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05 August 2019


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Keith Harbaugh

sundance gives an interesting perspective here:
"U.S. Intelligence Positions Hong Kong as Proxy Conflict With China – Thankfully President Trump Sees Trap…", by sundance, 2019-08-13
A sample of his take:

One constant in an ever-changing universe is how the UniParty in DC will attempt to drag the U.S. into the issues.

First, Hong Kong is China. Whether a generation of people look back with regret to the time when Great Britain ceded the territory to Beijing is irrelevant. China has, and will have, full control over Hong Kong; and that’s the way it is. This will not be reversed.

Any effort for the people within Hong Kong to reverse the situation and escape the clutches of oppressive communism while retaining their liberty will only lead to massive bloodshed.
Hong Kong is not our issue.

The CIA will try to make it our issue. The State Department will try to make it our issue. The UniParty in DC will try to make it our issue. John Bolton will try to make it our issue. Activists in Hong Kong will try to make it our issue. All of the far-left globalists will try to make it our issue…. Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney will try to make it our issue; but it’s not our issue.

Sounds to me like the ultimate realist perspective.
We (the U.S.) want so many things from China
[Uighurs? South China Sea? how about freedom for Tibet? democratic reforms in China? how about some arms limitation treaties? persuading Kim to give up his nukes? stopping Chinese theft of U.S. economic secrets? and what would be my personal #1 priority: persuading China to reduce its contribution to global warming],
but how many of them can we actually expect to get?
We mustn't exaggerate our ability to influence events in East Asia, China's backyard.
We must pick and choose very carefully what we ask for.
In this regard, the Washington Post editorial page is completely insane IMO.
They think we have far more ability to influence China than we actually do.



Yes, the idiot neocons (Bolton, Pompom, etc.) want is to fight China over Hong Kong in the belief that the CCP is about to fall, but, the same idiots think that Iran's government is about to fall. But, then they are deeply impressed with their own genius and the "arc of history." We should remember that the neocons are descended intellectually from the Trots through the Frankfurt School.

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