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20 August 2019


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you don't think you would go so far as to hire a killer to dispose of a lower class son in law? Irony I hope.

Babak Makkinejad

Thank you for your response.
I wished to make clear that nothing like the day-to-day violence of the cast in India exists in the United States, indeed anywhere else.

Babak Makkinejad

Not "low class", but more like "heathen" or "heretical savage". The only analogue of Dalits that I know of are the Burakumin in Japan.

Babak Makkinejad

What would Jesus have done if faced with the situation of the Dalits? Judge not etc.

Diana C

Again I am listening to reports on the homeless camps in California--in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It seems to me we are developing a caste system, especially in largely progressive cities.

It seems to some degree to have an economic component to this developing problem as well as a cultural problem. Very wealthy people don't want to feel prejudiced (culture?), so they look the other way and don't want to spend time and effort to pass laws and provide clean buildings and facilities so the poor can find a clean and sanitary place to live where agencies can also provide help in mental health and employment advice, etc (economic concerns).

Where is a Mother Teresa for the U.S.?


IMO, economics played no role. It had to do with his perception of “honor” and what his other extended family members would say. In my experience when it comes to economics Indians are quite happy to trade among different castes and social classes as well as regions. When it came to marriage of their children it’s not only caste but also region, language and religion. A Christian would frown if their child married a Hindu or Muslim and a Punjabi family would oppose their child marrying a Tamilian.


No economics in this case.



The indigenous cultural roots of violence in the US are according to the media grounded in white supremacy--even black mob violence. Cops in the hood see it differently. This video, narrated by a cop, shows what cops in the hood go through frequently and how the media talking heads minimize the danger.



Exactly as you say, more than half a century ago the contraceptive pill was introduced & after a few decades the social mores adapted themselves to this new technological phenomenon. But the basic fact remains that GOP senators and the mostly male clergy (by definition mostly upper or upper-middle class) want to determine women’s reproductive lives, similar to India but have a much bigger civic society to counter.

Babak Makkinejad

No way!

You closed publicly funded state institutions for the mentally ill, lowered taxes, and turned them loose.

Like Barbara, you are clueless about the caste system, it is a form of social corporation.

Mike C

A slightly different take on the issue of culture: Not long after seeing this post I found an article describing the illegal wild bird trade around Miami.


I have been a bird watcher my whole life, and had pet birds. It never occurred to me to try to abduct wild ones.


That is one of my favorite quotes and why I use the 'Horace' handle. The Roman ruling class knew 2000 years ago that magic dirt theory was complete nonsense. Alas, it did not stop them from invading the world, inviting the world, and vanishing from the world. 'Our' ruling elites are a pack of diseased hyenas by comparison, which is probably a good thing because they won't be able to keep the empire racket going long enough to finish us off for good.


The man knows exactly what he is doing. Few goyim, especially of his rank and capability, understand the social and political fabric of Jewish civilization better than DJT. He is trying to split those who love their children more than they hate us from those who hate us more than they love their own (often non-existent) children and absorb the former along with those who do not hate us at all into his coalition. Just like Pres. Trump said about his confrontation with China, this is a hard thing that needed doing a LONG time ago.

Why would he do this? Jews are the dominant albeit diminishing faction among those vying for possession of the control nodes of our civilization (coinage, courts, media, education). He is coalition building. It reminds of the now old joke "What is the difference between Donald John Trump and the typical Jewish communist? DJT has Jewish grandchildren." skin in the game

Babak Makkinejad

You cannot be serious.
Bigotry, Prejudice, Malice,Anger, Hatred, Fear, Envy; the usual suspects.

John Minehan

Culture and economics are deeply entwined.

Look at OBOR. By Western economic measures it makes no sense, However, China, over the centuries, has prospered by luring able and loyal people out to the peripheries to create stability, which was seen as under-girding prosperity.

Where does the culture stop and the economics begin?


John Minehan

More sophism. the economics of life influence the culture. Any foo knows that.

John Minehan

The interplay is interesting. See, e.g., Meinhard v. Salmon, 249 NY 458, 463-4 (1928) ("Joint adventurers, like copartners, owe to one another, while the enterprise continues, the duty of the finest loyalty. Many forms of conduct permissible in a workaday world for those acting at arm's length, are forbidden to those bound by fiduciary ties. A trustee is held to something stricter than the morals of the market place. Not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive, is then the standard of behavior. As to this there has developed a tradition that is unbending and inveterate. Uncompromising rigidity has been the attitude of courts of equity when petitioned to undermine the rule of undivided loyalty by the "disintegrating erosion" of particular exceptions. Only thus has the level of conduct for fiduciaries been kept at a level higher than that trodden by the crowd. It will not consciously be lowered by any judgment of this court.") (citations omitted).

Is that still the case? Probably not, for reasons BOTH cultural and economic. and such "disintegrating erosion" was not unheard of in 1928, obviously.


Yes, I was joking.

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