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28 August 2019


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Martha Stewart was not above the law and served her time. Good enough standard for me.


Hunting down and prosecuting former political enemies such as HC could become a dangerous habit, reminiscent of third world pseudo-democracies, and one that would rapidly take hold in State and city politics after a precedent was set from above.
Not so in the case of their apparatchiks such as those mentioned above, who in many cases have sworn an Oath of Allegiance which they willfully ignored.

Dave Schuler

You've got the right country but it's more like something by Ilf and Petrov than by Dostoevsky.


We have to make it clear that fidelity to the constitution is not a pretense. IMO HRC and Obama are at the heart of this matter, but better to scourge them and let them go.


Leona Hunsley, etc.

Bill H

Is that related to "looking forward, not back," perhaps?


Good article just one nitpick.The intials are HRC,i dare say-hotel romeo charlie ?
HC,hotel charlie,is too forward for the queen who waited.



She asked me to call her "Roddy."


They will indict her after she's 6 feet under.


Dog bites man.
One set of laws for the swamp (AKA the imperial city) and another for the rest of us (the "deplorables") is hardly news.
If any of these traitorous bozos (Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe et. al) is indicted I'll sell my pair of breeding unicorns.



Using the instruments of state power to prevent IRS approval for nonprofit organization status of conservative groups or later using intelligence and police agencies to spy on the Trump campaign are not 3rd world tactics, it's just good ole Democratic conduct. Trump of course has to live up to the constitution. Alinsky 101. Barack and company learned well.

blue peacock

Col. Lang

I will be SHOCKED SHOCKED if Bill Barr indicts McCabe, let alone the rest of the miscreants.


There is no need to help Donald Trump be a failure in office. Many of us knew when he came down that tacky escalator that he was incompetent. Metaphorically, it has been going downhill ever since.

Much more is going to be known about his business deals and the Mueller report has already laid out in detail both his campaign's collusion with Russia and his subsequent obstruction of justice. You can be in denial of this, but it does not change the facts.

The good news is that a majority of Americans do not want him to have a second term to screw things up even more. Even that is that is a fact.

If you truly believe in the US Constitution, you should welcome an impeachment inquiry in the US Congress.


''unwillingness to cultivate the Deplorables,''

Huge huge mistake....Hillary drank too deeply of both the feminist and elite Kool-Aid long ago and ruined herself.

But I am tired of them all, they are all predictable, corrupt and greasy. The best punishment is to send them all to the political garbage dump,waste no more time or money on them.

James olney

Dear pl, am now finally reading guns of august. Do you know a book review from milatary point of view.?


Yes, Obama and Clinton deserve to be scourged, at the very least. The MSM won't do it though. Who could effectively knock them off their pedestals?

Actually, every one of the greedy, corrupt and conspring bastards should be SLOWLY DRAGGED through court and nearly bankrupted. Hit 'em where it really hurts.

Still, it would be nice to see SOME of the malefactors do the perp walk, for the sake of public morale if nothing else. People are truly sick of the double standard of selective law enforcement.


Nixon, Spiro Agnew? Of course they were Republicans and the journalists didn't like them.

I don't buy this argument, politicians aren't above the law and should face the consequences. Would set a terrible precedent if they did get away with it.


It's incredibly surprising and sad for someone like me, who's not an American but spent a few years working in the country and has a lot of love for the place and the people there, to see this. In my opinion, the bureaucrats who behaved so must be prosecuted and made an example of. In the absence of that, this rot will only spread. Control this cancer while you still can


Oh well

King for a day
Queen for a night
Do our desires rule
From day to night



She didn't really.



Nixon was forced into resignation and Agnew was forced to resign as well. How does that not qualify as "scourging."


James Olney
I do not. IMO her best book is "The Proud Tower."

Barbara Ann

I've heard she is OK with "HRH".



Trump is nothing like a failure. The country is prosperous. We are not at war. What would be the charge? Bad taste? Tell me how he is a threat to the constitution. He has, in fact, waited patiently for the investigative process to deal with the villains I named while his own allies were imprisoned by Mueller's Kangaroo grand juries and Mueller's army of Clintonite staff. Leftists like you are provoking all who disagree with you to the point of almost inevitable dissolution of the Union.


Barbara Ann

I briefed her several time when she was a senator. That was the limit if my acquaintance.

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