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27 June 2019


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Larry Johnson

You are ignorant of my career and experience but that does not stop you from offering up idiotic commentary. We keep you around for entertainment value.

The Twisted Genius

"How much money did the IRA make by selling advertisements of the webpages its twitter accounts promoted?" That's a very good question. Surely some enterprising researcher supporting the "Russia did nothing" narrative has run the numbers and proved this was just a legitimate business venture. Seems that information should be publicly available. I've run intel operations that made money. They weren't lucrative commercial enterprises whose purpose was to make money. They were intel operations that made money to reinforce a cover. Nor did these intel operations have an ostensible connection to the USG or USI.

The Twisted Genius

Dao Gen, is there any study of the vast Russian language material produced by the IRA? I don't doubt it exists, but I have no idea of its nature or its relationship to the English language material concerning the 2016 US elections. Is the IRA's Russian language activities mere commercial marketing campaigns or are they Moscow sponsored activities aimed to influence the Russian peoples thoughts and actions? The techniques of modern marketing and reflexive control are really the same.



I agree that Isreal is active in influencing American policy. I need to find a few million fake twitter accounts to prove my point?That is rather disingenuous. There are millions of people here illegally. As individuals they are actively in contact with the media and are sought out by reporters routinely:
Multiple former Presidents of Mexico have come to the US and given speech often in support of one political point of view.
Here's former President Fox of Mexico in Texas and in Illinois. Of course such paid speeches covered by local and national media are not tweets orFB posts so therefor not "interference".


Former President Jimmy Carter needs a new intelligence briefing regarding Russian election interference :

Carter replied:

"Well, the president himself should condemn it, admit that it happened, which I think 16 [of the] intelligence agencies have already agreed to say. And there's no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference although not yet quantified, if fully investigated would show that Trump didn't actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election, and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf."

The Twisted Genius

Fred, I don't expect you to personally dig through millions of fake twitter accounts. I don't do anything thing like that myself being happily and busily retired. I believe we share that blessed state.

Fox comes to the US and talks as the former President of Mexico. He can say what he wants in that capacity. Putin, Xi and even Rocket Man can say what they want about our politics and elections at any time in any place. As long as we know whose speaking, what's the big deal. Every ambassador in DC can yap from the front gates of their embassies every morning if they care to. Most will be ignored every morning. None of this is even remotely similar to the well thought out and executed black propaganda op carried out by the IRA.

The Twisted Genius

Factotum, I agree Carter needs a new intel briefing. As far as I heard the Russian IO may have changed minds, but it did not change votes. Therefore, Trump won the election and remains the legitimate President. The American electorate does not and never will exist in a vacuum.



And the millions of illegal immigrants here, some of whom do indirect work for candidates and policies, are interfering in our electoral process.


We keep you around for entertainment value.

thanks a lot to whomever it concerns beyond Pat and you.


WSJ rightly concluded in today's lead editorial that Bernie Sanders won both debates since all Democrat candidates fell over themselves, trying to sound just like him.


Time to re-read Seymour Hersh's "The Red Line and the Rat Line" to see how well his expose now holds up as an example of Obama's foreign policy.


How about the big public employee unions, did they try to influence the 2016 election? How much did they spend.

The Twisted Genius

Of course the big public employee unions try to influence elections including the 2016 election. So do myriad other advocacy groups like the NRA, Citizens United and the ACLU. They do so openly and vigorously as they should. However, as to Fred's question of millions of illega immigrants interfering in our elections, I don't see it. Their mere presence give other groups cause to advocate for or againsts them, but I see no organized effort by illegals themselves to influence or interfere in our elections. Groups like UnidosUS, formerly La Raza, clearly advocate for the illegals, but that's political participation, not interference.

English Outsider

There's the usual chicken and egg problem with Hersh, as I suppose there must be with all reporters who know their way around. His sources wouldn't talk to him if they thought he wasn't safe. He can't quote them to back up his assessments. So there's little concrete you can take to a sceptic and say "here's the smoking gun".


Or so I read it. But to return to Obama, his personal involvement, or lack of it, is always arguable. But what is clear is that he bought the whole blood-soaked neocon Weltanschauung hook line and sinker. Geopolitical imperatives to the limit and beyond, and be damned to the pawns. You wouldn't have expected that, not given his posing early on.

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