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10 August 2019


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John Minehan

OK, if anyone is looking for a new job, there are probably now places open in the NYC Dep't of Corrections > . . (from Guard to Commissioner) . . . .

John Minehan

Hmmmmmm, ever hear of Abe "Kid Twist" Reles and what happened to him in protective custody?


John Minnerath

My Arabs used to laugh about something they called "prison flu."


“This looks very suspicious to this old spook. Who wanted him silenced?”

Donal Trump, and a few others.


Who wouldn't have wanted him dead?
First, was there a "deadman" switch to release his personal files?
Second, what happens to his 'girlfriend'/procuress Ghiseline Maxwell? Does she 'retire' to Tel Aviv?
Third, who takes control of the "Fantasy Island" complex in the Caribbean?
Fourth, who does the autopsy, and will those records be sealed?
Watch the Establishment attack dogs, aka the Main Stream Media, try to blame this on Trump.
(I love the 'pair of jokers' you have up at the top of the post.)

Jim Ticehurst

I will believe it...When I see the DNA and Autopsy..Photos..and Other Forensic Evidence....

Eric Newhill

Wow. Who would've guessed that would happen?

I thought they would have been more proactive and whacked him before he got raided and arrested and then worked with the estate to remove and disappear all incriminating materials he had stashed. So what happens to all of that stuff now? The feds disappear it? Trump admin uses it against its enemies?


Eric Newhill

The friends and clients of Epstein thought they were in the clear. Remember, he flew back into the states voluntarily. In re Trump, if his hands and other parts are clean he should pursue the investigation of this death all the way.


Agnes Smedley

Yes, you are a Dutch marxist evidently living in Amsterdam. this is not political. This IMO is some rich person or group trying to silence him about his sex crimes and their role in them..


So did he leave anything with anybody to ensure it came out just in case this happened to him?

JM Gavin

The conspiracy buffs will debate this for years.

Most conspiracy theories can't pass muster with Occam's Razor. In this particular instance, believing this is an actual suicide is a stretch.



Nothing to see here. Move along.

Harlan Easley

Unbelievable, after the failed assassination attempt two weeks ago in my opinion. They actually had him in a cell with a mammoth crooked ex-cop who was in jail for murdering four people on a drug deal gone bad. And buried them in his backyard. This guy could break a neck in a second.

Then after this failed attempt knowing everybody in the world is watching and very suspicious of the first suicide attempt they kill him anyway,

That is power. The true power of the world. Impressive. They don't care what you think.

Barbara Ann

That is a real interesting question Fred. Someone in Epstein's position would be catastrophically complacent not to have had a dead hand mechanism of some kind to spill the beans in the event of his 'accidental' death and to have widely communicated that fact to all concerned.


Poor Ghislaine Maxwell; her father and now her long term 'boyfriend' have departed in mysterious ways.

Eric Newhill

Who set him up making him believe it was safe to come back to the states?


You mean doing that as a matter of principle regardless of the elapsed time since his 'heyday' ?
That level of efficiency in making people vanish may apply to bone-saw wielding employees of MBS, however US standards seemed to have slipped in many ways.

Larry Kart

Who doesn't benefit?


There is something very curious about this. It is also very convenient for a lot of prominent people, which makes it highly suspicious. Now we will see if the explanation will be a Pulitzer worthy fiction.


I will reserve judgement until we see photos of the body, which the authorities have not yet produced.

For all we know, he could be working on his tan on a beach in Guatemala with Ken Lay.


Col Lang,

Whitey Bulger.
Jeffrey Epstein.
There appears to be a trend here.



Does “suicide watch” mean watch the guy commit suicide ?

Such a high profile case and still they got to him - I wonder if more witnesses and/or involved will also say goodbye cruel world?


We may never know...

But one thing is obvious: from beginning to end, this had nothing to do with Jews, Judaism, or Israel. Such a notion should be unheard of, absurd, unthinkable.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is a rabid, disgusting, unhinged purveyor of the most loathsome, grotesque and vile anti-Semitic stereotypes, canards and tropes.

Unhinged Citizen

So Kubrick was correct in shedding light on perverse sexual rituals enjoyed by the upper strata of society in his "Eyes Wide Shut"? Who thought it would be even darker than depicted, with pedophiliac high net worth investment bankers and child slave trafficking and rape islands...

It's good to know the leadership class of society is nothing more than sexual predators and deviants.

Barbara Ann

Funny you should say that. Perhaps unsurprisingly there is already speculation the body is not his. The NYP published a couple of shots of 'Epstein' on a gurney so judge for yourself, the second has a reasonable shot of his profile. Far fetched it may be, but if he does have the insurance policy Fred alludes to and it truly untouchable it may be the only way to silence him.


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