about Saudis. IMO they Saudi "people" are a combination of Wahhabi fanatics and hangers-on feeding from the trough of Al-Saud largesse. the westernized segment of society are IMO trivial and unimportant from a political POV. pl

FB Ali

Muzaffar Ali, Abu Sinan,

Thank you for 'resurrecting' my old comment.

It's surprising how little has changed since we made our comments on this post last time. The war in Yemen still grinds on, showing few signs of ending. Saudi princeling Muhammad bin Salman continues on his feckless path, now fueled by visions manufactured out of whole cloth by high-priced US consultants. This situation would have led to unrest, if not an uprising, in any self-respecting polity, but you cannot expect anything like that from these Arabs.

I have sometimes wondered why. After all, this was the land that produced the people who, fired by the message of the Prophet, erupted on the world scene in the 7th, and succeeding, centuries, and spread that message across most of the known world. However, it seems that, unfortunately, though this is the same land, these are not the descendants of those Arabs. These are the offshoot of the dregs left behind after all the years of worthwhile, enterprising people leaving for Baghdad, Damascus, Constantinople, Cairo, Marrakesh, Cordoba, Samarkand, etc, and the lands surrounding them. What remained behind were the ancestors of this pitiful lot.

Babak Makkinejad

If one pays attention to the corollaries of the Makkinejad Thesis, then one could see that Saudi Arabia, and indeed all Muslim polities, in as much as they are going against the Shia Iran, are marching down a dead end.

The Seljuk Lands, remain, in my opinion, the only path forward for Muslim countries - politically, religiously, culturally, etc.

Poor Arabs, so close to Diocletian States, so far from God.

ex PFC Chuck
"IMO Saudi Arabia lacks the military capability to intervene successfully in Yemen."
Thank you again for reminding me why I continue to read this site after finding it ten or so years ago. Your personal understanding of all aspects of the Middle East, and in particular the Arab countries, informed the prescience of that first sentence you wrote nearly four and a half years ago.

Things appear to be moving in the Royal Saudi household as the Head of the Royal purr and his Deputy have both been removed. Policy failures exact consequences.

Muzaffar Ali

Col Lang

Will appreciate if Gen FB Ali can update his views on the Yemen situation.


Muzaffar Ali

I would like that as well.


Wow, four-and-a-half years ago. I remember this article and was glad Pakistan did not want to play ball.


Is the Saudi & UAE alliance breaking up?


FB Ali

Col Lang, Muzaffar Ali,

My friend Ingolf drew my attention to your comments today on this old thread; I might have missed them otherwise.

I find there's not much I can add to my last comment of 3 September 2016. I find it strange that the war in Yemen is still grinding on, though it is now being waged mostly using missiles. The Saudis are no better at this kind of warfare than they were previously -- in spite of their wealth, and the foreign advisers and operators it enables them to acquire. They seem to be very good at targetting civilian facilities!

I find that my contempt for the Saudis, both leaders and people, is undiminished. It is unfortunate that they are able to purchase US support for their policies. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of Trump's rule - which has reduced the USA to a 'banana republic' in the eyes of most of the world!

blue peacock

FB Ali

In the past 50 years has there been any President that hasn't actively supported the House of Saud?

Babak Makkinejad


I would like to remember here our dead collegue Charles I, on this forum, and on this thread, from 2015.

David Habakkuk

Babak Makkinejad,

I also. He was a thoughtful man.

FB Ali

I would second that. Charles was a very fine person, whose untimely death was a great loss!


FB Ali

He was a fine fellow who had ruined his health through drink and drugs in youth.

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