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09 July 2019


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In my opinion, there should be a RICO charge also against Epstein. I'd like to see him get out of prison one day and take an Uber to his singlewide mobile mansion.



"The girl dropped her complaint out of fear."
So the example of Hilary running for office didn't giver her the courage to come forward;
the "grab 'm by the p****y" scandal didn't giver her the courage to come forward;
the pink hats at inauguration didn't giver her the courage to come forward;
the example of Christine Beasley Ford didn't give her the courage to come forward;
the example of Stormy Daniels didn't give her the courage to come forward; but hey, SDNY is on the case! - of just this one girl, not the others that were not of concern to kindly grandmother and FIFA scandal investigator Loretta Lynch or her Fast and Furious predecessor. Or their boss; or his predecessor. Thank goodness for prosecutors from the Empire State! There is definitely a new sheriff in town, not at all like that Sheriff of Wall Street, Eliot Spitzer.I wonder if Epstein has a photo of him from back in his good Democrat days?

"After 16 hours of questioning, the IG investigators found Steele’s testimony credible and even surprising. "
I believe Ms. Ford was touted as credible too. Has all that testimony leaked out already?


Colonel, TTG,

From what I can gather, several high levels are getting real nervous, and rumblings that Epstein's time on this planet may be shortened because of it. Nothing more dangerous than scared/nervous power players who have the real deal ability to reach out and touch someone. There are quite a few connect-the-dots to world and state power players that stretch around the globe.

What I find interesting on a side note is Mueller's past association with Epstein.




It appears that Epstein is a faux hedge fund manager. So, where does/did the money come from? Robert Willman suggested that the most interesting question about this creep is who or what he really represents.

Eric Newhill

Should add - Kenneth Star. The powerful lawyer backed Epstein.

Kenneth Star is unable to obtain info about people and doesn't realize the problem of the association? Ken Star the special prosecutor from Whitewater? Really? Dershowitz, another legal powerhouse, is just bumbling through life unable to discern between decent people and bad guys and has no access to information?

I think that Walrus just took my comment personally and didn't like the idea that his class contains a degenerate element that enjoys the debauched company of the Epsteins of the world.

David Habakkuk


If, after interviewing Steele for sixteen hours, anyone professes to find him credible, then in my view they are either fools or knaves – if not both. Having once been involved – successfully I hasten to add – in a protracted libel case in relation to a programme I made, I can easily see many lines of questioning to which he could quite clearly not have provided a satisfactory answer.

The cover-up of the circumstances of the life and death of the late Alexander Litvinenko, which Steele was instrumental in orchestrating, is a matter I have discussed on and off here on SST. I now have a ‘smoking gun’ – it is clear there were honest detectives in Counter Terrorism Command, who got fed up with the lies he was mass producing (as is his wont).

The maps they produced purporting to show Litvinenko’s movements on the day Steele claimed he was poisoned were craftily constructed, so as to pretend to support the cover-up, while actually blowing it apart. It was done very ingeniously, with a sense of humour. More on this, I hope, shortly.

A very interesting question however arises as to how the Reuters report by Mark Hosenball which is the source of TTG’s claim, originated, and what its implications are.

(See https://www.businessinsider.com/christophersteele-trump-dossier-author-questioned-by-justice-dept-2019-7?r=US&IR=T .)

According to the report:

‘One of the two sources said Horowitz’s investigators appear to have found Steele’s information sufficiently credible to have to extend the investigation. Its completion date is now unclear.’

In fact, however one interpreted Steele’s claims, it would be extremely likely that what he said would have provided good grounds to ‘extend the investigation.’

All kinds of interpretations are, rather obviously, possible.

It could turn out that Horowitz is part of what is by now quite clearly a conspiracy to subvert the constitutional order in the United States. How people can continue to defend this, without calling in to question their ability to understand what a ‘constitutional republic’ means, has come rather to defeat me.

But then, Horowitz could be playing different sides. It might be convenient to disseminate a story which was partly disinformation, in order to gain time to pursue investigations undisturbed. Or, people concerned to put a ‘gloss’ or ‘spin’ favourable to Steele might have been those who leaked to the media.

Obviously, my hypotheses reflect my conviction that Steele is a form of pond life – the ‘scum’, rather than the ‘dregs’ of society – born in part out of experience with superannuated Cambridge and Oxford student politicians of his kind.

There may be other interpretations, for which a serious case can be made, more favourable to him.

But to take the Hosenball report at face value is really not sensible.


Les Wexner for one; the E 71st street residence in NY is the tip of the iceberg: Wexner purchased the house in the 1980s and it was owned by an Epstein-Wexner joint trust until 2011 when ownership was transferred to Maple Inc, a US Virgin Islands company controlled by Epstein.


Other people are asking which agency Epstein represents, too.


Yup. More than meets the eye here. I'm curious when & how Epstein made his billions. No one that I know in the hedge fund world has ever heard of his trades!! Nor does it seem there is any reporting on that.

Only reporting that I've seen is on his partner who was sentenced to 20 years for fraud. He skated then too.

Charlie Wlson

The article is inaccurate.

He is a jew. Hence, easy rehabilitation.



It doesn't have to be a US government agency. Bill's close association with this t--d raises questions in light of his Marc Rich pardon caper.



Thats a piece from the Democratic Defense Club. I notice the author of that piece has only two other Salon articles, both hitjobs on Trump.



You mean Walrus realizes people are human, even the wealthy.



I'm most curious about the question you pose. I know many people in the NYC hedge fund world and no one has heard of any winning trades by him, let alone any trading activity. There's more than meets the eye related to the question of his "wealth:.



I suspect that he is an asset of some foreign government and handled their money as Rich did.

The Twisted Genius

Epstein was originally funded by Deutsche Bank. I have no idea how much it was and if it was just a one time deal. DB definitely has a shady side. When I was retiring, a couple of friends and I were negotiating for a cybersecurity contract with them. My primary contribution was to assess the people we were dealing with. I told my buddies we should run. I got the feeling we could be left holding the bag if anything went sideways. We never regretted my assessment and recommendation.


We haven't seen anything yet of which I'm aware to allow for a determination of what led to Epstein's serial abuses getting revisited. I very much doubt that it was a political appointee new to the system who came into the job while harboring a determination to right a wrong if given the chance. I think it more likely that it's a bottom up initiative, a witness having developed as a result of having gotten jammed up in another case and offering up a bigger fish, a newspaper story, new victims coming to light as a result of civil process, the review process prior to releasing the disclosure materials triggering outrage, something along these orders. Whatever it was, once the case was underway, in the era of #MeToo and with new political appointees in place, there would be no stopping it.
It will be interesting to see who will be the ultimate targets. It was a travesty that in the original case Epstein was the only person charged, unless I missed something. It's obvious that there had been a facilitating organization that he was running and boatloads of cash coming and going. No curiosity about that?
The prediction here is that Epstein will offer to cooperate sooner rather than later. It would not surprise me at all if hasn't already been given the opportunity and wanted to wait to see what cards the government was holding, try to figure out who from his old team had turned and were witnesses against him.
A big question now is that if and when he does cooperate, what kind of corroborative materials he would be able to bring along with him to bolster the victim testimony which will be recollections of abuse from women when they were adolescents that happened quite a while ago.
The indictment forecloses on any opportunity to use Epstein actively; and what kind of deal do you offer to this guy anyway who right now appears to be the principal malefactor in order to get to others, culpable users of his scheme surely, but not integral to his organization per se, largely because they are newsworthy figures of one sort or another. Not an easy call, but I would argue Epstein should take a major hit even if it means risking not getting his cooperation.

ted richard

if you ask around the trading desk in nyc epstein and his org is unknown. how is it a billionaire finance guy is unknown on the trading desks?


because his fortune did not come from trading or investment or anything typically understood to be finance related.

perhaps epstein and his sexual predilections was a way for....say... the mossad........ to aggregate wealthy powerful and political figures into revealing the stuff needed to control them in the future as favors are needed.

whats is a service like that IF epstein was indeed just a pimp for the deviant.........worth?

how many billions to have a file on a who's who of international power would you pay?

Eric Newhill

I think you're missing the point - which is that Epstein was connected to many wealthy movers and shakers in New York society and, indeed, globally.

Walrus says that the movers and shakers he knows would never be so stupid and crass as to associate with the likes of Epstein. I'll take Walrus at his word, but, apparently, he doesn't know the subset of movers and shakers that do associate with the likes of Epstein, to include people that would have access to info such that they would understand Epstein's reputation and predilections. In fact, the article suggests that NY society knew and didn't care, which is contrary to what Walrus asserts.

I don't normally read Salon because it is typically globalist garbage. As I read the article I linked to, it's not a hit on Trump. Rather it is a hit on all of NY high society. They readily accepted Epstein back into their fold after his conviction in Florida. They knew who he was prior to the conviction as well.

Bottom line, NY society as well as global players, that should know better, did not exercise discretion in their association with Epstein. Walrus think that is inconceivable, but there it is and we will learn more names from the upper echelons who were involved in the weeks and months to come.



Zerohedge linked to the theory of some twitter user which sounds quite plausible to me:


In short, Epstein's hedge fund may just have been a front to collect hush money (masked as "management fees", which for hedge funds are usually 2% of the total value of assets under management in any given year) from very rich people that he entrapped in his alleged underage women prostitution scheme.

Eric Newhill

Would a foreign govt really utilize someone with Epstein's life style to handle their money?

The guy doesn't exactly fly under the radar. It was only a matter of time before he was busted. Seems highly irresponsible and stupid of whichever government(s).

Eric Newhill

Nobody knows what Epstein is really worth. The $billions figure comes from a single source; a stipulation in his original trial. He would say what his worth was and the prosecutors asked "$billions?" and E's lawyers said "sure". That's it.

He manages money held in off-shore accounts. Forbes thinks he has a fraction of that.

The guy is a sleazy con artist. He's probably happy to have people think he has way more than he does for various reasons.

Eric Newhill

Yeah. I guess so. I misread what Walrus wrote. It seemed he was disagreeing with me because of how he wrote it and because he bothered to write it at all, yet we were saying the same thing.

The high flying people on Epstein's guest registry knew who they were associating with and chose to go ahead anyhow.

Outrage Beyond

Pollard was an amateur. Is Epstein the professional?

Some will recall the name "mega" surfacing during and after the Pollard contretemps. An as-yet unidentified Israeli spy operating at a high level.

Now consider the following quote:

"Epstein, who recently loaned his jet to President Clinton, is usually seen in the company of Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of deceased publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell. After Maxwell fell or was pushed off his yacht in 1991, it was revealed that he was working for the Israeli government and the Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence service. While Maxwell’s ties to the Mossad are well-documented, Epstein’s connections are less well known. The London Sunday Times quoted a New York social observer describing Epstein as follows: “He’s Mr. Enigmatic. Nobody knows whether he’s a concert pianist, property developer, a CIA agent, a math teacher or a member of Mossad.” New York Magazine claims Epstein is the man who moves Wexner’s billions around the globe.

Wexner’s philanthropic side is more public. In 1998, the Wall Street Journal reported that Wexner was part of the “‘Mega Group,’ a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen.” The Mega Group meets purportedly to discuss “philanthropy,” but others have speculated that their charitable interests are often a cover for lobbying activities on behalf of Israel."

Source: https://freepress.org/article/wexner-war

This could be entirely coincidental. Or is Epstein (or Wexner) mega? It sure looks like his operation was all about getting kompromat for Mossad. Whether that comes out with any veracity remains to be seen.



I believe you are on to something. At least Marc Rich was an oil trader. With Epstein there doesn't seem to be any information on his trading activity. Would a foreign government or intelligence agency keep a depraved loose cannon as an asset? I suppose his role was not money management but blackmail or something more nefarious. Could this foreign government be our "staunchest ally" in the ME?

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