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08 August 2019


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Jim Ticehurst

The Three Shooters and Many of the Other Killers.. had Plenty of Data...Did Not Investigate It..available BEFORE They got Their Guns..All the RED Flags were Up..The proper Authoritys Ignored.and many of Their Parents even Bought Them Guns..or Aollwed them to..Hoping The BONDING would Appease them.. it..Or They WOULD NOT have passed their Backround Checks.. In the 1960s...a Law Enforcement Could make the decision..In The Field...To Take a Person into Custoday..If The Officer Reasonably Believed or Had Probable Cause..That Person was a Danger to Themselves or Anyone else.. The Officer would then Transport Them to a Hospital where They could be Held for 24 Hours for Mental Evaluation..but into the 1970s..Progressive Attorneys Took That Authority away..Also Undermining The Authority of Parents..Teachers..Schools Systems..Juvenile Detention Centers..and instead..Created Many Potential KILLERS.in a System that Dopes them up..and Protects them..That is only The Tip..of Social and Legal Disorder in the United States today..."Progressive.."

robt willmann

This afternoon (8 August) in Springfield, Missouri, a young man goes into a Walmart store wearing body armor and carrying at least a rifle and handgun, all the while talking on or holding a cellular phone. Maybe a real copycat, or a bone-headed character thinking it would be cute to cause panic, or something else. An off-duty firefighter was there and had his own gun and confronted the young man, who backed down--



Jim Ticehurst

Another person in their 20s...Wearing Body Armor..Ammo Pouches and and AR 15 and Other Weapons..Entered the Walmart store in Springfield ,,Missouri..and Video Recorded Himself..today...He was Detained By Firefighter..carrying His Concealed Handgun...and Held for Police..many other Armed Law Abiding Citizens have done the Same..and Saved Many Innocents in America.....

pat lang

I had one that looked a lot like this. It was a Colt with a heavy barrel, a scope and bipod. It was a real tackhammer at 100 yards.

Christian J Chuba

A feel good non-solution and singling out 'mental illness' would only work for diagnosed mental illness. I read an article listing the top mass shootings to show that there is no single profile that matches even a plurality of them. The Vegas shooter (unhappy w/the world?), Sandy Hook (mental illness), San Bernadino (Islamic terrorism), and the white nationalist shootings. It was a pretty even split.

I'm fine if the FBI can construct profiles w/o political bias although my faith in them has been shaken. What can we do?

surveillance state
Grandually turn the U.S. into NYC where they have cameras everywhere, have AI programs look for specific objects and movements and then alert a human operator to take a closer look. The guy in Toledo was carrying a rifle and wearing a black mask. He was shut down in 30 seconds almost by chance because a patrol car was on the scene. If a mass shooter is given 5 minutes to operate then they can rack up a huge body count.

I know that we can't cover the entire U.S. but the point is that anything that eliminates or reduces that shooting window will save a lot of lives. Should we not have patrol cars because they won't always be at the scene at the start of a crime?

More about NYC
In NYC they are worried about terrorism and focus on things like unattended packages being dropped off in odd places. I saw a special where they did detect this in real time. Fool proof no, but a justifiable cost for a densley populated city.

We always seem to have money for more F35's and a shiny new navy to confont the Russians in the arctic.


The problem with all these alleged “red flags” is that law enforcement then generates a massive number of false positive alerts which lead the media then to write stories about jackbooted nazis trampling american rights. You know how it goes.... Elmer Fudd went to pick up his sons olympic target shooting rifle from the store when a twenty man swat team arrested him after a phone call from his ex wife yadda yadda. Law enforcement don’t need the pain of all these mistaken alerts.


To put my previous comment another way. The first action of an evil minded would be serial killer will now be “act perfectly normally so I can get the gun”.


Red flags, the same people who now report your Facebook belches or Twitter excretions to the FBI would be reporting your suspicious behaviours to your local law enforcers.

Eric Newhill

Law enforcement has no problem investing a huge amount of resources into the chasing after of the red flag known as "driving under the influence".

The vast majority of people who have "one too many" or even two too many never have a car crash. Yet, it is illegal to drive if you have, solely because many believe that you have become, statistically, a higher chance of crashing and killing or maiming someone. In other words, having a few drinks and driving is a "red flag". DUI is a serious crime based on what you might do, not what you have done.

Actually, DUI is not associated with a higher probability of a fatal accident until BAL reaches 1.5; which is fairly well gassed, but that's another discussion for another day.

But the point is that not many are arguing to allow intoxicated people drive or that law enforcement is overstepping with DUI checkpoints, arrests, etc.

In response to your addendum comment, the reason that people are diagnosed with a pathology - in this case mental illness - is because they can't control it. If crazy people could act normal for extended periods of time and pull it off, they wouldn't be crazy to the point where they need special handling.


We need to reopen what the left calls "the school to prison pipeline". If we did the shooters at Parkland and Dayton would have been arrested, tried and sent to treatment/prison and never been eligable to buy firearms and all those lives would have been saved. Please see the 'The story behind the so-far successful crusade to end disproportionate student arrests and suspensions in one Florida school district. " where "A host of non-violent misdemeanors no longer require an arrest, though officers can sometimes override that if they feel it is necessary (“I wanted to make sure deputies always had discretion,” says Scott Israel, Broward County’s sheriff)."


Scott Isreal was fired by newly elected Florida Governor Desantis a year ago after the results of the investigation into the shooting at Parkland high school. Superintendent of Schools Runcie and the deadly policy remain in place, all defended by the usual suspects. The devotion to this idology is rigid to the point of religous zealotry. This wasn't the change we were hoping for. But the statistics look good. Congradulations.



So the gun wakes up in the morning and says to itself, "I am going to force this creep to shoot some people..." Use your head man.

John Minnerath

Progressive psyco-babble.

SAC Brat

The firearms stores can refuse to sell if they have any indication you are funny. Usually it is to prevent straw purchases.

In the below example I think the store owner should have let the buyer fill out and sign the 4473 form then called the police. (The store in is in a state with a waiting period so no chance the purchaser could have been a danger)


ted richard

awaken 4th,

it's the NYT's where the goal is now and ALWAYS has been pre ordained... thus cherry pick your 'experts' to obtain the desired result... and voila as if by magic you can utter from mt olympus down to the waiting "lower" masses.... see... we told you!

it's called brainwashing 101 and is used constantly by all the MSM orgs and has been going on as long as people choose to get their facts from other than their own senses.

SAC Brat

When the Civilian Marksmanship Program changed the Service Rifle rules to allow floating front handguards and replacement aperture sights the Armalite platform rifles took over from the M14s. The Colt rifles made a good base as often the barrels were good-to-go.

Service Rifle competition is standing Slow Fire 200 yards, sitting Rapid Fire 200 yards, prone Rapid Fire 300 yards and prone Slow Fire 600 yards. The Armalite rifles were cheaper and more reliable than previous military style rifles used in CMP competition.


Jim Ticehurst

No Colonel...All Killers Decide at some Point..They are going toKill other people.. Often just because of "rage" Often because they are In a Drug Altered State of Mind..Like the Young Meth user here who was pulled over on a Traffic stop..He was High on Meth..When the Trooper took the Perps License back took His Patrol Car..The Shooter told His girl friend to Lean way Back in her seat..Opened The Glove Box..took out a Pistol and Shot The Officer in the Face..Killing Him..The first Autopsy I Attended was of a Young Teen age girl..who had been kidnapped off the Streets by a Killer High on LSD...He Raped her many times...took Her Into the woods and Shot her ten times in the Face and Head with a 22 Sort Pistol...I then had to Take Her DAD into the Morgue to Identify heer...I had a daughter the same I saw MANY...many more Deaths..of all Types and Ages...Long after that..I have the background to speak to this Issue..


Identifying all the kooks with homicidal thoughts will never happen. Let's cut to the chase. Ban semi automatic military grade weapons or make owning them as onerous as automatic weapons or silencers. If you really want them, they will still be available but you will be checked out as never before and there will be a permanent record of you and your gun. Be satisfied with bolt action weapons, semi automatic 22s, and all the shotguns you want. This won't satisfy all gun nuts or anyone as dumb as wanting to ban all weapons, but so what. At least the cops won't be out gunned or nine innocents gunned down in 32 seconds as happened in Dayton.

Peter C

The FBI is too busy egging on unstable individuals and then arresting them for plotting them to commit terrorist acts.


The correlation isn't between mental illness and mass shootings - it is between SSRI use, suicides, aggression, and violence in those 24 years old and younger - and these mass shooters are frequently looking to suicide by cop while taking out other people with them.

Most SSRI's are prescribed without any psychiatric diagnosis. 73% per a 2008 report.

Somewhere along the line some brilliant wordsmith came up with the mental illness/SSRI conflation, probably to protect profits.


"Congradulations." [sic] for the most appalling comment of the day.

Care to share what opportunities you had when you left high school (assuming you graduated)?


I'm not a gun person, I'm not an American citizen, what Americans choose to do in their own country is their business,

I am curious though,

if a person had a bolt action hunting rifle, a shotgun, double barrel or pump, and a decent revolver wouldn't that cover most applications for a domestic firearms owner?

am I missing something? I'm only trying to understand, not judge in any way.

Jim Ticehurst

Colonel Lang..I also wanted to share with You..That a friend .of ..mine..A Retired 91984) Army Lt .Colonel Chaplain who was a Paratrooper Chaplain during WW 2 and Was Awarded Three Bonze Stars and Two Purple Hearts..Conducted a Private Grave side service for a Co_worker Friend of Mine..Who was Shot to Death...... The Colonel was a very good Mentor and Role Model..


Over here the police operate random breath tests with a little electronic gadget that measures blood alcohol. I don’t believe a similar device for measuring homicidal tendencies exists.


Who remmbers this.this is my rifle,this is my gun,one is for killing,one is for fun

John Minehan

The thought I had is: "Does Missouri law allow this type of open carry? And, if it does, was this a demonstration? In other words, did he do it to demonstrate the law is absurd?

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