03 June 2019


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Stepped in it: signals is wrong -- doesn't go with nonlocality ... whatever the nature of the event? Never mind. Disregard. I don't have the cogs for this.



Back when I was serving on the ole Sea Tiger we discovered that if you put a 3/4 inch drill against the 3000# hydraulic line and turned it on it would create a harmonic vibration that was transmitted through the hull and be picked up by the passive sonar, sounding just like a Shkval; scared the hell out of the chief @ 0300. Fun times, `till he sounded "torpedo in the water" on the 1mc, follwed up with the XO coming back to maneuvering to find everyone laughing their asses off. Not to discount your post but what percentage of the findings are attributable to such interference? Won't most of the electronics be subject, to use a layman's term, to 'static' like this?

Unhinged Citizen

The whole argument that whatever type of intelligence is visiting us simply can't close the interstellar distances in any plausible time scales is bogus, because we are evaluating this though the very narrow slit of our own scientific paradigms.

The field of physics hasn’t budged since the early 60s. John Horgan wrote a book observing that science (physics in particular) has pretty much ended any observable forward progress since the time of cow collitches. He also noticed that instead of making progress down fruitful lanes or improving detailed knowledge of important areas, most develop enthusiasms for the latest non-experimental wank fest; complexity theory, network theory, noodle theory. He thinks it’s because it’s too difficult to make further progress.

In any case, my intuition tells me that whatever these craft are, aren't necessarily silver space ships travelling between the stars. Jacques Vallée who studied the phenomenon in depth arrived similar and somewhat esoteric conclusions.


I remember watching it in 1960 as a child living in Ceylon. An early memory but one burnt in.

Barbara Ann

I see this fellow has a blog and on that a link to a 2012 post on why the whole dark matter thing is superfluous to the explanation of why galaxies rotate as they do. Let us hope Mayer attended and excelled at rhetoric class at school.

Eric Newhill

Barbara Ann,
The future can be viewed too. I have done this and known others that have as well. I don't mean putting together a probable outcome scenario based on conscious and subconscious cues using logic and intuition. I mean actually "seeing" in high detail + idiosyncrasies an unusual event. For example, I and one of Russell Targ's remote viewers "saw" the crash of a commercial jet liner that resulted in all 150+ crew and passengers on board being killed (except one) + some on the ground.

There was motivation to change the future for both viewer's and both made a record of what the future would hold before it happened. Targ's remote viewer was actually scheduled to be on the flight - he was returning from an assignment and had the vision of the crash spontaneously. He cancelled the ticket and thus survived. My mother was on the flight. She dismissed my pleas to not fly and was killed. So 50/50 success in changing the future. Both of us viewers saw the event, before it happened, in great detail. Neither had ever predicted an airline crash previously or, to my knowledge, subsequently. So not a matter of keep guessing until you get it right/broken clock twice a day. The relevant detail provided prior to the event puts guessing and coincidence far into the realm of statistical improbability.

Totally out of the blue result from putting our minds in an open state beyond the constricting paradigm of physics - once you buy into a paradigm, you must play by its rules. It shapes all that you will experience.

Science/physics has brought many valuable advancements to our paradigm, which is based o our perception that we are physical body. Wonderful as these things are, the y are still just so many shiny objects to distract us from an alternative paradigm that we are first and foremost mind, spirit, energy and creative imagination. That we are spirits dreaming that we have a body and getting caught up in all that entails; not bodies/ robots dreaming that we have a mind and spirit.


Agreed. These breathless, military-mediated UAP "revelations" (in the Langley Gazette, no less) suggest this is not about the existence or non-existence of off-world or inter-dimensional craft, as much as it is about retaining control of a valuable MIC narrative. I suspect, as Von Braun said, that after the terrorism card had been fully played out, the "hostile alien forces" would be the next level of the MIC psyop to keep the gravy train rolling and to keep the proles scared.

English Outsider

Not too keen on the sound of all this. Soon as I read it I thought of the Isle of Man.

In the late 1940's the Irish shipped a sound recording van over to the Isle of Man. Called "De Valera's tank" it was a familiar sight on the island for a while, trundling around the Manx hills and valleys seeking out Manx speakers to record: De Valera had heard that the Manx language was becoming extinct and had sent over a van that was being used for similar sad duties in Ireland itself.

So if these phenomena the pilots saw were just the neighbours swinging round to say Hi, fine. If not, maybe they could drop us a hint instead of just collecting our data for posterity.



That makes sense to me. The discussion in the mainstream news media of this topic, over the last year or two, has not felt organic.

The Twisted Genius

Harlan, I didn't physically visit and touch the roller coaster with my physical hand. I physically sat in my quiet cellar by the light of a candle lantern and worked my RV protocols. Some part of me visited Coney Island and touched those white washed beams. The protocol for remote viewing I used focuses on sights, sounds, smells, tastes, temperatures and textures in order to first tune in on the target. I only get momentary glimpses/experiences of the target. I then record those momentary experiences before my mind tires to explain it to me. That's the difficult part, keeping the mind from interpreting those experiences within our everyday realm of experiences. If I kept at the study of RV, maybe I could extend those momentary experiences like other RV practitioners can. Like I said, I can't explain how it works. I just know it works.


Fred, what rank were you before AND after the incident? We did indeed play our share of pranks in the Med spaces (I recall steaming 20 pounds of lobster tails in the autoclave) but nothing as dramatic as that!

The Twisted Genius

Tidewater, I learned this stuff through an online course taught by the HRVG. I was intrigued by these guys because the guild's founder was a former SF commo sergeant who learned RV through the short lived Jedi Warrior Program tried by the JFK center at Bragg. This was an offshoot of the larger Army/DIA RV program. I only stuck with this for six months or so back in 1999 before I became way too busy at DIA to continue. I like these guys. They're more down to Earth than most others and freely admit there's a lot they don't know.


Wow. Did anyone ever try to explain it to you?


I was told by my father they whipped themselves into a religious frenzy to block out the pain. I was too young to have absorbed much more. I mainly remember the heat, the elephants and being very tired.


O'Shaunessey - OH, BS, always with the MIC crap - always. Are you some kind of academic?

Barbara Ann

An extraordinary story Eric, thanks for sharing it. Totally agree re our thoughts being shaped by whichever paradigm we choose, best to entertain as wide a variety as one's sanity can bear I think. As to the all-conquering reductive scientific reasoning which has made life so comfortable, I'd be interested in Col. Lang's view: How does the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of the average state-cossetted secular first worlder compare to that of the various "poor benighted heathens" he has lived with?


Babelfish, I was just lowly electric plant operator at the time. Not a stunt I would have pulled, especially not with that XO. Just an a## chew'n for everyone and a through going over of all the sound isolators in the engine room. Amazing what some misplaced gear does, needless to say we found some.


TTG - These were the "Men who stare at goats" crowd? Not talking down spirituality at all. Have seen a few things myself. Dogs, some dogs, see them better than we.


Barbara Ann - They ALL, ALL want the goodies; electronics, enough food, modern life saving medicine, etc. that secular post-renaissance Western civilization has produced. Unless they are severely acculturated by media, etc. they do not want our non-material culture at all. As an example - Diversity is a strength? Nothing could be farther from the mentality of most of the people I lived and worked with.

Eric Newhill

I know of at least one instance in which the human target being remote viewed "saw" the remote viewer. She thought it was a ghost, but described a ghost that looked just like the remote viewer. That is one of the reasons I think there is an interdimensional mind travel aspect to UFOs. They could still effect things like radar and be seen by multiple credible witnesses, such as pilots.

The Twisted Genius

Yes. Glenn Wheaton, the founder of HRVG came from that crowd. He was consulted for Jon Ronson's book and the screenplay for the movie. He said he once witness Michael Echanis do something to a goat once that ended in its death. He didn't understand it at all and wasn't part of that stuff. Colonel Dick Potter first told me of the Jedi Warrior Program. He talked about the bio-feedback stuff to allow a sniper to hold a target for extended periods. I haven't seen the movie, but I will now. I hear it's a hoot.

You're right about dogs. I wouldn't sell any animal short. How about other life forms? I wouldn't sell an octopus short.


TTG - At the Armed Forces Staff College I had an office mate who had been ADC to the CG of the 82nd. He told me all about the post-VN fascination with things like fire walking, spoon bending, etc. I was astonished being a humble servant from the world of tribesmen carrying rusty AKs. I have seen things and sensed things that I cannot account for.


I occasionally experience what is termed: lucid dreams, in which I find myself on busy thoroughfares--while remaining aware that I am actually asleep on the other side of the world. I reality test by touching walls, leaves on trees; traffic noise and car fumes are in the air, snatches of conversation reach me from passersby; none of the customary absurdities of dreams is in play. Maybe Remote viewing and the type of dream I describe are different terms for an identical phenomenon. Who knows? Not me.
I have an old book on my shelf that is a study of Ted Serios---a Chicago man who seemed not only Remote view but also transmit photos of people and objects. There is a photograph of Queen Elizabeth's coronation that would have required a photographer to have been in an unlikely position in Westminster Abbey. another photo seems to be a Soyuz space capsule-- taken externally.


Wow. Everyone wishing for the extraordinary scenario. The usual shenanigans as suggested by O'Shaunessey is likely the cause. IMHO, it's best to follow the Sagan standard.

Jim Ticehurst

I agree...Almost Daily...Do You Still Believe Something wicked this way Commeth..? Looks Like The Tip of a Spear to Me...

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