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27 July 2019


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Why not just admit that both populations were screwed, and that the complexity of determining appropriate remedies, and the potential cost of such remedies, have made the problem easier to ignore than to correct. In more recent years we are seeing the same with the Palestinians- with their rights forgotten, ignored, and/or rationalized away.

IMHO, the murals by Arnautoff (and Refregier - at the Rincon Annex) and are worth preserving, whether or not one agrees with their political message or historical narrative. They reflect the discourse of an artistic and political movement that existed at an important time of crisis in our nation - i.e., during the Great Depression. (People forget that the progressive movement was so strong at that time, that even the Republican Tom Dewey was courting the communist vote in the 1930's when he was running for District Attorney, whether or not he bashed them 15 or 20 years later.) In the same way, it is ludicrous to remove statues of leaders like General Lee and others because they operated under a different set laws or societal norms.

Eric Newhill

Hi Tidewater,
Yes, I receive the Historic Christ Church news letter. I'm a donor in my will. My mother and Aunt were in on the ground floor. They were a couple of the folks that helped start the renovations back in 70s (late 70s I think it was). That's when we all got our plots there. My parents, grandparents, Aunt +Uncle are all interred there. As well as a few generations before them.

I was there in 2012 and, yes, the place is looking fantastic. So much history.

btw - Mrs Lang would probably enjoy the wealth of genealogical resources available at the Mary Ball Museum and at Historic Christ Church.


''What should we call DC?''

Greater Israel


What! Babak has come back! That's wonderful! We've needed you, man, and now more than ever!


Yes, and plenty of slave sellers on the African continent and in the new world before 1492. Welcome back, your insights have been missed. .

Balint Somkuti


so it should be done, since we all know 'that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia'.


“Remorseful” DC. sounds a good name that won’t trigger anyone and it sounds like it’s a safe space.

What needs to be done but I think won’t be done, is to confront the past head on. The Germans and Poles have, I think done this at Auschwitz.

However to do this for Washington, Jefferson, etc. doesn’t work for the political agenda of the SJWs. They want breast beating, and reparations (aka money) all to be under their control of course, as they wish to dictate history.

My own, untutored guess is that an objective analysis of the behavior of Jefferson and Washington in the context of their times would show that the objections of the SJWs are baseless. The manufactured outrage would vanish like snow in summer..


Not a good reason not to go metric? Do you also wish to do away with arabic numerals for the same reason? What about Isaac Newton of laws of motion fame? He worked for the Government and tortured people. I guess we could go back to Roman numerals, but they crucified Jesus. Maybe scratches on clay tablets like Egyptians? Oh wait! Moses.

To be fair, once you have learned the AN system for aviation fasteners, sixteenths and thirty seconds of an inch make some sense.


I guess we could also go back to rods, perches, stadions, cubits and ells for measurements if we had to, but I’m not sure they are politically correct either.


Shhh ! No, no. Only the virtuous and pure examples, as I described.


This thread may be a bit old, but if anyone is still interested the school board reversed the vote to destroy the murals and will cover them....for now.

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