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07 July 2019


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I suspect that even the air that Epstein is currently breathing is being subject to a high level of protection.



The latest rumour in the press is that Epstein had CDs with photo evidence of people In flagrante delicto. He would never extort anyone, would he?


The Pilot's Flying Logbook pages in those links are interesting. The pilot appears to be 'David [indecipherable]'.
It's quite unusual that a pilot would record passenger names in his logbook as well as in the passenger manifest, which is a separate document that on this type of flight would be the responsibility of the flight attendant in the cabin. His motivation or reason to do so would be worth pursuing.
The manifests themselves would stay with the company flight office before being destroyed after their required period of retention (twelve months ?), and by now would be long gone.

Eric Newhill

Looks like this Epstein thing is going to be a lot like the Russia thing. Anyone who talked to a Russian about anything after 2015 is a traitor and anyone who ever socialized or did business with Epstein is a pedophile scumbag. Epstein will be a political hand grenade that elites throw at each other for months to come.

Lost in all of that will be that Epstein is a wealthy high flying fancy pants that rubbed shoulders with just about everyone in those circles because it's a small world at the top. I'm going to have to turn off the news for a while.


Epstein seems to have made his money as Wexner's protege. Wexner being a major Israeli donor and also purportedly having links to the Jewish mob. Certainly an angle that deserves scrutiny.


The kid gloves with which Epstein's depravity of raping children were treated by both state and federal prosecutors is yet another example of the deep corruption in the "rule of law". Paul Kennedy's book on the Rise and Fall of Great Powers talks about the disintegration of internal cohesion as a great power begins it journey down. The open mockery of the rule of law by well connected elites shows how far we have fallen.


Eric Newhill

Except that only key players in 2020 that will not be tainted by all of the fast and wide flying outrage and innuendo are the ones that are the likely democrat candidates; Harris, Comrade Bernie and Pocahonky. They don't travel in Epstein's circle.


Errrrrr, No Eric. Contrary to your opinion, with respect, the people I am aware of who fit a more polite description than yours are actually extremely careful of exactly who they rub shoulders with and would give Epstein a wide berth unless they also wanted what he was purveying.

They are most careful to avoid situations where they can be ambushed either in a social or business sense by social climbers and get-rich-quick merchants, charity beggars as well as blackmailers, paparazzi and politicians, many are afraid of much social contact for these reasons. To put it another way, they often feel like prey.

The idea that anyone, especially a well known public figure, is going to just jump into someone’s private jet and vanish to their private resort on a whim without doing their homework is the stuff of cheap, trashy novels.

The ones I know of have security details with associated intelligence capability and hardly move without careful checks. Nor do they attend “drug filled orgies” and other such tabloid staples. Epsteins proclivities would have been well known around New York.

I could imagine the very unwary and badly advised jetting off with Epstein once, but twice or more?? They knew exactly what was on offer and were comfortable with it.


Jack, from reading the indictment Epstein appears to have been most careful to not to commit crimes that would leave evidence leading to a charge of rape.


So it is, my apologies to any Bolgers harmed by my spelling error.


She may have lured him to Rome, but it was Maxwell that outed Vanunu as the source of the leaks on the izzie n program.


There's a lot of speculation that Epstein didn't have any known hedge fund that accounted for his fortune and that the entire pedo ring was a scam to blackmail and then extort money from his billionaire dupes. I believe that's truth only in part.The money extorted may have kept him and the bankrupted madam in style. Yet the main motive of his backers and protectors was blackmail for political gain- not money.

I am really pleased at this turn of events. Such justice can only happen in America. It's what made it great and continues to make it great.

In the shit-hole country I belong to, the judge would have been killed and the witnesses disappeared, bought over or intimidated.


I used to occasionally do work at Wexner's estate in New Albany, OH in the early 2000s. It is a vast, heavily protected compound with well-armed guards (rifles, etc) patrolling the grounds on ATVs. He certainly protects his property as though he is someone with formidable enemies.


Correct. Look at Leslie Wexner and his relationship to Epstein if you want to follow this angle. He has great hatred for Trump:


What's more, it's public now that Epstein's sweetheart deal in FL 2008 was motivated by his value to certain elements within the IC:


Eric Newhill

I don't see a lot of old school blue bloods/WASPs involved in politics and jet setting high finance get rich quick business these days. It's increasingly the social climbing river boat gambler types, like the Clintons (or Trump). Even the British royals have fallen to this level according to reports.

English Outsider

"I am really pleased at this turn of events. Such justice can only happen in America. It's what made it great and continues to make it great."

Yes. The comparison with Belgium is instructive. But (1), this justice is happening, if it does happen, because the elites are at each others' throats. Though that doesn't take away from the fact that the American administrative and judicial apparatus is able to deliver the goods properly when allowed and I suspect that may not always be the case in most other places. (2), If it's much slower it'll be the historians, not the Courts, delivering the verdicts.



The thing with grooming gangs is to get 'm while they are young. I'm sure the same principles applies to extortionists. Find the young, the naive, and the gullable and groom the ones you may need services of in the future. You can always steer people to decide they want to be elected to the schoolboard, county commission, state legislature.

Eric Newhill

I know that some think Epstein is at least part time an Israeli intelligence operative and/or part of some Jewish mafia and/or running and/or extortion racket.

Maybe he does dabble in some or all of that. Or maybe he's just a very competent psychopathic con man who indulges in maximum self-glorification and debauchery and who likes to drag others into it, as psychopaths are wont to do - because, to the extroverted psychopath, it is fun and exciting to live in a constant swirl of action, shallow relationships and to get others to compromise their morals. It confirms the psychopath's world view and, as the center of the activities, bolsters his ego. These are extremely narcissistic individuals. Being the ring master of a circus involving celebrities and the rich and powerful is the ultimate rush for these types. Corrupting young women and girls is also fun and exciting. Makes the psychopath feel like he owns their souls; another concept that pumps up their egos. Same for getting over on people.

Even people with experience in working on others often fail to grasp the mind of the psychopath. They think they can analyze rational motives and predict behavior, but there really aren't any rational motives. It's all about boosting a sense of self as master of the universe (but through deception and manipulation and beating the system, not hard work) and feeding a need for constant excitement. Other than that, there's no one home.


Maybe an investigative reporter can expound upon William Barr’s father, Donald , who in 1974 hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher at the Dalton School. Donald was the headmaster at that time. Jeffrey did not have a college degree. What was that all about? Was there a quid pro quo arrangement of some sort? How ironic, that William, as Attorney General, is investigating Jeffery’s alleged “ suicide.”
More likely than not, Barr was probably tasked with ensuring that Epstein never went to trial. This whole affair and it’s sordid details, including Alexander Acosta’s sweetheart 2008 plea deal with Epstein and Les Wexner’s long-standing financial involvement with Epstein, infers something much more sinister is involved in this story. There have been allegations that Epstein was involved in both US and Israeli intelligence. Can someone please connect all the dots!



"Barr was probably tasked with ensuring that Epstein never went to trial." Scurrilous partisan BS. You know nothing of the sort.

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