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02 August 2019


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Oops...that should be "did not conclude"



How long before the USSR Russia recovers East Germany? How about Romania? Those folks overthrew the communist dictator and executed him (in 1989) and then adopted that thing dreaded by the Democratic Socialists of America, capitalism.

Ingolf Eide

Thanks John.

Seems to me it's slightly understating matters to say that the birthrate and life expectancy are merely no longer in their 1990s trough. Far as I can see there have been a number of recent years where Russia once again experienced natural population growth and, according to the stats on Wikipedia, life expectancy for both men and women has hit new highs.

As for controlling less territory, that's probably a net plus.

Yes, the transition from Putin will be critically important. He's of course very aware of that and my guess is at least as much thought and effort will go into managing that as he seems to bring to most things.

While I think Russia is better placed than almost any other nation to survive and prosper, as you suggest nothing is certain.

Patrick Armstrong

I'm closing comments. Wandered too far from the original theme.

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