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27 June 2019


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The Twisted Genius

I like that floating NPP. The "Akademik Lomonosov" is the ultimate expression of the shanty boat concept. Despite the expected anti-nuclear protestations, I think it's a smart solution for electrical power in the Russian Arctic. It's far smarter than a couple of coal fired power plants.

All that whining about Russia's take over of the arctic is rich. Russia is a large part of the Arctic. Given the fragility of the region, I'm glad Russia intends to manage its use closely. I'm sure they'll charge transit fees just like Panama charges transit fees for use of the Panama Canal. I see the US is also whining about Canada's plans to manage use of the Northwest Passage.

Patrick Armstrong

The first floating NPP was American actually. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MH-1A

The Twisted Genius

Wow! The "Sturgis" was converted into an NPP at Fort Belvoir, just up the road from me. This is the first I heard of it. I'll have to look for any evidence or commemorative plaque next time I go there.

Barbara Ann

Much pearl clutching in the Western media over Putin's FT interview. Inevitable I guess that his comments on the obsolescence of the liberal idea were pretty much the sole focus. Of course if you bother to read the whole thing his message is far more nuanced and right on the money:

"The liberal idea cannot be destroyed either; it has the right to exist and it should even be supported in some things. But you should not think that it has the right to be the absolute dominating factor. That is the point. Please."

And of course the MSM totally ignored the core theme that ran through the interview; that Russia seeks to promote a return to a global rules-based order. Reporting that would of course lead to awkward questions about what happened to the old system.

Patrick Armstrong

As I always say: read him. not about him. The guy's put millions of words out there since he started.


The more you read or listen to first person interviews of Putin the more one comes away with the perception that the man is the only true statesman currently. He gets the zeitgeist.

English Outsider

From transcript -

"LB: What has the return been like on the risk taken in Syria?

"VP: I believe that it has been a good and positive return. We have accomplished even more than I had expected. First of all, many militants planning to return to Russia were eliminated. This implies several thousand people. They were planning to return to Russia or neighbouring countries with which we do not maintain any visa regime. Both aspects are equally dangerous for us."

Unequivocal confirmation of what has often been said (and not just said of the Russians) - that Russia wishes to see the Jihadis killed in Syria, not see them returning home.

Would this account for the different style of fighting seen from the SAA in Idlib?


Yes, Putin's grasp of the issues puts him head and shoulders over any statesman in the west that comes to mind over the last half century or so. Maybe I am wrong but I sense an individual that actually places the greater good as a high priority. Could you imagine if we had someone of his gravitas in the White House for 8 years at any point in the last 20 years. If my impression is correct, the world would be a different place. Of course, I was badly wrong about both Obama and Trump. Their promises certainly did not match their actions.

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