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30 June 2019


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Ben L.

stonedefensefund dot com

Larry Johnson

Yes, this is the correct address:

Jeff C-C

IMHO, Mueller topped it when he indicted the Russian "Concord Management and Consulting." No laws are alleged to be broken, and they aren't allowed to see the evidence against them.

They asked to have the indictment thrown out, and the judge replied, “The key question . . . is not whether the defendants’ agreed-upon conduct violated [disclosure laws] — or any other statute — but whether it was deceptive and intended to frustrate the lawful government functions” of the Justice and State departments and Federal Election Commission, which regulate foreign involvement. “At this stage, that is more than enough."

The Twisted Genius

h, I was being somewhat sarcastic when I said the OPM hack likely never happened based on the premise cited by Larry Johnson when he declares "[t]here is zero forensic evidence in the public arena that supports the USG's assertion that the Russian Government hacked the DNC" or that "[t]here also is zero forensic evidence in the public arena that the Russians passed/delivered the DNC emails to Julian Assange/Wikileaks." The assumption is that if the raw forensic and/or intelligence information is not declassified and released, it doesn't exist. It is an erroneous assumption relied on only to bolster the desired narrative.

I've seen a decade of forensic data and intelligence supporting a wide collection of nation-state hacks of US systems. None of that data has been made public, yet it certainly exists and those penetrations did take place. Based on that track record, I'm inclined to believe the DNC, OPM and Clinton's email server were compromised by Russia in the case of the DNC and Chine in the cases of OPM and Clinton. The specificity of the assertions made in the GRU 12 indictment only reinforces my contention that the Russians did indeed hack the DNC.

However, the fact that I have not seen the forensic data an/or intelligence information on those three penetrations leaves room for healthy skepticism. I do not fault Larry Johnson and many others for harboring that skepticism. But the absence of forensic data/intelligence information in the public sphere is not proof that it does not exist.

Larry Johnson

What you fail to grasp (and it is not your fault because you have no experience in this arena) is that in the judicial system and a court proceeding like this they must produce the evidence or else forego making the charge. I'm sure you are aware of circumstances where the Feds declined prosecution because they did not want to disclose sources/methods. But that is not the case here. They are pressing forward with a false, unsupported premise. Stay tuned.

The Twisted Genius

Larry, the DOJ did make the charge in the GRU 12 and IRA indictments. They must have convinced the court they had the evidence to bring those charges forward. You're right in that I have no idea at what point classified information must be declassified in order to introduce it in court or at what point a court can throw out an indictment.

Larry Johnson

Brother T,
I'm not intending to insult your intelligence. It goes without saying that you were an accomplished intel analyst and at the top of your craft. I have that background as well from the CIA side of the house. But, I was also involved in the development of the Pan Am 103 case, which did rely on evidence developed from intel sources, and from a host of money laundering cases I've been involved with over the past 26 years. I would kindly suggest you are putting way too much faith in the Mueller indictment. It is very poorly written and certainly deficient in laying out the evidence. One of the companies, as you may know, is not taking this lying down and will challenge in court. Without the forensic evidence from the DNC hack, which both Comey and Roger acknowledge they had no access to, the case will be very hard to prove.

The Twisted Genius

Larry, I've never been an intel analyst, although I worked extremely close with them once I started working cyber ops. I think you're putting way too much faith in DNC system forensics or lack thereof. Once we started using aggressive collection and hack back tactics, our ability to determine attribution increased dramatically from when we only had the forensics from hacked systems. Based on your considerable judicial experience, do you know if Mueller's indictments were reviewed by grand juries before being brought to court?

Larry Johnson

Of course he presented this to a grand jury. People with zero expertise in the matter. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "indict a ham sandwich?"

Per Einar Svendsen

Is it more likely that Russia mada a perfeckt hack, without leaving hard evidence of the theft or delivery. I belive it is and inside job, were somebody use a stick witch was delivered to W.L. If any of this had happened electronic, I guess NSA (or another branch) would find any hard evidence. In this case we haven`t seen hard evidence of anything, but Clintons cirkle and Trumps team should have got equal treatment, witch they never did, because of political branches. Hopefully the swamp will be drained.

joe schmoe

Liu should be jailed for life if this is proven to be a witch hunt.
These lying criminal NWO bastards in the FBI, DOJ, IRS, NSA, are gonna set the stage for a bloody civil war

blue peacock

Where's Trump in all this? I don't see him do anything for his compadres. Or is he in it just for himself and his family?

Just sayn

As nothing government does is by accident; IMHO it is possible and probably that parties of the Israeli government US government did all the hacks and are intentionally blaming China and Russia despite the fact that Israel meddling in US elections is common knowledge and they have the most to gain as do the criminals at all levels of US government. Justice is not the point, nor is TRUTH. Cover-up of secrets and conflict are the goal. Therefore China And Russia have little to gain from any hacks. DNC, Israel, and certain oligarchial mil industry, government pond scum do. Who are a governments enemies are found in their Gulags. Hillary,Bolton, Comey are free. Jullian, Chelsea,Roger among others are wrongfully caged Seth Rich and others are dead. That's hard evidence.



"nothing government does is by accident;" Laughable idiocy hopefully based on college BS sessions.


Are you demanding Trump "obstruct justice" and work behind the scenes to bail out his friends?

David Habakkuk


From a 2 July entry on the ‘Lawflog’ blog run by Ty Clevenger, who acts for Ed Butowsky in his suit against Michael Gottlieb, CNN and the ‘New York Times’:

‘This afternoon I issued subpoenas to the FBI, CrowdStrike, and the Democratic National Committee for their records on murdered DNC employee Seth Rich. The subpoenas further demand all evidence that Russian hackers were responsible for obtaining DNC emails in 2016 that were later published by Wikileaks.

'Two weeks ago, attorneys representing Roger Stone forced prosecutors to admit that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Obama-era intelligence officials never examined the DNC servers that purportedly were hacked by the Russians. Instead, Mueller and Obama officials relied on redacted draft reports prepared by CrowdStrike, Inc., a private company hired by the law firm Perkins Coie, the same law firm that hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

‘Hopefully, we will soon know why the DNC did not want the FBI (or anyone else) looking at those servers. Maybe because the DNC knew that one of its own employees leaked the emails?’

The subpoenas are well worth reading. That to the FBInis at http://lawflog.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019.07.02-FBI-subpoena-merged.pdf ; that to the DNC at http://lawflog.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/2019.07.02-DNC-subpoena-merged.pdf .

The original lawsuit, filed on 12 March, is at


A 3 July report on the ‘Law360’ site, which is behind a paywall, appears to relate to an attempt to get the suit tossed out.

(See https://www.law360.com/telecom/articles/1175086/political-consultant-wants-fox-commentator-s-suit-tossed- )

If any legally competent members of this committee had a view on the likelihood of Clevenger and Butowsky getting the materials they are seeking, that would I think be of great interest.

David Habakkuk

Pat -- I posted a comment on Ty Clevenger's subpoenas to the FBI and CIA for materials relating to Seth Rich. It has gone into spam. Belated Happy 4th of July.


Interesting to see Sy Hersh's name come up in these subpeona requests - time to also resurrect his main stream media rejected "The Red Line and the Rat Line" - a factually lurid investigation of Obama and Clinton's Middle East foreign policy moves. How did Hersh figure into the potentially deadly DNC Russiagate caper?


Asked and answered: What Seymour Hersh's role in this and why are his communications under subpoena; Allegedly from Hersh's "audio tape":

....“I have a narrative of how that whole f*** thing began, it’s a Brennan operation, it was an American disinformation and f*** the f*** President, at one point when they, they even started telling the press, they were back briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press, f*** c*** Rogers, was telling the press that we even know who in the GRU, the Russian Military Intelligence Service, who leaked it. I mean [it’s] all b****…. Trump’s not wrong to think they all f*** lie about him.”....

Makes me ask the question again: how would we know if CNN is not one of the deep state's disinformation instruments ensuring the free flow of planted information? What else justifies their continued place in the media marketplace.


Here is the original supposed revelation of the analyst who worked for Crowdstrike on the DNC server


and a piece from Politico regarding the government's case against Stone


web searching for the relevant terms will readily demonstrate the disturbing "full court press" from the establishment media to front for the government's case...the write-ups in the Times, the Bezos Post and the other Usual Suspects read like they could have been written by the same person. Speaking of which the original article by none other than Watergate Bernstein in Rolling Stone in 1977 (NOBODY in the MSM has ever acknowledge the existence of this piece, not even Bernstein!) is relevant



Stone probably made some people upset when he published his books on LBJ's role in the JFK hit/coverup and on the Clintons' serial abuse of women. I think you can still see them on Amazon (though the "Factor 8" video about the contaminated blood scandal that came out of the Arkansas prison system is long gone).



Interesting that today's Morning Joe has on David Ishikoff, now of Yahoo news (how the mighty have fallen), who is pedling a book saying Seth Rich's murder was not only a robbery gone bad but news surrounding it was a Russian IO campaign. Seth Rich's story being aired on Fox being an effort to distract from the appointment Meuller and this story not in anyway meant to distract from Epstein's arrest but to peddle a book like is done on the other network morning shows.

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