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29 July 2019


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Interesting to note that during the Famine years, Ireland was a net exporter of agricultural products.



As you may know Islam in its various forms places any action in one of five groupr; haram-discouraged-neutral-encouraged-hallal. IMO most Islamic faqihs would csll this "discouraged."

dilbert dogbert

Many problems:
The starving had no money to buy fish.
No transportation that would get fresh fish inland. Dried fish only and that was an economic product offered only for cash.
Taking the Lords trout would get you hung. Same with the Lords deer, sheep, goats,cattle, corn, wheat and pigs.
Many English thought the famine was doing the The Lords work as there were too many Irish.
I wish I knew how my Irish great grandfather got to the California gold fields in 1850.


dilbert dogbert

Excuses, excuses. And they couldn't solve these problems? It was better that they leave Ireland and try again somewhere else.


As I recall, most of the valuable inshore fisheries were stoutly defended against encroachment by the locals who controlled them and, unlike many of the starving, those professionals were fully integrated into the money economy. Likewise, those who harvested tidal areas would fight off interlopers seeking to take advantage of the spoils of the sea which they hitherto had held in contempt.

Woodham Smith’s best section deals with the raw facts of Ireland’s economy, geography and climate. At 54N, how exactly does your immiserated, landless peasantry in a pre-money society find the capital and material capable of exploitation of the fisheries which weren’t “spoken for?” The “God’s Obvious Purpose” of Philip II’s Armada didn’t fare all that well in face of the equinoctial gales of 1588, but maybe the landlubbers of the West of Ireland would’ve done better after arranging a loan at the local branch of the S&L?



Sounds like excuses made for places like Baltimore.


Garlic is a very recent migrant into the Irish kitchen.


It seems unlikely that Islam and garlic were motives after all. The boy was a native of the small town of Gilroy and the Garlic Festival probably only served as a venue where he could target the most people at once in order to act out homicidal (and possibly suicidal) tendencies. It's very sad and frightening that this type of hopelessly unhappy and hateful youth has become somewhat commonplace.


Portland public school children say they are suffering and need more mental health professionals to help them choose their true gender, deal with white supremacy and coach them to be effective activists.Our married bi-sexual (how does that work?)governor is giving it to them. We didn't have school therapists, and we didn't miss them, and nobody shot up the school. How did we produce these little "monsters from the Id"?


Yeah, Iranian-italians are just all over California and mom and dad didn' know nuthn. Sounds familiar and now we're on to a shooting in a Mississippi Wal-Mart but those 48 people shot in Chicago, 9 of them being killed, doesn't make the national news. Congratulations to the press for knowing what stories to cover.


The missing link


I also forgot to label the "monsters from the Id" as the school, and garlic festival, shooters. The kids confused into suffering are victims of critical theory taught by parents, teachers and media. Foucault is philosopher king of the theory that knowledge is a control mechanism by which the elite control the masses. Critical theory states that because the founders were white supremacists, the whole foundation and structure of America empowers whites at the cost of minorities. They pay, we benefit. Except today it isn't true, in fact, it has been unconstitutional since the Civil Rights amendments. MLK fought to make his people an equal in the American system, a system built by white men, not to tear it down. Ethnic nationalists of any stripe seeking to dominate others are dangerous to the stability of our country. White nationalists disgust me, but they aren't the mass movement the media and some politicians make them out to be. Most people think whites commit most of the mass shootings. The fact is that 75% of the identifiable mass shooters are black, according to the NYT. I read today there have been around 250 mass shootings in our country this year. Monsters from the Id.

"White Guilt" by Shelby Steel is different perspective on the evolution of race relations. This 2 paragraph from wikipedia explains the book.



not again




White Guilt? My great grandfather 1st Sergeant Sanford Bills, and one of his brothers fought their way from the Rapidan to Appomattox in the 5th Wisconsin Infantry. I don't feel any White Guilt for my family's part in slavery. We never owned any slaves and I will be damned if I am going to pay anyone reparations.


You have misjudged the book. Steele thinks white guilt is harmful to blacks and society as a whole.

I don't feel guilty either. Shelby Steele is a conservative black man who thinks white guilt and black encouragement of it has ruined the black community. White guilt is based on the idea blacks are inferior and need affirmative action to succeed in society. He thinks blacks can succeed by working harder and do not need special privileges to succeed. In fact, the give aways of the Great Society programs have harmed the black community.

White guilt is a powerful force in the Dem party, with some even promoting reparations. As you say, analysis is not advocacy. From last nights debate.



Or roasted chicken which the Lebanese served it with


A very good and funny article but all the references to the messy neo Islamic traditions are at best out-of-date and Bravo Sierra. I do not know what they teach them at Monterrey but I understand why the MENA policy is totally ruined.

I am a Muslim and I have raw garlic at breakfast, raw garlic juice after lunch and raw garlic at dinner. Beside that I really love my garlic soup, garlic jam, garlic bread, garlic cake and garlic delicacies.



Ah, but you are probably an acculturated Algerian. Your IP would indicate that. Perhaps Maliki law countenances the "stinking rose." Careful, There are 'ulema who might not like your loose acceptance of the French taste for garlic. BTW, they teach nothing but language at Monterey at the Defense Language Institute. I fear for you. The danger of Irtidad lurks.

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