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17 July 2019


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According to Reuters, Boeing is saying none of this a settlement to the families of the victims of the two crashes. Additionally, Reuters states that the money is to go to charities and government programs that help in the communities most effected.

Some of the families are angry not about the amount or target of the $100 million payout, but because Boeing announced the $100 million payment and now people are calling them (the families) thinking it is a settlement and asking if the money has been received yet. This is, according to the Ethiopians, a dangerous state of affairs because kidnapping for ransom and theft are so prevalent in the country.

Actually, even if it was the payout to families, it's not too far off the mark. We have 346 victims. According to the reports you quote, $50 million goes to the surviving family members. So that's $144,500 per victim - or $4.19 million Ethiopian Birr. That translates to 11X the average annual income in Ethiopia. 11X the avg American annual income would be about $535,000; which is typical of a settlement for this kind of tragedy in 2019 dollars. So the Ethiopians would be getting the American equivalent of the settlement (I didn't bother to breakout to Indonesian currency/salary equivalent, etc).

But Reuters says that Boeing says the $100 million is not the settlement on the lawsuits.

A couple of other points;
1. The settlement money - whatever it turns out to be - isn't going to bring the lost loved ones back
2. If Boeing really did willfully and wantonly disregard known critical safety issues that caused the crashes, then, IMO, some kind of criminal proceedings are in order as well as massive punitive damages to a level that really hurts - of course we will never see criminal action taken even if it should be and the punitive damages are even questionable; they'd take a good long fight.

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