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14 June 2019


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I was never in the navy, but if I was going to attach a limpet mine to a ship should I not be inclined to place it under the water-line rather than above?


The captain of a nearby ship was doing some clay pigeon shooting when the machine malfuntioned and hit the tankers.Hence the hijack attempt in the video was ended hours later by the "flying objects".On the stennis they play tennis.better watch for those balls.


"I agree with all those here who smell something rotten with the USG line. The captain of the Japanese tanker said he was hit from the air not by a mine. A photo of one of the tankers shows two fairly small holes well above the waterline. Unless there's a bouncing betty sea mine, I'm calling bullshit on that story. Looks like it could be small missiles from a drone like the ones we used to go after individual targets for years."

It seems to me that Iran does have something to gain. If they used small drones of the sort used to attack the Russian base in Latakia, then they can probably use many hundreds of them to arbitrarily close the Straights to commercial shipping. With this weapon, the US Navy will struggle to stop the Iranians. They do not have to announce they are doing it to the world.

The US knows, but I suggest they would rather not have to confront the question of what is to be done about it. Which is why they say it was Iran, but dispute that it was drones.

I wonder what the US response is?

Mark Logan

I got that wrong, there was only one hole, the other dark spot in the pictures is claimed to be the mine which was supposedly removed.

Mea culpa.


Quote “Prior to yesterday's meeting Shanahan and Dunford were ready to make the case that Mr. Trump had told the Pentagon to reduce American forces and United States involvement in the current wars in the Middle East, and avoid direct confrontation with Iran, one senior administration official told the Times, However, the policy choices advocated by Pompeo and Bolton are having the opposite effect, the official said.”
I suspect the understanding lies in the above quote. There is a pattern here, a DJT tweet of withdrawal from Syria is turned by visuals of children killed and injured in a chemical attack, Diplomatic expulsions on being shown visuals of children and ducks. An apparently desired policy goal being turned by being shown visuals with commentary. A tension within DJT of ‘instinct’ as to what is needed and ‘seeing with my own eyes’.


I don't think I've ever seen the American military release video without a dtae-time stamp, either. I could be mistaken.


I was thinking Mujaheddin E Khalk, the Iranian terrorist group that pays John Bolton. Oh, sorry, they pay a lot of American congressmen and senators and they've been removed from the Secretary of States list of terrorist organizations. Other than them there's Betsy deVos's brother, Wossisname Prince and whatever contractor he's running now. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been getting a lot of money from KSA and UAE the last couple of years, too, but I don't know if they have the expertise. The Houthis used to beat them up before KSA attacked.

Peter AU

The first short segment of the pentagon video is worth watching closely.
A lot of people on the front deck of the iranian boat. Some wearing lifejackets, others are not. Those wearing lifejackets are the tanker crew. The first seven second segment shows the last of the tanker crew being helped onto the deck of the Iranian boat.
Rt initially reported Iran had rescued the crews of both tankers.
The pentagon report stated US navy had picked up the Kokuka Courageous crew approx five hours after the incident from a Dutch boat.
The Iranian boat most likely rescued the Kokuka crew then transferred them to the Dutch boat which then transferred them to the US destroyer.

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