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30 June 2019


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So hearsay evidence is the foundation of the governments case. What a wonderful evolution in social(ist) justice we are undergoing. Not quite the change we were hoping for in 2008.

John Andrew Kociuba

Most egregious abuse of American jurisprudence in U.S. History!


Story to be continued...........................good summation so far. Put crack prosecutor Kamala Harris on this case now.

John Merryman

It's not like denialism doesn't have a long history. One generally to the detriment of those in denial.
Though there are still some flat earthers still around.


it has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. robert mueller is not a socialist, and the dnc and donors driving this horsecrap are not socialists, either.


who are you referring to? i would hope it isn't the author.


Last thing "justice" dept. wants is discovery probing into the "hacking", Crowdstrike's blather, the feebs behavior re Crowdstrike. Could unravel several prosecutions & pose inconvenient questions about their role in this.


Kamala Harris? (https://www.facebook.com/KamalaHarris/videos/the-root-senator-harris-on-russia-interference/326556747910098/ ). I wonder.


Amen, brother. I hope Seth Rich gets some justice, though I know that is highly unlikely,


Sure, using the instruments of state power to spy on political opponents, charge them and thier supporters with dubious charges and denigrating them in the media are not standard operating procedures in socialist run governments. On the off topic statement let me respond that I am heartened to hear that the DNC and donors are not socialists; though I wonder where they will get a candidate for 2020 since all of the top 20 who just debated one another sure seem to be.


Not admittedly

Damien petty

The corrupt FBI know Russia didn’t hack the DNC. The fact they never looked at the DNC Server should be brought up every time some liberal politician blames Russia for the election of Trump

Jim Ticehurst

larry...you are aging well...But Right as usual..Prime Rib..Lots of Meat...I think from looking at it..The FBI and Mueller and State Department and Obama Justice Department Knew that China hacked Hillarys Home Computer in 2015...The Cjinese were angry about The Indictment of Five of its TOP Hackers in 2014..Angry about the TPP.So they knew about that...All The Government stolen data,,,So they FBI gave Hillary time to Destroy Data..Computers Phone etc that would PROVE the Chinese Hacking/..And AAre Blaming the Russians for it..I Think That's The Dirty Underwear Exposure they are afaid of...Keep it up Larry..no Quarter Mate... If I read Right..The Hillary date went to DCLEAKS First

Roger Stone

Help me at StoneDefenseFund.com
Roger Stone


Rep Louis Gohmert did in fact confirm, once and for all, that every single email in/out of Hillary's computer, including attachments etc were scooped up by the Chinese. He confirmed this dangler last week in a report by The Epoch Times, Jeff Carlson - "Far more of a threat than the Russians were to our last election or the Chinese were who actually hacked Hillary Clinton's personal server as our intel community established without any question, even though the FBI refused to ever examine uh the evidence. So, no question China was involved."

The link to the Gohmert interview is embedded in this article. He states 2it matter a factly right around 2:20 - https://www.theepochtimes.com/china-hacked-clintons-email-server-congressman-confirms_2980965.html


Another interesting nugget from the gov's response to Stone's motion is in a footnote "Although the reports produced to the defendant are marked as 'draft,' counsel for the DNC and DCCC informed the government that they are the latest version of the report produced."

The FBI/DOJ never recv'd a final CrowdStrike report. Yet, the former Dir of the FBI wants the public to believe this draft of a draft report is legitimate evidence to be used against Stone. Puhleaze.

Contrast the hacking nonsense to the growing body of evidence pointing towards a 'leak.' Assange and Craig Murray have consistently stated that the DNC material was leaked. Couple their statements with the only nonpolitical forensic evidence made available to date from Binney, Johnson and Et Al plus the fact that there was indeed correspondence b/w Seth Rich and Assange.

So yeah, after three years it's time to take a garden hose to that smoldering 'hack' fire and to ignite a roaring fire under the 'leaked' evidence. May Stone's lawyers be successful.


Suspect Mueller Team did not "indict" because Trump was a sitting President; but rather they knew they could not take him to trial and prove their case, without opening other investigations they really, really wanted closed. Just like Stone is pursuing. Mueller Report sounds more like an after the fact deep state CYA report, than anything else. Salt it with "facts" one may need later in other settings.

The Twisted Genius

h, I also think Clinton's email server was hacked by the Chinese at the very least. It was just too lucrative a target to pass up. And if the FBI said they have evidence of that, I have no reason to doubt it. OTOH, there is zero forensic evidence in the public arena of this. By Larry Johnson's reasoning, it never happened. There is also zero forensic evidence in the public arena that the OPM was hacked by the Chinese or anyone else. It's just as likely that never happened either.

The Twisted Genius

h, although CrowdStrike concluded it was Russian hackers who hit the DNC, they never offered any definitive proof. They just noticed the similarities between methods and tools used to hack the DNC to methods and tools used in other hacks. This circumstantial attribution is rightly criticized by many. Real attribution is made through much more aggressive hack back and collection methods as illustrated in the indictment of the GRU 12. The evidence cited in that indictment clearly did not come from CrowdStrike. They don't have that kind of capability. Of course neither the DOJ or IC are releasing the raw intel backing up their claims in the GRU 12 indictment so doubt will continue.

The claim that a NSA response to a FOIA request proves there was correspondence between Assange and Rich is based on a wild leap of faith. The FOIA request was wide ranging asking for much more than Assange-Rich correspondence. That request asked for anything "referencing or containing communications between Seth Rich and any of the following: Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Kim Dotcom, Aaron Rich, Shawn Lucas, Kelsey Mulka, Imran Awan, Abid Awan, Jamal Awan, Hina Alvi, Rao Abbas, and/or any person or entity outside of the United States." It also asked for any records referencing financial transaction between Rich and the above individuals/entities and any communications from or to any member of Congress or Congressional committee referencing Rich or any of the above named individuals/entities. This is the wide ranging request that resulted in finding 15 documents (32 pages) that NSA still wouldn't release because of classification. These documents could include Assange talking up the Seth Rich conspiracy, but we don't know from the NSA response.

As for the Roger Stone case, I'm not following it and have no real opinion. He seems an odd, shifty character, but there's nothing illegal in that.


Yes, the very curious Awan family of "tech experts" from Pakistan hired by a slew of Democrats. Good to see them back in the mix. Their entire pattern of facts, including the alleged computers and data left in a rental unit, before they quickly left the country when all of this was breaking - so many loose threads that need to be tied up.


Yes. Good point.


The Twisted Genius - might you expand on your last thought 'It's just as likely that never happened either.'

It seems to suggest that since there is no forensic evidence in the public sphere then how can we, the public, be certain the OPM hack and Hillary's server being compromised even occurred. Just want to be sure I'm intuiting your last statement correctly. Thanks in advance.


Could anyone display a legitimate website for donations to Roger Stone? I am reluctant to trust whatever appears in my email solicitations because I don't really know if they're authentic

Steven Zore

Globalist How's that?

Vic Mackey

Well, actually, the DNC has been taken captive by socialists. The leading Democratic candidate for President is an avowed lifelong socialist who joins and quits the party in between elections.

Mueller, on the other hand, represents the Bushite RINO old boys network, formerly known as the Rockefeller Republicans, who currently share common cause with the left's desire to ruin and oust Trump and destroy populism. The enemy of their enemy has become their friend. That's how Mueller ended up with 2 dozen Democrat lawyers in his special persecutor's office.

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