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01 August 2019


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The Democrats are suffering from a sincerity deficit.
I mean, c'mon, who believes these guys?
They all moan and groan about conditions on the border but never uttered a peep when Obama, the deporter in chief, deported 3 million migrants.
Why is that?
Are we supposed to believe they didn't know what was going on back then, or is their moral indignation only piqued during the campaign season?

The reason these debates are so disappointing is because Trump revolutionized the way these confabs are supposed to be conducted. He showed that you need to be yourself, don't worry about being politically correct, and say what believe without looking at a teleprompter.

As a liberal, I can't imagine voting for Trump but--let's be honest--he could beat this group of wussies with one hand tied behind his back.

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