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11 July 2019


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blue peacock


Indeed! There's more than meets the eye here.

I am very skeptical that anything "big" will come out of this. It wouldn't surprise me the least bit if there's another plea deal but it wouldn't be the sweetheart deal that Acosta did. Acosta resigning will shut down questioning him by Congress as to who ordered him to do the non-prosecution plea deal. I think Trump wouldn't want this investigation to go out of his control. And there are too many powerful people involved. At the end the day, let's face it, the rule of law only applies to us plebes!




Acosta might have been ordered as you put it but IMO it is more likely that he and the Florida state prosecutor were paid off.



"He couldn't have run a blackmail operation of the rich & famous for very long." Nah. This operation ran a long time.



Pressure from investigative journalism.



Epstein was running a honey trap with billions of dollars in backing and an apparently deep well of money and government people who could be relied on to suppress investigation. The Acosta thing is a perfect example.

Eric Newhill

What would someone like you have done, when still with the DIA, if you had become aware of Epstein's activities as you describe them?



Why indict him now? Lots of things didn't work out in 2016 like some folks thought they would. Neither did the emoluments ploy, the 25th amendment ploy, Stormy D., Mueller, etc. Who is running the DOJ now? Not Grandma Lorretta, snoozy Jeff or whoever she who won the popular vote would have appointed. I hope folks haven't forgotten bernie bro James Hodgkingon and I sure hope Mr. T has better security now than Jim Scalise had then. Of course we should all remember: Mr. Epstein is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now if only the main stream media were all doing investigative journalism; or course if they were the lid would blow off right quick. I wonder what that would do to news ratings?



I suppose that the endless supply of underage girls was too hard to resist and once in hard to get out. I'm surprised that he was not taken out by people with real means. I can see how blackmail was couched as money management and rationalized with no expectation of a return.

Does your spidey sense lead you to believe that Comey's daughter will pursue this case in depth and ensnare others including all the financial arrangements?


How to legally blackmail billionaires,

Throw parties for the rich with young girls available,
Sooner later someone will end up in a bedroom with a young girl....caught on video of course.
Later the man is informed the girl was only 15.
But it can be swept under the rug with an investment in Epstein's "fund".
To sweeten it up for the 'blackmailee' his investment will be in treasury notes or another kind of safe, interest paying vehicle.
Epstein will be given power of attorney to insure his control and receive a % of the interest.
This way the blackmailee doesnt actually 'lose" any money and Epstein makes money.

Volia!...not really blackmail....no traceable payoffs to explain and Epstein's money and income looks legit from management fee charged and taken from interest returns.

Eric Newhill

I wonder why no one ever blackmailed Epstein.

Wealthy guy with high level connections playing with teenage girls and compulsively with weird sex toys. Loves to socialize. All that could be taken away by people who photographed the alleged parties on Lolita Island.

The girls shook him down to the tune of $millions in settlements according to Dershowitz. The way their talking, it looks like more law suits for damages are in the pipe.

The girls may come away the big winners. If this was an intel op, it may be the girls out foxed them all in the end.


Different Clue, I don't know, could be it's part of the presidents push to deregulate, but human trafficking and forced labor are odd things to weaken regulations on. Acosta proposes to cut out the NGOs that work to help the unfortunates and give grants to the governments to enforce the laws governing trafficking and labor. Don't know whose laws, US, the other countries, UN?
If a countries government can't control, or won't control, their own people, what good will giving them more money do besides fattening their wallets?

wWord is Trump thought Acosta wasn't deregulating fast enough. Yet, under Acosta Labor was second of agencies in money saved.



Regardless of where it came from it looks like Epstein had enough to shell out $350,000K just days after the Miami Herald story was published. Even NBC news is covering this now.

Eric Newhill

How about Epstein provided whatever it took to grease the wheels. Young girls just being one of many goods and services on the menu. Party goers weren't necessarily black mailed. Rather, they enjoyed the party and wanted to continue to have access. So they gave Epstein insider trader tips. They may have directly paid for other goods and services.

Epstein used the tips to make money for his investors and kept a percent of profits for himself. The investors, some shady, some outright criminal, some just trust fund dummies, enjoyed the nice rate of return that Epstein was able to achieve via the insider tips and the whole thing just snowballs along until the girls start talking; basically shaking Epstein down in the form of lawsuits.

But I don't think we can say that everyone who flew on Epstein's jet was into the girls. Maybe some were just with Epstein because he had built a reputation as a guy who can get things done, who could make money and who had no ethics.

John Minehan

Lots of ideas on this: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/07/hedge-funders-have-some-thoughts-on-what-epstein-was-doing.html

Eric Newhill

I have a problem with the blackmail theory.

In order to blackmail targets/agents of influence with sex photos, Epstein would have to expose himself as well as the rest of his clients, indeed his whole operation - he and they'd be ruined. This because the provenance of the photos would be questioned and then it would be revealed that they came from sex parties that Epstein himself participated in. Therefore I see the threat of blackmail to be an empty bluff. I'm sure the targets would too for the most part. You blackmail me? No. I blackmail you!

In fact that is more or less what has happened now; only the girls are the ones who revealed the goings on at Epstein's residences, not the alleged agents of influence.

If Epstein had not been hyper actively sexually involved with the girls himself and had sent the girls to secretly seduce the targets, then the blackmail could work.

You can say that Mossad is never prosecuted in the US and therefore Epstein was confident he could act brashly and recklessly but look what has happened. Huge risk to take.

It seems to me that Epstein is just a libertine hustler who may have occasionally sold intel to whomever. I'm sure that with Epstein everything is for sale for the right price.

That said I defer to your - and Col Lang's - considerable expertise. Just explaining my logical problem with the scenario.


Another Mossad investment besides their Epstein-Mossad Honey trap operation IMO is Sheldon Adelson's coffers. While Adelson has money, his investments in both overseas endeavors as well as his Israeli IDF recruitment parties and fundraisers here in the U.S. are prime breeding grounds for Mossad recruitment of both the Parents and their military age kids.

Adelson has stated he regretted serving in a U.S. Army uniform and would have swapped it for an Israeli one.

Dan Berg

Im afraid he wouldn't last long in the general prison population.


Eric Newhill

You don't understand the power of an operation like this backed by this kind of money. The blackmailed can be used to suppress investigations and prosecution as in the case of Acosta.

different clue

If a feature of the Administrative State is that it writes regulations for its employees ( including its regulation-writers) to enforce, and one's goal ( certainly Bannon's stated goal) is to "deconstruct the Administrative State"; then one defunds-to-deconstruct every part of it within reach. If it is only part-way deconstructed down to a "stub", there is always the chance that some future Administration may seek to "reconstruct the Administrative State" back up from the surviving stub. Whereas if one kills the stub as well, a whole new rebirth of a whole new Administrative State becomes more difficult to achieve.

And so defunding-to-deconstruct all the regulations and Administrators involved in human-trafficking suppression and forced labor suppression would be considered as regretable-but-necessary sacrifices in achieving the great goal of "deconstructing the Administrative State."

I remember once either hearing or reading that in a Congressional Hearing, Mr. Mulvaney was asked about deep-defunding some area of government funded science and research and encouraging all the scientists involved to resign or retire as fast as possible . . . and his response was that " this is how you drain the swamp".

Trump ran on permitting citizens to believe he meant "drain the pools of bribery and influence and corruption" when he said " drain the swamp". Maybe he permitted his own self to believe that is what he meant. But his action-taking people clearly meant to destroy as much Administrative governmental functioning as possible, and most of all to destroy government's ability to gather and collect and interpret scientific data; most especially about processes which the TrumpAdmin wants to pretend don't even exist, such as man-made carbon skydumping with its attendant man-made global warming and its man-made ocean acidation.

Here is another example of TrumpAdmin efforts to destroy and abolish actual factual gathered data-sets in order to blind inquiry and analysis and destroy any hope of restoring sighted inquiry and analysis in the future. It is a paragraph taken from a Guardian article to let readers know the subject and tone of that article.

“I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations” [Guardian (DL)]. From March, still germane: “At first, the distress flare of lost data came as a surge of defunct links on 21 January. The US National Strategy for the Arctic, the Implementation Plan for the Strategy, and the report on our progress all gone within a matter of minutes. As I watched more and more links turned red, I frantically combed the internet for archived versions of our country’s most important polar policies. I had no idea then that this disappearing act had just begun. Since January, the surge has transformed into a slow, incessant march of deleting datasets, webpages and policies about the Arctic.” • Awful. But the links are gone. How about the resources themselves?

Here is a link to the article itself. And given that the TrumpAdmin is doing this, why would it hesitate to zero-fund efforts to suppress human-trafficking and forced-labor? Anyway, here is the link.

Now . . . the reason I haven't been complaining about this sort of thing over and over until I become boring about it . . . is that I voted for Trump. And I knew I would be getting this sort of thing when I voted for Trump but I voted for Trump anyway. I did it to prevent Hillary from becoming President. I wanted to short-circuit the very real threat she would have presented of thermonuclear exchange with Russia.

So am I an unhappy camper in the Age of Trump? Yes, I am an unhappy camper in the Age of Trump. But I would rather be an unhappy camper than be a cloud of radio-active ionized gas. And that's what the election came to for me.

The rising levels of hatred have been referrenced here from time to time. So let me just note that I Hate hate HATE the Catfood Democrats and their Catfood Clintonites and Catfood Obamazoids for making me vote for Trump. I will never forgive the Catfood Conspirators for giving me the forced choice of voting for Piratical Yeltsinization or Nuclear Annihilation.

If I am the only person in America who feels this way, then my thoughts and feelings won't matter to anyone but me. I hope that enough other people thinky-feel the same way as to lead to the eventual extermination of the Catfood Democrat Party from existence and its total enwipement from off the social and political map.


''So they gave Epstein insider trader tips. They may have directly paid for other goods and services.''

Except...Epstein did no trading on WS.....not a single record of him or his firm buying, selling, anything....(according to WSJ report)

Eric Newhill

You're probably right. It will be interesting to see if the influence continues to play out, who is sacrificed, who goes down etc.

If I had a moment of weakness under Epstein's influence and he tried to blackmail me for money or to go against my country, I'd just play it cool for a while and then kill him. I guess most people don't think that way.

Barbara Ann

I think you'll find you are very far from being the only person in America who feels this way. Reading the Colonel's latest post on the GND is gonna make you (and this Arctic researcher) feel a whole lot worse, I suspect.

Eric Newhill

Foreign Exchange?


Different clue,

I respect your reason for voting for Trump. I could never vote for Hillary. I figured our only chance was to vote for the dope-smoking candidate who didn't know where Aleppo was. And I did. Portlanders even gave me crap for not voting for the female Jabba-the-Hut.



Trump has eliminated only a portion of the regulations enacted over the past few decades. Nothing prohibits the private sector or NGOs from creating databases of temperature readings and performing data analysis therein. Equally nothing in the constitution prevents the legislative branch from writing these regulations themselves and there is belief among many that administrative law is inherently unconstitutional.

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