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16 August 2019


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john minehan

Church politics drive the system.


This reminds me of Roberto de Nobili as recounted in "A Pearl to India" which I have been reading lately.

English Outsider

A most illuminating comment. I was grateful for it.

I think I was there at the turn. The Churches were packed, so much so that it astonished me, used as I had become to the sparse congregations in England. Against all the odds the Church, though of course an unfamiliar Church to the Anglican, had survived into the modern age of materialism, I thought.

Even then the signs were there. It was still the religion of the people, but it was something of an add-on, powerful for cultural and historical reasons but, increasingly, no longer at the heart of people's lives. The scandals did no more than accelerate a process that was already in train.

A transcendental belief system in an age of utilitarian materialism. It could only have survived by re-inventing itself, adapting doctrine and practice as it had so often done in the past. I think that quest for re-invention, for renewal, is apparent in what the Colonel has written above. I don't think it's too late for that to happen - perhaps too early. "No atheists in a foxhole", they used to say, and there won't be once the deadness of Progressive materialism has brought us lower. But I think there's further down for us to go before the Word made flesh is sought with the same urgency as in the past.

John Minehan

True of most human institutions . . . . which is what the Catholic Church and all other religious faiths are, even granting divine inspiration. We are all a number of "stiff-necked people."

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