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09 July 2019


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Eric Newhill

This whole thing reads to me like Steele dossier meets Kavanaugh accusers.

I'm calling BS on it.

There's a sleazy guy named Epstein who is most likely not a billionaire, who likes teenage girls,who "manages" money for some hyper wealthy individuals' off shore accounts and who hobnobs with the nouveau riche. Some of the wayward teens, now in their early 30s, whose lives, unsurprisingly haven't turned out well, are leveling accusations. That's it. That's all that's known.

The rest is all a media fantasy at this point.


Epstein's victims were all goyim and a lot of
blacks among them.


in Germany it is easy, see the case of Michel Friedman, (use of cocain, Ukrainian sex slaves) and now again a noble media and establishment figure -

ex-PFC Chuck

The Twitter stream linked up-thread by rho seems plausible as a description of the "business model" of his "hedge fund." Here's the link again for convenience:


There's more about the Mega Group in this LaRouche website before 9/11. I know, LaRouche had some crazy ideas but this article is well referenced and jibes with other sources. Seymour Hersh claimed Epstein was Mossad.



"We haven't seen anything yet of which I'm aware to allow for a determination of what led to Epstein's serial abuses getting revisited."

An important figure pushing for the re-opening of the case is Mike Cernovich. He along with Breitbart are the main cheerleaders for the conviction- the draining of the swamp. They are Trump's mouthpieces who talk directly to his base. I believe the Trump admin is completely supporting the re-trial. AG Barr's father had to leave the posh school where he had worked asa principal for a decade, soon after he employed college dropout Epstein as a Math teacher. The guy who replaced barr Sr was a pedo (perhaps appointed with Epstein) and left under a cloud. I think there is some personal revenge angle here as well.


I don't agree. The sleazy guy didn't use the girls for his own pleasure alone. Instead, I think the girls were being groomed for entrapping imp figures for blackmail. The money and the billionaire lifestyle (with no known source of income) provided the context in which he could meet the powerful and the famous. He was set up by the Wexner and others in mega group. Why else should wexner entrust his money to a college dropout maths school teacher, who was later thrown out of a minor job at a hedge fund for malpractice? Sometimes things are as obvious as they seem. If you have a bunch of openly pro-Izzie types (Wexner, maxwell) associated with such a setup, then you can safely conclude what they are after.


With great respect “New York Society” is a very malleable term. Which “society” do you mean? The gay one? The business movers and shakers? The fashion one? The celebrity one? The old money aristocracy? The liberal jewish one? There are hundreds of versions of What society includes.

My point was the observation that the really wealthy are very careful who they associate with and have the means of making inquiries before they accept invitations like Epsteins. If people actually sought out his company on numerous protracted occasions, it’s a little difficult for them to say they didn’t know what was going on.

For the record, I don’t move in such rich circles, I have merely been permitted to observe on occasion.


Mossad honey trap operation.


Barbara Ann

Outrage Beyond

The link optimax provides below (and reproduced here) to an EIR (LaRouche) piece on "Mega" is very interesting. It pulls a lot of this together and seems to be the main source for your linked article. The title quote; "‘Mega’ was not an agent, Mega was the boss" refers to the NYC-based Mega Group of Jewish billionaires (incl. Wexner) who actually run the show. Epstein's operation looks to me like an subsidiary SPV to manufacture kompromat, as you say.

The EIR piece is frustratingly lacking in links/citations, but the crucial one backing up this quote does check out (link below). I have taken the liberty of saving it into the Internet Archive in case it now 'disappears' due to the publicity. The author refers to Mega Group as "the Megabucks" and describes an interesting twist on the traditional Mossad-run Z0G narrative. He asserts that they are actually out for themselves and influence/buy politics in Israeli every bit as much as in the US to further their own ends. Israel to them is merely a useful tool. From the article:

"Israel for them is only a means to Jewish unity, on a par with the Holocaust propaganda. The idea is to keep Jews together, away from hanging with other folks. The heads of the American Jewish community need it, as they have a fair chance to find themselves without soldiers, all chiefs, and no Indians."

EIR quotes the WSJ article (paywall) saying Wexner and Charles Bronfman founded the Mega Group in 1991. Charles' brother; Edgar Bronfman is also listed as a member. I came across someone on reddit) saying that Hillary basically handed over Libya to the Bronfmans. Edgar's daughter Sara and her husband; Basit Igtet (http://basitigtet.com) appear to have run the coup (see their wikis on Libya). Basit is coincidentally chairman of an energy co. now looking to exploit Libyan oil and apparently had/has ambitions to become president.

It may be antisemitic to characterize Jews as power-hungry money-obsessed world dominators, but this group sure seem to fit the characterization rather well.


Eric Newhill

Got it. My apologies for the confusion. I'm with you. The captains of industry I grew up with would have never associated with an Epstein. I think that this is a nouveau riche phenomenon.

Eric Newhill

What proof is there of the grooming and entrapping?

Eric Newhill

One of the problems I have with this story is that allegedly someone like Dershowitz was involved. Dershowitz, with his extensive background defending and understanding criminal minds, would allow himself to be compromised by someone who, as you say, was a known offender. Dershowitz, as famous and wealthy as he is - and being a Harvard prof - could get all the young p***y that he wants. Yet, he attends orgies put on by Epstein?

What you say is true, but it cuts both ways.

And if the Dershowtiz part of the story is false, then what other aspects of the story are false, or at least hyperbole?

Roy G

Although I have heard the lore of 'Mega' being a USG mole, I have to admit this is the first time I've heard this explanation. The Mega Group surely merits investigation into their activities.


I wonder if the same is true about Weinstein, have never researched his victims ancestory.


Trump is a very smart and ruthless SOB, but his ill fated Inaugural Address declaration of war on the Swamp demonstrated that his sense of time and timing was off at least at the start of his Presidency. By now, years later, his enemies will have taught him well and he will return the favor.
Lawfare ? It sounds good, until the voters figure out that some of it is nothing more than abuse of the legal system in the pursuit of the corrupt by the corrupt, or until African National Congress lawyers begin offering their services pro bono.

Certainly whatever Barr produces will be levered against the DNC to the last ounce of weight by the pro Trump media, although to be effective it must be configured to match the attributes of the eventual candidate - the best will be saved until last. Dear old Joe, on his merits, need not worry about that.
I think the DNC will have a clean out of anyone who has ever stood within a mile of even possible witnesses in Barr's proceedings. Changing their brand will prove far harder - there will be no New DNC copy of Blair's 1990's era New Labour, and the GOP's intent will be , as you say, to hit the Dem's brand as much as hit the final candidate.

The idiocy of the Strzok-Page texts illustrates once again the throwing of caution to the wind when victory is assured - I suspect neither had ever in their pasts received a hit big enough to foster instinctive caution against the speed at which the world can unravel around them. Well, they do now !


All fascinating stuff about very important open questions

Charlie Wilson

I think at any one time you will find most members of Mega in Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, Florida trying to get it wholesale. It's a genetic disorder.


">We haven't seen anything yet of which I'm aware to allow for a determination of what led to Epstein's serial abuses getting revisited."

Two things. First is a judge working on a civil suite filed by one of the victims looking at the plea deal determined Acosta broke broke the law with the plea deal by not informing the victims. I believe that lead to the deal being vacated and a bunch of the documentation being made public.

The reporting by the Miami Herald which ticked all the check boxes buttons for going viral .


The Weinstein Epstein clintstein operation is in full swing being run by a bunch of breitbart whiteys desperate to keep trump and pence in power.trump himself probably has no idea what and whom is pushing his golf buggy along but he is enjoying the ride.notice how Steve bannon and co. have quietly slunk away into the shadows.This is a defensive move,not offensive,and clearly shows what is to come.kushner is in charge of the Israel desk,so that distraction is out of the way.opposition has now been blocked.With that under control along with the evangelical faction the trump admin has neutered all opposition from Jewish power by sweetening the Israel biscuit .bibi just needs to hold on.The main game though is white american power and the future of the country and to some extent European power as well.Clearly these structures of white power are being challenged by India and China and to some extent Latin america and the middle east.Both China and India lack oil resources and have large populations and sooner rather than later will mobilize there armies to stake there claims.Trump went to england to make his case or was he summoned to england to get some friendly advice and direction.This is what will decide the path ahead.Whoever tried to play the Russians off against the us and UK is in for a mighty mighty big surprise.Because it failed sulieman.



Appears Mossad and the Israeli Government are hard at work burying or trying to bury the fact that Epstein affair is an Mossad Israeli Government run and sanctioned Mossad Pedophile Blackmail Honey Trap designed to ensnare political, business, and influential for Israeli Government and Mossad benefit.


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