03 June 2019


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The Chinese seem to have shown an entanglement experiment between a ground based and orbiting pair which seems to show useful information can travel faster than light but not that a mass can be accelerated above c.
Dark Energy is assumed to provide the anti-gravity required to balance the force of gravity coming from matter and Dark Matter to produce a universe that behaves as ours does. We can not 'see' either with photons, and do not have any other tools yet, and so ~96% is undiscovered. A whole range of technologically advance civilizations may live in and use the 96% and know how to dip into our tiny 4%.
I too go for a healthy dose of skepticism but dismissing something because we can not thing of an explanation smacks of hubris. Newton was unchallenged for 400 years but Einstein then Bohr showed it only be true under certain limited conditions - which just happened to true in our vicinity and time. Then again Einstein and Bohr would not be relevant to inflationary conditions - all assuming the Standard Model is somewhere near the truth.

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