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07 August 2019


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Jim Ticehurst

Exactly Right Col..My SWHMBO Just said...the "OLD MANS" still got it...

John Merryman

Reality is this dichotomy of energy and form. Desire and judgement. Youth and age. Liberal and conservative. Look at galaxies; Energy radiating out, as mass coalesces in.
We are motivated by our desires, but potential far exceeds actual, so there have to be decisions made. It is the process of selection that we take from nature.
That we are so culturally immature that we have yet to see this tension and resulting fluctuation between our heart and our head, as fundamental to morality, ethics, society and politics is sad.
As Robert Frost put it; If you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart. If you are not conservative when you are old, you have no head.


This man was the only one out of the lot that made my skin crawl as I watched the debates, and yes, his background has everything to do with it. I happened to watch the last one with my staunchly Democrat naturalized immigrant father, even he was profoundly disturbed by the "free for all" lawless pandering to migrants espoused by most on the Democrat roll. I will relate for context that my father has a long history of being an immigrant and a stranger in a foreign land, first as an OG merit immigrant to arguably the most nationalistic/xenophobic(for better) white area of the Western world, Québec, and then to the USA; if he was disturbed by the Nu Democrat talking points these people are certainly in trouble for 2020.


You got the wrong Castro hombre....that was Julian Castro


Someone thinks the polls support that type of a funding appeal. Damn few pols (R or D) strike me as believing what they say. Its a (sad) sign of the times.


This guy is just another foaming at the mouth Democrat lefty pinhead with a case of Trump derangement syndrome.
He got his 15 seconds of fame, now back under the rock with the Mexican flag.

Jim Ticehurst

there are many Dangerous types of of Invasion possible...The Continental Army formed out of a Milita into And Army..to Protect against Occupation of a Foreign Government..That scenario is still possible today.Not only are the Democrat.Socialists..Marxist calling for taking Away The Right to Keep and Bear Arms..thru and means possible..One step at a time...In My Region..All The National Gurad Armorys and Tanks are Gone...We Americans now have All Types of Illegal Mass's coming across the Border..They are from all over the World..(Cells..?")but they bring Drugs..Gangs and recently..enough Chinese Fentanyl Narcotics to kill everyone in the United States..2000 lbs...For What Purpose CBW..? alreay 70,000 Americans have died from Drug ODS..28,000 of Those from Fentalyn..Are they merely Testing CBWs on Ameericans..Like The Nazis did..for the FINAL ST..of National and Internationation War..That seems to Be more Likely every Day.....



The only rocks that will make the news are the ones picked up by those who understood his message.


Castro voted for the anti-BDS resolution which condemns boycotting Israel, at the same time knowing his list of Trump donors will be used to boycott their companies. He obviously feels protecting Israel is more important than Americans feeling secure to support their chosen candidate.


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