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08 July 2019


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Pacifica Advocate

Our host at this site--the Goox Colonel--has repeatedly indicated he shares that fear.

I think that might be the one thing that enables us all here, to communicate so politely, even when we might disagree.




There are enough holes in to make it almost invisible, but don't be surprised if this is exhibit 1 or 2 when some one is picked to play the role of Colin Powell v 2.0.


IMO war with Iran is now unstoppable, not just because of this but because the disinformation war as a whole has succeeded. Nicely played Bibi.

Pacifica Advocate

Typo. I was on my phone. Should have been "Good"--I was appalled at how it came out. I also missed comma, and somehow "the" in another post got changed to a "5".

Autocorrect. Predictive typing. Bah.

Pacifica Advocate



Always a bad idea, in this world where people suspect sources, and sources are likely to be suspect.

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