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16 July 2019


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The Twisted Genius

My younger son has FIOS internet only which is cheaper than copper phone service with all the extra fees. He streams all the TV he wants directly from the internet to his TV or his tablet while sitting on the couch. No Roku or anything like that. He paid for HBO during the Game of Thrones season then dropped it. I'm not sure what streaming service he's paying for now (Hulu, SlingTV, YoutubeTV?), but he has more content than I can ever watch. I think he's tried all the streaming services once he dropped the FIOS TV and phone service. He also gets a lot of free content such as pirated Caps hockey games through some guy in Russia during the season. It's high quality with only a few seconds delay.

Lloyd D. Herod, Jr.

Fred, I did not say that the difficulties that may be occurring to the fisherman was okay. I suspect and hope that fishing access will be worked out. Ocean structures become rich areas for fish and other ocean life. Wrecks, some sunk for the purpose of creating habitat, and other artificial structures put in place have created areas rich in ocean life. Those windmills may ending up helping the fishermen. The threat to bird life seems to be exaggerated, at least on land. If you can find solid data saying differently I'd be interested in seeing it. Besides I like windmills. Where I live we're getting a fair amount of them. I know they look better to me than the coal fired plant and its effluent the local utility company wanted to build.



In addition to Kuiper and Starlink, there's also OneWeb and Telesat doing their own broadband megaconstellations. It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out, and if the financial markets will stay hot, frothy, and stupid long enough for more than one of these to make it all the way to market. I think things are different than the late 90s (when Teledesic first proposed a broadband megaconstellation that would "darken the sky with satellites"), but the question is how different. A lot depends on when this bubble that Obama and Trump have blown finally pops. If it lasts another 2-3yrs, we'll likely see at least 2-3 of these make it to operations before the bottom falls out. But if things sour in the next year or so, there's a non-zero chance that none of them will make it all the way to market.

Fingers crossed.



The NSA must be very interested in a method to scarf up all these new datastreams.

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