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02 July 2019


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John Minehan

The future of Minnesota is in the hands of People named "Abullahi Gunderson" and "Sven Abdishakur" (and a multi-ethnic coterie of women named "Marianne").

People of Somali lineage eating Luskfische! To (sort of) quote Garrison Keillor, it's the road to run . . . or, at least Hibbing . . . .

John Minehan

Time will tell.

"he who enters the Conclave Pope, usually leaves a Cardinal," which basically applied to Clay.

As Alcibiades and Talleyrand demonstrate, you never know what roles public people will fill.

John Minehan

"Tom: Do we give your son-in-law something important?

Vito: Never. Give him a living, but never discuss the family business with him." The Godfather (1972).

different clue

Trump Presidency a 'one-term proposition'?

If the Catfood Democrat Establishment forces the nomination of another Catfood Democrat nominee, Trump's re-election seems likely. The smellier the Catfood, the bigger Trump's margin of victory.

One of the 4 Decent Democrats ( Warren, Sanders, Gabbard or Gravel) would have a slight chance of winning if they were nominated. But the Catfood Democrats are doing everything they can get away with to prevent any Decent Democrat from ever getting nominated.


Independence for Puerto Rico, so it can join the other sovereign nations in the Caribbean.


The young far left has not figured out the big public employee unions hijacked the Democrat Party years ago. They are now the all union, all the time party and run a massive government administration operation, contrary to FDR's warning not to unionize government employees.

The young Democrat radicals don't know the Democrat Party SJW buzz words do not apply to everyone; just the government workers. They have not even figured out the Green New Deal was nothing but a trojan horse carrying the all jobs must be unions jobs mandate in its final pages.


As a tourist in Portugal recently, the number of zombie young people high on drugs was scary. Small but obvious, and scary. Not sure Portugal has handled this problem.



Yes! And as a sovereign entity they should take their debt with them.



"the Democrat Party SJW buzz words do not apply to everyone"

They apply to the inputs of the academic economic enslavement machinery known as higher education; and to dissenting teachers and professors as a means of discipline enforcement. Culutural marxism at its best.



You seem to be one of those west coast guys who likes to be creative with language. AFT, NEA, LAUTA and the Teamsters are all not SEIU. But nice try. Does the foundation pay you to post like this 'cause you're beating a dead horse instead of trying to make an persuasive point.

different clue

If the zombie young people scare the non-zombie majority of young people to not be-like-that, then having the zombie young people on open display is serving as a use-uptake deterrent right there.

If supervised maintainance injecting of the zombie-addicts under containment has stopped diseases from spreading around via shared needle, then the expense of disease treatment has been reduced by just that much.

If the obvious zombie-condition of the regulated and maintained users has made getting addicted so un-cool and un-groovy that the majority young people just don't want to do it, then the conveyor-belt of fresh customers for the Global Narco-Financial Industrial Complex has been stopped in Portugal.

If that has indeed happened, the Portuguese may have decided that the visual offence of some drug-zombie young people in open view is a price worth paying in order to take Portugal off the Global Narco-Financial Industrial Complex plantation.

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