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31 July 2019


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John Minehan

The point she is making was made (more rationally and with less chanting) by Drew Westen in his book The Political Brain (https://www.amazon.com/Political-Brain-Emotion-Deciding-Nation/dp/1586485733).

Politics is visceral and emotional; Warren's (in particular) White Papers are unlikely to work at that level or persuade any voters.

Further, as Mike Tyson used to say, "Everyone has a plan . . . until they get punched in the mouth." Some "one over the world" plan, not made in concert with the people who have to execute it, just invites "sharpshooting."

As Polonius said in Hamlet, "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't."

John Minehan

Mrs. Obama is a very good health care lawyer, who has better options than politics.

John Minehan

"For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country"

I don't take that quote the same way others do.

I always figured what she meant was that her husband's election demonstrated to her that a lot of people, really, really believe in this country, something more than fireworks on July 4th.

Only one person came to that realization by having her husband elected as our first Black President. But a lot of people have had that realization in simpler ways, leading American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines in combat, for example.

Sometimes, we just need to see something that reminds us . . . .

SAC Brat

Open the gate, close the gate. A rural practice.

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If I remember correctly you supported/voted for Bernie in ‘16,why the change if heart? His economics sure haven’t changed.



That is true. In the maelstrom of the democratic primary he and his wife appealed to us as essentially decent people. I detested Clinton. His commitment to what amounts to communist rule was not perceived by us. All that talk about democratic socialism on the Scandinavian model deceived us. Foolish. In the event neither I nor my wife would have voted for either he or Clinton. I voted for the Libertarian for lack of something better.

John Minehan

It's odd to me that apparently well intentioned people (like Sen. Sanders & Rep. Ocasio-Castro) who support the Scandinavian Social-Democratic model don't see that the model they embrace is based on a **VERY** decentralized approach.

A bias towards extreme centralization seems to be the real unifying point for American Left; a real barrier to developing better approaches.

Mark Logan


I've read all of Castaneda's stuff but will never admit it. I found it fascinating even if none of it ever happened. Saga's are not devoid of truths.

His later works are very different from his earlier stuff, IMO because after his colleagues at UCLA demanded to see his field notes (which he was unable to produce) he abandoned his dream of being considered a "legitimate" anthropologist. Good! This fully unleashed an awesome imagination. "The Death Defiers" was a chapter in one if those books, the best ghost story I've ever read. Unfortunately...it's probably incomprehensible out of context. Like Rothko, he was diving head-first into that which can not be described with words.

FWIW Juan Matus was a Nagual. He had to be both a Dreamer and a Stalker. That's IMO as close as it gets to liberal and conservative in that world. Petty dichotomies in the immense shadow of The Eagle. In the classifications of personalities, Marianne is a classic East-wind Dreamer, Gabbard seems a Northerly woman, not sure if she's a Stalker or a Dreamer though...

Eric Newhill

They are great tails aren't they? Riveting, IMO.

In my opinion the first three books were probably *based* on an amalgamation of real elements. After that Castaneda went into pure fantasy, but it is great fantasy.



Really? She was VP for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center. There is not much health care lawyering in that job.

Mark Logan


It stuck in my mind too. When I heard this year that quantum entanglement essentially means that at the quantum level space is, incredibly, actually no space at all, that what we see as the universe is but a projection...I can't help but remember.

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