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14 July 2019


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Michael White

Bullchit from traitor trying to use the honor of the US Marines to create a false treasonous story to further his fascist unamerican effort to undermine our constitution! We will fight till you are invisible scum!


Michael White

Did you actually read LJ's piece? Flynn is not a US Marine. Was it a difficult read for you?


Since I like to toot my own horn.

"Trump spent the election criticizing this Establishment and defending the possibility of reaching out to Russia in fighting terrorism. For inexplicable reasons this has resulted in the Establishment handing him a Blood Libel.

Since November Trump has been slandered as Putin’s puppet, a charge perpetuated and ratcheted-up with every passing day by Crooks and Liars whose fear and loathing of Russia is beyond the comprehension of ordinary people and even experts. The Libel is being used to wreak havoc in Trump’s cabinet, and prevent him from exercising his lawful authority."


I can't think of anyone more deserving of a presidential pardon than General Flynn.


He won't need one when the case gets thrown out of court.

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