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09 June 2019


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Phil Cattar

Colonel,Years ago National Geographic had a long article about the Phoenicians.The researchers for the article were very surprised at the high level of Phoenician dna found in the MalteseYou write that Senator Warren should look at her face in the mirror regarding her roots.Have you seen a picture of Buttigieg's father face.He definitely has a very semitic look.Only his deceased father was Maltese,Catholic also...……...Like the Sicilians say about their Greek cousins...…...One face,one race


Trump has been a Likud wet dream. A Bernie/Tulsi ticket is the only chance I see to check the likes of Bolton. Go Bernie.


Great synopsis. If these are the top 4, the chances of defeating Trump seem slim.

It was telling that candidate and former CO Gov. Hickenlooper was recently booed by a crowd of CA Democrats for saying socialism isn't the answer. He's in good company though, since God was booed at the 2012 DNC convention.

Timothy Hagios

On the bright side, if ever there were a candidate who might be inclined to rethink our relationship with the Saudis, it's Buttigieg.

Oh, who am I kidding? He would be given a lavish reception in Riyadh, where he would deliver a speech thanking our Saudi allies for leading the brave fight against "Iranian homophobia."


Pithy, Colonel, pithy. Biden, the union guy. Well, private sector unions are a vanishing species with most these days suckling off the public sector. Not that there's that much difference with large corporations and their regulatory capture.

Love your Marxist techno talk. I used to pick up "Political Affairs," the CPUSA rag, every year or so just to see what alternate universe they were living in.

I often wondered if the Soviets pushing lefty causes in the USA, including unions, was strategic as they had a deeper understanding of just how stagnating a command economy, or union constrained industry, was outside of a national crisis. Or, perhaps it was just a natural impulse of their indoctrinated true believers. Likely a mixture of both.

Colonel, you may be something of an iconoclast but perhaps you are now in the Vanguard.


Phil Csttar - I don't quite get your points. Yes, Warren's particular distribution of genes might result in her overwhelmingly Anglo looking face being perhaps more Anglo looking than her siblings, if any. You know the bit about the tall peas and the small peas, but it is unlikely that she would look this Anglo with a significant amount of Indian DNA. If she did have some Indian blood it would have to be a hell of a long way back. In any case it is her dishonesty and identity profiteering that matters. Nobody gives a damn about her ancestry. Concerning the Maltese, what's your point? Is it that there are Christian Arabs? Don't we all know that here? I just think his name is funny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltese_language

Eric Newhill

At first I thought the Buttigieg name was pronounced "Butt a gig" - which struck me as funny considering he's openly gay and, well, gays....

Now I know better. However, the first impression lingers. I'm sure it is at least subconsciously perceived similarly by many. Agree. The guy has no chance.



My impression of Democratic primary voters which could very well be wrong is that they mostly vote as if betting on a horse race. Rather than vote their beliefs and conscience they tend to vote for the perceived winner. The anointed one is usually who is backed by the primary voter.

I think it will pay to watch who the special delegates are in determining the outcome.

While I'm a registered independent I have and will continue to contribute to the Tulsi Gabbard campaign even if she has no chance.

robt willmann

What is especially interesting to me is Peter Buttigieg's father, Joseph A. Buttigieg. He grew up on the Island of Malta, and went to college there and in Britain, and received his PhD doctorate at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He got a job teaching at Notre Dame University in 1980. Now brace yourself, because his main academic interest was Antonio Gramsci, a member of the Italian Socialist Party who was also said to be a contributor to Marxist theory!

Buttigieg the father is the primary editor and translator of Gramsci's "Prison Notebooks", which is a three-book set--


It appears that Joseph Buttigieg did not just look at Gramsci as an academic interest. He was one of the founders of the International Gramsci Society, and was its president until he passed away in January 2019--


There is some audio of Joseph Buttigieg at the Gramsci website--


Notre Dame published an article about him at the time of his death this year. It includes a description of Buttigieg's interest in Gramsci--

"He is also the editor and translator of the multi-volume complete critical edition of 'Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks,' a project that has been supported by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Several of his articles on Gramsci, the Italian philosopher, writer and politician, have been translated into Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. He was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society, of which he was president, and the Italian minister of culture appointed him to a commission of experts to oversee the preparation of the “edizione nazionale” (national edition/complete works) of Gramsci’s writings."


Since Peter Buttigieg is an announced candidate in the Democratic Party for president of the United States, a reasonable issue for consideration and investigation is to what extent his father passed on the ideas of Antonio Gramsci about socialism and Marxism to young Peter, and what the candidate knows about Gramsci and what he thinks about all of it.

The New York Times newspaper published lengthy articles focusing on the entrepreneurial Fred Trump, father of Donald Trump. Will such diligent journalistic digging be done as to Joseph Buttigieg as the campaign progresses?


"father of chickens." That is funny. I bet it explains his aversion to Chick-fil-A.

Eugene Owens

James T -

How about Tulsi on the top of that ticket? I like all her positions. Unfortunately RT and Sputnik are recommending her, which will kill her chances of getting the Democratic nomination.

No way will I vote for Donald again. His kissing of Prince bin Salman's ring, doing Netanyahoo's bidding, and starting trade wars are a disaster IMHO. I'm voting for Billy Weld. Too bad he won't get anywhere close in the primary.


Sad to see Gabbard doesn't have much traction with voters.

Bill H

Warren's "wealth tax" comes with the claim that it's not burdensome because "it's only 2%" of wealth over a certain amount. That claim might be valid it it was a one-time tax, but it's a 2% tax every year, and over some years that adds up to quite a burden.

If you have not read the "Accountable Capitalism Act" which Warren submitted in the 115th Congress, you really should do so. It will convince you that she is completely insane in her determination to put American business into the grave. The text of it can be found at, https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/s3348/text



I would back her to the hilt if she had a chance. There is something about a woman in uniform.

English Outsider

Colonel - they are saying over here, in relation to a party leadership race, that "the front runner never wins". Having read your list of the virtues of the Democratic front runner I find that a comforting thought.

Then I went on to No. 2. Remembered that Bernie had had a spot of bother last time round so checked to see how much bother -


Lots. AIPAC's got him in its sights so he's out.

The others don't look that impressive either. Just hoping you'll continue whittling the list down till you get to Tulsi Gabbard.


Public employee union get to sit on both sides of the bargaining table. This is a huge and dangerous difference.

Public employee union members own us, have access to our most private lives, and control the business of the nation by internal sabotage. Time to reconsider the recent growth of the public employee union (aka Democrat) agenda.

Never, never confuse them with corporate interests. Take some time to think this through. Self-preservation is the primary job of public sector unions, to the point the biggest beneficiary of open borders are the teachers unions.

Apply this analysis to every intractable problem this country continues to face, and you will find the self-interest of one public employee union or another. Or private sector unions who feed off public contracts.


Who promises the most to the massive public employee unions and has the most chances of actually delivering those promises gets the DNC nod. View every candidate and every utterance by the Democrat establishment, learn their buzz words and you will see this embedded pattern.

The public employee union bosses decide who will get the DNC nod. Kamala Harris put on her knee pads for the unions but they apparently don't think she is electable. They remain coy at this point, but at some point when they finally sniff both union pandering and electability you will have your DNC candidate.

How can anyone forget SEIU sticking a knife in Clinton's back in 2008 and going with the unknown Obama. Who chooses to forget Clinton lining up the big public sector unions first before taking her 2016 plunge. She assumed that is all she needed to do.

Unions are very reluctant to lose another billion in campaign fund raising again in 2020. Super Tuesday in March 2019 will be the very earliest the unions will finally play their hand.


Gabbard should switch parties - she has more fundamental connections with conservatives than out of touch "progressives".


And I thought it couldn't get any worse than Obama.
I don't like being wrong.



All very nice but that will not affect any of the mega-rich whose wealth is in tax sheltered trusts. This requires corporations with more than a billion dollars of revenue to obtain a federal charter. Which also grants personal immunitiy to all officers and employees who make decisions "in good faith". Besides violating the Commerce Clause of the Constitution it is little more than a grant of immunity along with an empowerment to government meddling. Didn't we see enough of that with Department of Educattion employees issueing "guidance" to universities and colleges? No thanks.

Jim Ticehurst

LOL…...Pat,,,Your Humor is getting Better with Age...You are Beginning to Sound like Our Friend Farrell...Well Done....


They're going to sandbag her at the debates, but she has 1 chance to stand tall and she'll need to put away her soft-spoken approach and comes out swinging.


While undoubtedly worthy of scholarly interest, notice the GLARING OMISSION of either of the adjectives Marxist or communist in reference to Antonio Gramsci in Mr. Buttigieg's Notre Dame obituary. One could be excused for suspecting the university didn't want to draw attention to the politics of its professor's main area of expertise.


She is specifically being opposed by the Democratic establishment, who are less interested in winning than maintaining their donation stream. At the debates she will hopefully connect to the larger public beyond the DNC gatekeepers.


Gramsci is important, in the history of marxism, because he is the first who stressed the major role of "cultural hegemony" in the power-taking processus. Especially in USA.

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