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19 July 2019


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Several days ago in a thread relating to mercenaries and peoples who involve themselves in other nations internal disputes, I suggested an alternate history novel "Suvorov In The Colonies."
It is known that Catherine the Great refused George 3's request for 20,000 Russian troops to fight against the colonials. The alternate history part would not be very realistic, the Declaration of Independence was not something that a Czarina could support; however her League of Armed Neutrality was supportive. The Idea that she would send the most victorious western general of all times to aid the rebels … is risible, as is much historical fiction. Risible but fun.
However I have been thinkin since I hit post on that message. Is there space for a non-fiction that would cover that long, positive relationship between Czarist/Imperial Russia and the USA that ran from the 1770's to the 1880's, the dissolution of that relationship from 1880-1925 and the final adios from 1945?
I am over 70 and there is no guarantee that I have either the requisite skill or the strength to do justice to the topic.

Eric Newhill

Digitally re-mastered and enhanced Patterson "Big Foot" film. The creature looks real. Definitely not a guy in a monkey suit. Fat jiggles, muscle contraction obvious.


robt willmann

It appears as if the Iran IRGC has commandeered an oil and gas ship (the Stena Impero) that was operating under the British flag in the area of the Strait of Hormuz--


Earlier this month, an oil tanker under the flag of Panama that was carrying oil from Iran was seized near Gibraltar with help from the British. The claim was that the tanker was violating European Union sanctions related to Syria--




I would be interested in readers views from this New York Review of Books article about war with Iran


Iran has allegedly “hijacked” a British tanker in the strait of Hormuz.


Eric Newhill

i watched it. IMO that is a real animal. If I were younger I would get some people together who are good in the woods and then do some pattern analysis on reported movements of groups of these things. They seem to do seasonal; migrations probably using routes like the Appalachian Trail and then rig up trail cameras in likely spots. After we had this figured out we would be there waiting for them. BTW, IMO this is some humanoid species.



IMO the Iranians have decided that they will have to fight us to get our attention.


I agree about the Sasquatch. That does not look like a human in a animal suit. And there is something haunting about the way it looks back over its shoulder right at the camera.

Iran seems to be very chess-y at escalation dominance. Really making the Brits wish they would not have been so boot-lickingly eager, I bet, to take that boat in Gibraltar. Now they're up a tree, but good.

Lloyd D. Herod, Jr.

Has anyone any information on the status of the nuclear warheads that were located at Incirlik Air Base? That issue seems to have fallen into the cracks of the news.



I remember that the surviving filmer said that she looked back over her shoulder when one of their horses reared.


CK -
Norman E Saul's books, but he is pricey.

Distant Friends: The United States and Russia, 1763-1867

Concord and Conflict: The United States and Russia, 1867-1914


Be sure that you find Bigfoot critters, and NOT the Skoocooms, a race of cannibalistic wildmen in WA state. They supposedly were all wiped out when Mount St Helens blew its top. But who really knows?


There is so much beauty in this world, if we as humanity only stopped occasionally to smell the roses. Enjoy. J.

Рахат Лукум-Умырзая

Jim Ticehurst

Sir....We drove right past One late at nite in a Remote area of Old Growth Trees after the Eruption of Mount st Helens..He was just ready to Cross the Road on My wifes side of the car..She saw it in Great detail from the knees up Including the face..Its eyes had glowed in our high beams...It Turned its Head watching us pass By...It is all fur covered but erect and lukes Humanoid..Ive many binders ofd research..books..material reports..Scientist send us a very good footprint cast by Deputy Sheriifs who also saw in in that area for a period after the Eruption...

Jim S

Please permit me to move out and draw fire:

The main killing occurred to the west. The students had cordoned off the square over a wide perimeter; in terrain analysis we would identify the broad streets coming from the west and south as high-speed avenues of approach and they had taken care to barricade these well. Many residents of these districts joined the efforts to keep the Army out.

The Army began its move against the barricades the day before. It had exercised restraint, clashing with the students throughout the afternoon to little result. But orders are orders and the Army had the full power of the state behind it. The shooting began around midnight. Everyone before the guns fell, whether student, onlooker, or even government worker--everyone. Suppressive fire was placed into windows of buildings overlooking the advance, killing some residents with gunshot wounds to the head and upper torso. By daylight the barricades were long down and the Army had moved on to its primary task.

In the weeks prior some of the leader's family had met with the students. The old man is very angry, they had warned, very angry.

Later, the corpses were piled in hospital corridors. Each such hospital had a wall covered with bloodstained student IDs in hopes that parents would be able to claim their child's body.

Who will speak for the dead? They are erased from history; we are forbidden to number them.

Who will speak for the dead? Twenty five years earlier the leader had stood as a lieutenant of the great leader as they presided over the deaths by famine of tens of millions of their countrymen. Were they thirty millions? Sixty millions? More? We cannot number them, but they were mostly peasants. These were on top of an unknown number dead by execution and torture, mostly from the educated classes as is the mode of communist states.

Who will speak for the dead?


You often mention the risks of marxism and socialism in the United States. Now, I have some good news.

According to a dead French resistance fighter, trotskyist, an anarchist and militarist tendency (improbable but it exists) and not a dreamer:
"It is easy to admit socialism could not have been achieved since antiquity, but it is very hard to digest it did not happen during the short period of our youth."

So stop playing at scaring yourself: socialism and others "ism" will not happen. This is impossible in a peaceful and developed society, not too unequal. Take care of these 2 points and you will be spared.
If not, pray to God. (!)



Another leftist propagandist heard from



What on earth are you talking about?


Has their been any enlarged footage of the feet of these creatures?


The 4 Hominoids that have been identified are:

-- SASQUATCH / BIGFOOT; 7 to 10 feet tall, 700 to 1,000 pounds; North America; Lower montaine forests

-- ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN / YETI; Man size 5 to 7 feet tall, 300 to 600 pounds; Himalayan range exclusive; Upper montaine forests (upper valleys)

-- ALMAS [Mongolian for wild man], Found in Southern Russia, Western China, and the Caucasus primarily, though some seen in the U.S.; Man size 5 to 7 feet tall, 300 to 600 pounds; Lower montaine forests

-- AGOGWAYS; 4 feet tall , 200 pounds; Jungle habitat

All have the same interesting features - no forehead, large brow ridge, large round deep-set eyes, large flat nose, protruding mouth, chinless, head recessed in torso, long dangling arms, muscular thick bodies, hair coverage from head to toe.


Sounds like Jim S is describing Tiananmen and China's famines.

Mark Logan

Looks like Johnathan Hillstrand. After feeding at Mike's Chili, Crab fisherman sometimes return to their natural habitat in the summer.


Thank you. Reading this web site is a pricey proposition.

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