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23 July 2019


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There is supposed to be a huge document drop tomorrow in the Epstein case.
Names are supposedly going to be named, sexual behaviours and preferences are supposedly going to be "exposed", identifiable minor females and males will be presented.
Sometimes the rhythm of life is just so … helpful.


Hmmm, given how the legacy media has managed to completely misinterpret what Mueller's Report actually says, imagine what a field day they will have interpreting "nothing" to mean something. Now, I wonder what that something might be...?

Ramon Zarate

This whole saga could easily be represented as Lucy removing Charlies ball. I had serious hopes of endemic corruption being exposed, losing the will to care.

Bill Wade

just wondering how you know of this? Thanks


Mueller, Comey, Wray... Brennan. Two posturing prigs, a cipher...and a bureaucracy climbing blowhard from Jersey City. Well, at least were the FBI to have a voice, it could plead that it didn't make Mueller, Comey, and Wray. Maybe that's saying something good on its behalf. I hope so.


You mean it won't be newsworthy to see some Congress members beating a Dead Horse?

I guess I won't postpone my vacation after all.


It's a pr stunt by the Dems to bring up Trump asking various subordinates to fire Mueller. No one ever followed through and there were no repurcussions for ignoring the request. It's just Trump thinking out loud, an idea soon forgotten.


It was announced in the news a few days ago. It was also announced that his procuress had filed suit to keep the documents unreleased.
The Epstein situation is not getting a lot of traction in the traditional infotainment industry.


Saw some of the highlights. Who ran the investigation? Clearly not Mueller. He's a doddering old fool. I say that being older than him.


Maybe he’ll get better. There’s precedent:



Right on, brother.

Keith Harbaugh

Some good came out of the hearing.
Hear Carter Page's reaction to the hearing:
Quote from Carter:
"All the pages [of the Mueller report] about me are just complete Democrat spin", totally out of control

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