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30 August 2019


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The Long War Journal listed even more strikes.

There is news that a large contingent of Yemeni 'government' forces of Mansour Hadi and some Saudi special force units are encirled and under siege north of Kitaf in Sadaah governorate. The numbers vary depending on the source. Some 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers seem to be in the encirclement with between 200 and 500 killed and lots of destroyed vehicles. The Saudi coalition is said to have launched relief operation.

Unfortunately no maps or videos form that operation have come out so far.

The large number of drone and missile attacks can be seen in that context.

Meanwhile the UAE airforce now fights in support of souther separatists and bombed Saudi supported forces in south Yemen. The Houthi must have a good laugh over that.

jd hawkins

"The Houthi must have a good laugh over that."

I'm sure they did... and so did I!


Here is video of an ambush on Saudi supported troops involved in the encirclement near Kitaf. It was taken by one from the Saudi supported side. A column of some 20 MRAP and Stryker like vehicles under attack




Seems to be a demonstration that having a lot of equipment does not make you an effective force.


The men on the high ground didn't seem to be worried about anyone shooting back at them.


Here is a report of the Kitaf failure. Some 2,000 Yemeni mercenaries fighting for the Saudis have been taken POW. That makes the other numbers cited above believable.

The equipment loss must be huge.

'I curse myself': Yemeni mercenaries say their Saudi fighting days are over

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