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11 July 2019


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Epstein did the dirty work for his "friends", IMHO. Insider trading? No problem. Information gathering on the powerful? check! Brokering illegal/off-the-books deals (weapons, drugs, e.g)? I would be surprised if he did not. Hiding/moving secret monies around to further tax evasion? Highly likely.

Epstein a very slick operator. Completely amoral. Very smart. And well connected.

But his run is over and it will be very interesting who he betrays in order to save himself from prison. IMHO the best thing for him would be to spend the rest of his life in the general prison population.

Phil Giraldi

My take on this story:


blue peacock


With rampant espionage, influence and information operations conducted by zionist & CCP entities out in the open, aided and abetted by a fifth column who are also out in the open, all going on for several decades under both political parties, my question is who are in positions of power focused on US national interests and protecting the Constitution of the United States?

I don't see how Trump who is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zionist & Saudi Barbaria, Inc will allow any kind of penetrative investigation. He's already backing Acosta, who would have been easy to throw under the bus.


Marc Rich was an acquaintance of a relative. Rich was an oil trader at Phillip Bros. He was also the first man to ask for a million dollar salary which was too much for the Board, despite their generous salary setting process. That is why he quit.

Regarding intelligence operations. At the business level that Rich and my relative was working, the difference between good old commercial market research, competitor and customer information and “Government intelligence products” is extremely blurred. High level People talk about business conditions, the political landscape, who is sleeping with who, etc., etc. and what is likely to happen.


Two questions come to mind: Why does this service-provider for our depraved pedo-elites have his tit yet again in the wringer? and, Who benefits?

Reminds me of Wiener's laptop, with its alleged "Insurance File." Where did that go? Down the memory hole, that's where. And the Dancing Israelis of Mossad arrested in NJ during 9/11. Where did they go? Back to Bibi-land.

This is all over my head, but I suspect that since someone is willing to burn the service-provider, even if the fire burns down a lot of formerly useful service-providers, the ultimate target must be very valuable to whatever pedo-elite group is setting lighting the match.


Herein a plausible film scenario:

Our central character is a pedo, who organizes a supply chain of under-age-girls and hosts parties in his Manhattan - Florida - New Mexico homes, to whom he invites possible pedos as well as gliterati. Of course, all the bedrooms are equipped with cameras and some of his party guests end up paying him hush money.

Forget the cover story of Hedge Funding. That island in the Bahamas is a plane ride away from a UK tax haven. Our character probably invests the hush money in plain old Blue Chips.

In a second round of parties, his super wealthy "clients" come to consider the routine acceptable and pay him up-front for the youthful services.


It strikes me that the indictment moves this case beyond political control. At the very least, there would be significant risks for Trump, Barr, or anybody else to move to dismiss this indictment on National Security grounds. Plus I would argue that NS considerations were already taken into account before the indictment was returned; and it is unlikely in the extreme that this indictment was returned without DoJ involvement and with the AG's awareness.
The attorneys and investigators in NY absolutely had to have all the materials that supported the 2008 so called scrapped 53 page indictment that had been prepared in Miami. It would be most interesting to know what charges were being contemplated at the time, whether they were limited to the sex trafficking, or whether they included racketeering, money laundering, and tax violations. It would be most unusual if Epstein wasn't folding his sex trafficking expenses into his business.
The 64,000 question is why did they not go forward in Florida with the case in 2008. There can be little question that the attorneys and agents in Florida who worked on this case had to be furious to see such little return on so much work. Furthermore, they had to be looking beyond Epstein for additional subjects - both within Epstein's organization itself and among his clients. They were not naive about what they were looking at. A single plea with so many potential subjects walking? That's not normal expectations in any law enforcement agency. The question is who specifically in Washington did Acosta engage in discussions to downgrade so much work to a couple of soliciting counts.
Robert Mueller was Director of the FBI in 2008. I wonder whether he took a position on the handling of the case. By any standard this was a big deal Federal case that got magically transformed into a garden variety solicitation case. The only reason Epstein got time at all, such as it was, is that they crafted the charges to include a soliciting count that involved an underaged woman. That alone demonstrates that they knew what they were dealing with in Epstein and that even they couldn't just let it go completely.

different clue

This had been my thinking as well. Epstein was paid his "percentage" of the vast sums he discretely increased for people through every kind of unethical and illegal money-growing operation, possibly including helping to launder hundreds of billions of drug dollars, klepted dollars, human trafficking dollars, etc. That kind of money doesn't need to be "increased", it just needs to be sanitized and de-odorized. Some percentage of the original illegal pile can be attrited and lost in the process of making the rest of the pile "legal" for all intents and purposes.

The people he "could" betray might well be in a position to give him a bowl of polonium cornflakes for breakfast some day if they even THINK he MIGHT betray them. So he won't save himself from prison by betraying them.

If the Legal Enforcement System is serious about trying him and if-convicted, imprisoning him; the best he can hope for is to be a good boy and betray nobody, in hopes of being permitted to remain alive after reaching prison. He may betray certain "smaller" somebodies . . . like Slicky Bill Clinton . . . if certain "bigger" somebodies order him to do so in order to create the appearance of justice being spread around.

Well, that's how muh feelz about it, anyway.

Roy G

Excellent analysis, Phil. One clarification about Epstein's black book, I assume you meant Michael Bloomberg instead of the 60s blues rock guitarist Michael Bloomfield?

Please keep digging, I think there is a lot more to be dug up in this vein.

Eric Newhill

Epstein's wealth may be a sham.

Has anyone looked into the chain of title on the properties he is said to own? Liens, encumbrances, etc? No financial statements are available, nor tax returns.

We only think that Epstein is wealthy because of a vague statement, a stipulation in the original trial.



Do you have any opinion on why Epstein has been indicted now?

I wonder if the 53 page indictment written up by the US Attorney in Florida which apparently included testimony from several underage girls and then abandoned by Acosta when he negotiated the plea deal will ever see the light of day? I also wonder when and what will show up in the sealed files from the defamation lawsuit that a court has ordered unsealed?

My view is that while Epstein may go to trial in this case in the SDNY I doubt this leads to any further exposure of other powerful people who also may have been involved. And of course I also believe that no investigation will take place on his source of funds.


"Jeffrey Epstein was Ehud Barak’s business partner as late as 2015"


Nothing surprising here for any one that follows the news in Israel.


His mansion in NYC was purchased - as far as public records go - for $10 from the Wexler family to his own LLC.



This may get Trump's ear.



This LA Times story says the NY property was owned by Les Wexner and transferred to Epstein with him signing both sides of the deal. I'm curious if the DOJ is as curious as I am about his source of funds?



This article that interviews hedge fund manager Doug Kass mirrors my own inquiries.

Kass was well-connected on Wall Street, where he’d worked for decades, so he began to ask around. “I went to my institutional brokers, to their trading desks and asked if they ever traded with him. I did it a few times until the date when he was arrested,” he recalls. “Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.”


I suspect he did not even do what Doug speculates, that is invest in stock index or Treasury bonds. I'm more inclined to believe that his source of funds included both blackmail funds, as well as a recepient of funds from a foreign government for collecting kompromat. What I don't get is how he could have done that for so long. The word must have got out that he ran a honey trap especially since he was dealing with movers & shakers. I suspect there's much more than meets the eye. The question is why the sweetheart deal by Acosta and why the NYPD did not take him to task for not reporting regularly and why the indictment now? And of course why was he protected so much when he operated so openly? Why was he defended by people like Dershowitz who are in the media all the time and must know that it would be highly controversial with so many girls testifying to a jury? This was not a case of constitutional law but a case of child rape.

The biggest question is how deep will the US Attorney SDNY go in their investigation? Will they be allowed even if they want to considering what happened with Acosta?


Acosta said that he believed Epstein was working for some Intelligence agency, the arrest has reflected on Israeli politics where Nuttyahoo doesn’t have the majority and needs new elections, his main rival Ehud Barak is connected to Epstein and Les Wexner.

If a British media magnate like Robert Maxwell was Israeli spy isn’t to far off from someone like Epstein also being a operative collecting dirt for blackmail against powerful people.


Acosta doesn't seem to consider human trafficking an important problem in the world. As head of the Labor Department, good thing I'm retired, he proposed an 80% cut in the International Labor Affairs Bureau, which helps victims of human trafficking, sex slavery, child labor escape their hellish existence. His department also placed a moratorium on ILAB's issueing special visas to victims of sex trafficking and extreme labor abuse.



Two people I would most like to question:

Wexler on why he gave Epstein the 55 million dollar NY mansion.

''But even the real-estate holdings have an air of mystery to them. Epstein purchased, or received, the Manhattan townhouse from Wexner around 1998. But there were no property records on the mansion’s transfer until 2011, when the company Wexner used to buy the place transferred it to an Epstein-owned company for $0. Epstein signed the document for both sides.''

And Acosta on who told him Epstein belonged to intelligence.

'Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers …


Business Insider on how Epstein made his fortune (secret but not worth a billion) and Wexner transferring the Manhattan mansion to Epstein for nuttin'.


Eric Newhill

What I don't get, if all the cloak and dagger is true, is why Epstein is still walking around wasting oxygen. Why not a boating accident years ago, when he was first arrested for the same things?

How long can you blackmail powerful people until they decide to terminate the relationship? How long can you screw up with your outlandish lifestyle before the big time criminals you work for decide that you've become a liability?

different clue

Was that proposal made to advance the goal of "deconstructing the Administrative State"?


I would have thought the Clintons were sufficient explanation.

John Minehan

Interesting in light of the above: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/07/how-did-jeffrey-epstein-make-his-fortune.html



He didn't make his money as a hedge fund manager. He couldn't have run a blackmail operation of the rich & famous for very long. So, what are the sources of his funds? Is the DoJ interested in this question? They surely have the ability to find out. Which brings me back to a question: Why indict him now?

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