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02 July 2019


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Relatively few people on the left hate America. The overwhelming majority of us agree with Tulsi Gabbard that we have to stop the regime change wars because they are not good for America, and they are not good for Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/Venezuela either. The establishment fears Tulsi more than any other candidate because she has broad appeal to both the left and the right.


Here is a YouTube video by "Mr. Reagan" (a nom de plume) explaining how AOC was selected from a group of 'applicants' to play her role by her backers... it's ~23 minutes long and now has almost 2.5 million views, a huge amount for what was at the time a very small YouTube channel. The key point, as always... follow the $$$ and the ideology behind it.

The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez https://youtu.be/1h5iv6sECGU

There is a follow up video (~20 min long), for those who want more, but not as important as his first.

The Brains Behind AOC Part II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-3_FGyhg4k&t=2s



The "Justice Democrats?" Is that what you call the neo-bolshies? Sorry, your comrades. BTW, I would support Gabbard in spite of the bolshie crap she mouths of necessity, but, she has no chance at all.



You are of course right that Tulsi has no chance of becoming president ... unless Bernie chooses her as his running mate thus setting her up to succeed him. I actually think that Tulsi would be the smartest choice he could make. I also think that Tulsi is smart enough that this is what she is aiming for.


I agree Tulsi hasn't a chance. Even though she polled better than the other candidates in the first debate, the msm is ignoring her. The msm is more concerned with creating racial division than questioning the purpose of our wars or sanctions. Haven't seen polls on the second debate.

Eric Newhill

Sure you don't hate the geography of America - it's climate is better than Canada's or Russia's, it has nice beaches and nice cities and roads that you'd like to keep. You just hate the system of governance and the people of the dominant culture.

And then there's not being able to think past your wants to the consequences of getting them met. Like wiping out $600 billion in equity (share holders' investment in stocks) in private healthcare insurance when you make that form of "freedom of choice" illegal (as the candidates, like Bernie, have said they will do). That's some real "economic violence" as the Rev Jesse Jackson would say.

There's the further constriction of the 2A to the point it becomes meaningless (your party's candidates say they will executive orders to confiscate many type of guns on day 1 of their presidency. There's the open borders, against the will of 70% or more of the population (probably evil racists that should be ignored if not sent to the People's Potato Farm for re-education, right?). There's all of the "hate" speech laws that constrict the 1A that your party would model after Euro-socialist countries. There's confiscation of income and wealth from productive earners in the form of taxes, "reparations", destruction of their businesses for various reasons (see the healthcare insurance example), global warming regulations. All for our own good of course. So it's not hatred, right?

Nike thinks there's enough haters to go ahead with marketing decisions based on the idea that the founders of the country were evil. Ditto local governments that are tearing down iconic statues.

None of that is about foreign wars in the least bit. Nice try.



Groups supporting things like this have been around a while. Paul Wellstone's people put together a similar ideological group shortly after the Senator's death in a plane crash. The new thing is the co-ordination of efforts which is a federal campaign violation. Probably against many state laws too. One additional thing they support is straight-line ticket voting like they have in Michigan.


The Janus ruling barely dented the union enforcement goons from "persuading" everyone to keep paying their dues. Plus the Green New Deal demands all jobs be unionized regardless of the Janus ruling.

If we could only get competent student outcomes for "steady employment", there would not be this struggle to fill classrooms with illiterate illegals, as more US citizens abandon public K-12 in droves.

It is time for the local teachers to get the message themselves, and not demand someone else recruit them to something other than the Democrat teacher union subversions. That is only evidence they remain unfit fo the job. They claim they are educators. Let's assume they can actually educate themselves. It is their folly if they do not.


Form a new party? No problem. Now, get access to the ballot in our two party duopoly. Like pulling eye teeth.

different clue

I do not know the extent of the absolute cruciality of the Navajo Code Talkers to the US victory over Japan in the Island Hopping phase of the War.
But I know it is considered to have been very important in allowing various levels of war-fighting military to talk to eachother in the Pacific without the Japanese eavesdroppers being able to know what we were saying in militarily-actionable real time.

If there had been no non-White non-Christian navajophone Navajo, there would have been no possibility of Navajo Code Talkers. And whatever genuine benefit realized thereby would have been unrealizable.


different clue

Eugene Owens,

I am not sure who told Trump to pick Pence for VP. But whoever did that wanted a VP with the same kind of power and connections as Cheney but without the same kind of snarly affect or bad image. They wanted a stealth Cheney who could hide in plain sight.

Pence has been considered a kind of 3-way connector between Mainstream America, the Rapturanian-Armageddonite fundamentalist community, and the Business-Libertarian sector of the OverClass of the Koch Brothers and their allies and supporters.

So put Pence in position to suggest to the President who should be appointed to this and that, and we will get the appointments we have gotten. However loudly Tucker Carlson can tell Trump that Pompeo and Bolton have to go, Pence can whisper louder that they have to stay.

So in Foreign Policy terms ( and their downstream effects on American Society), we already have the First Likud Presidency, if not exactly the First Likud President. And we got the First Likud Presidency when Trump permitted Pence to move behind Cheney's Big Desk. The President would have to get rid of Pence before he could get rid of Pompeo and Bolton.

Of course that's just my intuitive muh feelz about the politics of it all.


James T

College in Switzerland is free for international students but not for the citizens. Most, not all, of the universities are cheaper than the US. You say theirs are competitive. I take it they don't admit students based on affirmative action formulas. The radleft wants free college for all. Does that mean there will be no standards for entrance? Will you be allowed to become a professional student? How many will take the easy route and graduate with degrees in ethnic and gender studies? Will the rest of us have to suffer through mandatory Charm School to wash our brains of impure thoughts? Elizebeth Warren made over $400,000 a year teaching and still manages to empathize with the students in debt. She should have taken a cut in pay to help them.

Kulinski talks about campaign reform and likes Tulsi. First, he is no longer affiliated with Justice Democrats. Second, did you read their platform? They are socialists, want open border, want all nonviolent criminals released from jail, decriminalize all drugs. My city, Portland, has already instituted these policies and it is a disaster. Portland is a sanctuary city where the cops are forbidden from asking a criminal his immigration status. Cops can only arrest violent criminals and they are released in a day or two unless it's murder. The city supports a group that hands out free needles to the homeless junkies. Needles litter our sidewalks and parks near these homeless enclaves. Property crime and auto theft increase every year.

Too many people in Oregon suffer from pathological altruism. It's what they've been taught in school. I they've even lost the survival instinct.

different clue

And I forgot to realize . . . Trump elevating Jared Kushner to Innermost Adviser status for "mafia family logic" reasons makes the current Trump Presidency somewhat Likudiform in certain areas already, even without taking Pence into account.

Jared Wormtongue. Grima Wormpence. Quite a pair there.


The Democrats over the last few decades of discovering new and wonderful leaders. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and BO. And now AOC. Carter was sponsored by the Rockefeller's (supposedly). Clinton had spooky sponsors. Obama seemed to be manufactured out of thin air. AOC? Same thing. She strikes me as a scripted actress. whose persona is created by the wizards of political left/right alchemy.


Fred, Fourth and Long

Yes, I'm sure this sort of thing has been done before many times. There's a reason they call politics the 2nd oldest profession. I have often likened potential politicians and their backers to high school or college athletes and the scouts that look for the perfect fit for their org (in the oligarchy).

More to muse on... Ocasio-Cortez’s Wealthy Chief Of Staff Avoids Disclosing His Finances https://www.conservativedailynews.com/2019/06/ocasio-cortezs-wealthy-chief-of-staff-avoids-disclosing-his-finances/
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s wealthy chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, did not file a disclosure revealing his net worth and outside income earned in 2018, despite the congresswoman having the legal means to compel him to do so.

Chakrabarti cofounded two PACs — Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats — that were instrumental to the New York Democrat’s electoral rise.
The political action committees funneled over $1 million to an LLC Chakrabarti controlled during the 2018 midterms. A complaint filed in March with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) called the operation “an elaborate scheme to avoid proper disclosure of campaign expenditures.”

Ocasio-Cortez announced in February that she was capping her staff salaries at $80,000, meaning that nobody on her payroll, including Chakrabarti, would earn the senior pay rate of $126,000 that requires congressional staffers to publicly disclose their finances, the Washington Examiner previously reported.


Regarding free needle distribution: It has proven to reduce transmission rate of appetite is B, C and HIV. It’s not only altruistic, it is cost-effective. Unless we decide not to create any homeless people with any medication ever, nor admit him to the hospital.


Rep. Johanna is one of these “Justice Democrats”. The latter define themselves as an opposition to “Corporate Democrats”. Rep. Ro Khanna is one such Justice Dem & at least in regards to foreign wars, he shares a similar vision, if I am not mistaken:
“Justice Democrats” arenas multifaceted as “Alt-Right”. Why not focus on points of agreement?


Julian, are you trying to sound ironic by calling Bennie Sharpiro a “political philosopher” just because he can talk fast and is consistent in regurgitating talking points? If you knew how “funny” It sounds to call him a philosopher, you wouldn’t have said it:
Enjoy the unraveling of your hero in a short version ( https://youtu.be/k6-TFpmix54 ) & If you really want to roll out laughing on the ground and ridicule this pseudo-intellectual, in a longer version, then check out the following: https://youtu.be/6VixqvOcK8E


What if those hated “diverse groups”, would’ve fought it against your father?


In other words, the brown Democrats are not from this “blut und bottem”. You are right that “they” have ZERO in common, whether because of idealism or pure self interest with the proponents of Reality Nativism.


By the way, your father’s contribution to defeat of Nazis was as little as you describe the “diverse group”s contribution to defeat of the Axis. The difference is that my statement is based on a fact: Wehrmacht was destroyed by the RED Army, with the help of material partially built by those “diverse groups”.


Would 2000000 souls by your own description be the difference between Pol Pot & AOC?
Why do you think of Pol Pot, who was supported by that arch-leftist Reagan as a leftist while ignoring that “the leftist” VN ultimately defeated his party?

different clue

The msm is doing more than just ignoring her. The msm has dropped the Acoustic MuffleCone of Silence over her in hopes that not one single sign, sight or sound can get out.



Your response seems to consist completely out of claims why you believe that progressives are a lot more capable than I believe them to be. You even link to the results of the 2019 European Parliament election (where the various green parties got about 10% of the votes) and seem to believe that this somehow refutes one of my points. Are you a grassroots progressive type, by any chance?

"they have conviction and will, which counts for more than polling."

No. The will to power doesn't count for more than election results. At least not in a democracy.


Cost effective is letting personal choices play out to their known and expected consequences. It is not cost effective attempting to rescuing those who continually make poor decisions. If addicts insist on using dirty needles in pursuit of their drug addictions, why should the US taxpayer be forced to intervene?

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